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 CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]

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Siegfried Enders

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PostSubject: Re: CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]   26/03/11, 11:00 am

Siegfried sighed as he pushed himself back gliding only millimeters above the sand as his fingertips only slightly touched the ground leaving a trail of dust. Though it was nor big enough nor it was needed to cover something, but it was there for the pleasure of the eye making everything much more interesting and appealing to a watcher. As the new guy came at Siegfried he could only wonder if the man was an foe or an ally to the third party of this game. He could be aiding the hollow or just fighting for his sole purpose. There was the possibility to get them on each others neck - that would make everything much easier as the Vizards could simply side with the winning side. From just a look Siegfried could tell that the Arrancar powerful in body was to be reckoned with, though, the same as the newest one who arrived, which was quick on his feet. As Siegfried opened his eyes he would not hide his surprise. The newest addition was extremely fast compered to all of them. He sped his way at Siegfried as only dust was left behind. He was quick, in a moment he stood in front of the Vizard. He struck for the chest as the Vizard blocked with his arms placed in front of the hit. He was thrown back, but with that he avoided the other hits as he drew his blade and launched a counterattack. He swung with one hand as he pointed the tip high aiming at the Larynx while holding the other hand tight.
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PostSubject: Re: CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]   17/04/11, 08:59 pm

Aero didnt know what he could do to block an attack at this range. He was not one that enjoyed those fights where ranged weapons were involved. He preferred the blade on blade approach. Still that was not somthing he could help at this moment, this was a ranged opponent, and he was striking. He was growing sick of the game that this was turning in to. More and more people were getting involved now. Not that he cared about any of them, such emotions were far beneath him. If this new member to the fight was on his own side that didnt make any difference to him. He would cut through anyone that stood in his way, ally or not.

Aero did the only thing he knew how to do, brace for impact. It seemed that all he was doing in this fight was blocking, but that would soon change. He had a plan, or as much of a plan as he was capable of making. he scowled as the cards impacted with his skin, his Hierro proving what it was worth. or so he thought....His eyes went wide with shock, something had happened that he never though possible in any lifetime, he had been cut. he felt pain, what was this, it was beyond him. This was the last thing he would think his opponents were capable of. His face went from a scowl to a cruel glare. He was fighting his pain, who were these people?

Aero looked down, he could feel the thin streams of crimson rolling down his body. blood. he snarled and tried to focus best he could, which was not an easy feat by any means. he was attempting to see his options, there wernt many at this point. he tried to move, but it, hurt. "grahhhhhhh" his scream he could no longer hold back, he was beyond pissed. "filthy Shinigami!!!!" He had no idea what they really were but that was the least of his worries a t the moment. Then his last idea came to him, he had to do the last thing he wanted to. He hated wasting such an effort on maggots but it couldnt be helped, there was no way he could fight in the condition. Aero looked up, directly in to Loki's eyes.

"regrowth, Salamandra!!!!!!!!"
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PostSubject: Re: CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]   22/04/11, 06:58 am

He had put too much force into his blow. Too much momentum, inertia. His opponent moved out of the range of his shorter arms. He saw the hands of the hunter in front of him moving towards the hilt of his blade. Rui's eyes were steely and cold; focused to the point where he could see every detail, his perception dilated by the surge of adrenalin flowing through his body. This was where he was really alive, though he disliked meaningless slaughter.

The world seemed to move in slow motion as his right hand moved towards it's own goal, using what little remained of the momentum from his initial blow to give it even just a slight boost. As soon as his hand touched the hilt, he called out:
"Hyakki Yakou wa Atsumaru!!"
<Gather! Night Parade of One Hundred Demons!!>

Both the scabbard and the blade burst into a hundred shards of anti-light. In the space of less than half a second, the fragments gathered around and merged with his two gloves, both the material of the gloves and the shards turning white as snow. Sixteen masses of electrical energy, like crackling stars floating in the air, formed from the ether. The masses, which seemed to each be of a considerable size, rotated rapidly.

Eight of them orbited their master, while another eight formed each about half a meter from their target, the man whose blade was reaching for Rui's throat already. Speaking of which... Suddenly realizing exactly how close the blade was, he moved as fast as he could to his right, while having three of the masses orbiting him attack the man's arm from their master's right. The other eight masses would attack him directly from eight different directions.
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PostSubject: Re: CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]   

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CT.R/open[Aero, and etc..]

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