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PostSubject: Aero   13/03/11, 04:30 pm




Age: 702

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aero is tall and thin, he stands almost seven feet. he is one of the taller Arrancar but is no weakling at all. His arms are thin enough to wrap a hand around but pack enough power to bring anything down. His legs are the same as well, making his kicks brutal as can be. For his shoes he wore white boots. The bore a small heel on them and were as high as his knee. the laces of the boots are black and criss cross all the way up to his knee. The boots are pointed making kicks more painful. For pants he wears white Arrancar bottoms. These are poofy and tuck in to the tops of his boots. They are quite torn in many places from the war and past battles. they are also covered in many sand steins.

For his upper attire he wears nothing at all, making him for flexible. His chest and back are covered in feint scars from where he has been cut various times. They are hard if not impossible to see unless you were feet from him. His long and lanky are are also covered in scars, but his hands are rather smooth. his fingers are just like the rest of him, long and thin. His fingernails are long as he does not cut them often, much like that of a womans hand. His neck is not too long, but it is thin. His face is an oval shape but most of it is always hidden. His mouth is thin, his lips are as well. His tongue is long and bright pink, and very pointed. Making him able to touch his chin with ease. He has long white hair that reaches his lower back. It also covers most of his face. It is unkempt for the most part, looking wild and frizzy. It covers his right eye, which is where his mask remains are.

Actually if one looked close enough they could see his mask from the back too. The bulk of it covers his right eye, but the straps, which are part of it, go from his eye, around his head and up his lower left cheek. However it is not a patch, the mask has a hole in it where the eye is so that he can see. His eyes are a deep blue colour, some would say to reflect his cold personality. they are a chilling thing to look at. He has a pointed nose, that is rather long. His ears are a small round shape but are usually always hidden in his hair.

Personality: For as far back as time for this creature could recall, Aero had been the embodiment of rage, and scorn. Never one to allow himself to be merciful, even on the weak, he had grown cold in the ways of the world. Pure and calculating slaughter were his calling cards, leaving bodies in his wake wherever he went in life, and in death as a hollow. he spared no one on any occasion, except for perhaps one of his more extreme senses of whimsy. Often he wanted to do something... just because. Even if it was sparing someones life, if for no other reason than to have someone to tell the tales of his destructive habits for his own twisted ends. Rare were those times, instead killing every living thing in sight that even posed as a minor annoyance, be it adult, elderly, or a child. Life spared him nothing, and in turn, he would spare no one else.

On those rare occasions, where even a murderous bitch like him would find someone worthy of pledging himself to, Aero would become the embodiment of loyalty. Willing to bleed and even die for someone that she felt had earned such respect from him. His murderous nature is even more noticeable when he has found someone in which to pledge himself to, as he will react violently, and immediately towards any forms of disrespect, within limitations of course. Even he, in all of his temperamental glory wouldn't lash out at someone who could kill him without a second thought. he holds himself proudly on being sinfully violent, not stupid.

Even in his life as a human, this one word was enough to describe how Aero acted on a day to day basis without fail, stoic. Even in the face of terrible hardships, overwhelming pain, or simple daily life, he never once showed much of a hint of any kind of emotion. He always distanced himself from emotions, thinking them to be little more than burdens and tools for people to delude themselves into thinking that life contained any joy at all. In his stoicism, he was able to live his life in the way he thought best, and even as a hollow, he still maintains that same stoicism, with very few exceptions. For anyone to see any more of him than that simple attitude toward his life, and the lives of those around him, would be no small feat. To date, only one person had ever gained such trust that he would reveal his true self to, and devote all that he was to.


Before his release, Aero doesnt show much of his abilities. but he can harden the bones in a certain area to make blocking without blade easier.



Aero's resureccion changes his appearance not much at all. He is for the most part the same as before. The only real difference is that now he has a full mask on his face And his long snowy hair is hard and sharpened. In addition to this His hands are now bone, with his fingers becoming claws. These are sharp enough to pierce through any weaker skin. This bone like skin continues up to his elbows where it ends in a point behind the elbow. His weapon does not change at all It is still a regular looking Nadochi. His form is overall the same with minor changes. His mask is pure red with a black smile, also to white crosses descend from the eyes to stop on his cheek section.

Aero can use his hands to block attacks that normally he couldnt block with his bare skin. Since they are bone they are even harder than his Hierro. They also make it possible to grab a blade without suffering damage. The claws he has are sharper than diamonds, making them very deadly. This is also true about his hair. Its length is the same however it is no longer wavy and tangled It is pointed out like a mane and as is in many respects, needles. They are for reasons of defence and nothing more. There are also ridges in his hand gauntlets. lines that go around his wrist and lower arm in spirals.

Aero's release on has one ability, High Speed regeneration. The ability to have limbs and organs regrown when they are destroyed. This might sound over powered but it is now. He has no other abilities unreleased or released other than this. Most other Hollows gave up this power when becoming Arrancar, Aero did not. He was to proud of living to even risk the thought of death. Also, it does have a limit. It takes one post to grow back any limb and Aero can do nothing else for that post. Not attack or anything. He can also only grow back one limb at a time. This includes organs and, also he can regrow portions of his head should they be destroyed. But not if more than 60% is gone. He is the only Arrancar he know of with this ability, and prides himself with that.

A good example would be an arm that has be cut off from the shoulder down. Aero could focus his released and it would then return in that post. By doing this he does have to abandon all offensive capabilities. So he trys to only do this when he is sure that he is safe from harm. Organs take longer to heal than limbs, as they are inside him he has to focus more. This would only mean that more time would be spent focusing in the post leaving a bigger window for an opponent. Also his release has a instant way to be shut off. If one destroys the mask he wears the release is cancelled. This could be done any number of ways. one could simply blow away apart of his head, when it grows back, the portion that had to regrow will not have a mask.
Segunda Etapa

Just what do you look like after entering your state of true power? 2 paragraphs minimum.

Abilities: What are you now capable of performing? 2 paragraphs minimum.

Aero was born to a peasant family in England, late winter of the 1400's. Where kings and nobles ruled, and peasants served their masters without question or disloyalty for fear of being punished and humiliated. It was a simple, albeit very punishing time for him to be born however, as his homeland was filled with sickness, strife, and ruled by the hand of a ruthless, and uncaring king. His family was a very basic kind, a father who worked the land, farming and building for their daily food and medicines, and his mother, a seamstress. They made little, lived day to day on less than little, but still, the small family was quite happy, and content with the hand they were dealt in life. All save for Aero. By the time he was seven years old, he had grown to detest all that humanity stood for... Seeing innocent, kind people suffering so that those of 'higher status' can line their pockets with money, and live in luxury. Mankind was a hypocrisy in itself...

He grew into a rather strong young man, due to the environment he grew up in. He worked hard, even at his young age to help support his loving family, even as his father had grown ill. The only thing he had in his life that he ever showed a smile for was his family after all, and he was working his young fingers to the bone to try and help them as much as he could. The years following him beginning to work in place of his father, he had turned 13 before anyone knew it, time seeming to have slipped as the same daily routine had sapped them of knowing anything was any different as time went on. He had grown into a fine looking man by the ages standards, his hair long, and a natural black, and a rather fit form, thanks to the manual work he had taken over for his father. Strangely enough, those features would end up to be his bane in the years to follow...

It was no mystery that women had no rights in the day and age that was Aero's time, and his world would be turned upside down, as well as that of his family by those simple truths. When word of his loves beauty had reached the local nobility, of course being that they had to do nothing to get what they wanted in life, he was visited upon by a duke. The strangeness of a noble coming to their home was alarming to Aero, but as per the social standard of her time, he accepted him as a guest into their home. Immediately he hated him... He held himself above other human beings, simply because he had more wealth. Because he had others to work for him, and tend to his needs... People like him sickened him to no end. Shock would erupt in his home however, when he had announced why in particular he had come to their 'quaint' little farm as he had put it. He wanted to take Aero's love from their home, and make her his wife.

Being ever the skeptic, she politely, yet sarcastically asked why he would come to tease a simple peasant girl, and that he must have been joking with them. The shock only intensified when he announced that he was deathly serious...Aero only gritted his teeth to that little announcement, and his family both didn't seem to thrilled about their newly added daughter being taken away from their home. Fiercely, she denied him, and asked that he depart their home at once. She had no interest in becoming his wife simply at the asking. Being one to firmly stand by marriage for love, she had no interest in him... no interest in a hypocrite, and a pompous ass.

The immediate denial of his wishes however, had not been something that the stuck up little prick had been expecting, and he immediately angered. Threatening her, and her family if she didn't do as he asked. Of course, at the mention of him making his family's lives harder than they already were, he was unable to resist the events that came to follow, no matter how much he hated what he knew was. Aero stepped up and made a new deal. He offered his service as a solider for her to stay. His family was of course against it, but he had no other choice. he was not about to let her be taken from him. The Duke said he had a couple of free years left, before he would be expected to show up to fight. Aero was not a fighter yet, but the Duke expected him to get in to shape. However the Duke would not allow him to be trained at the castle. Due to his rudeness Aero was to do this alone.

The years that followed were hard on everyone.
The years after his unwilling service to the young duke had dragged on with such darkness in his mind, that even he barely knew how far the passage of time had gone. Now 17 years old, he had become a ghost of his former self. His would be king was every bit the pig he called him out to be, and he went to what would seem to be incredible lengths to prove him right. The things he subjected him to... as well as never letting him see his family were far too much for him to bare as the time dragged on. Rage seemed to take a firm grasp of his mind. Every day he was subjected to new horrors, new boundaries being pushed against his mind, eventually driving him to the horrid endgame of his human life...

One night, after his "lord" had come home, much like normal having been drinking excessively, the pair of them got into a heated argument. Aero was a terrible warrior, and he was proud of that fact. he hated him with all that he was, and he spared no expense in showing him such. During the argument, he had enraged the drunken man, and paid the ultimate price for it. He stabbed him in the stomach with a knife, and sealed his fate. Though before he passed on, he had managed to seal his fate as well. he managed to get out of the den of his large estate home, and found his way to the servants quarters rather easily. While he hated the man, the servants were from the same stock as he, and with his dying breaths, he told them what happened.

From the moment of his rebirth as a hollow, he distanced himself form any and all, only returning to feast on the souls of weak human pluses, or other weaker hollow. he had the personality of a scared, and violent hollow at this point of his existence. From various conversations with passing hollow, as well as a few that he had close encounters with, he had learned that he was what was called a Menos, the weakest of the hollow evolutions. It was a grotesque form... and he hated it with a burning passion that only led him to consume, and destroy everything in his wake that was within his power

His will to live was little to nothing, only driving in his mind to feast on souls, and try and gain power so that he was not suffering the opposition of others that were higher on the food chain. In his mind however, he was always reminded of his parents, being a soul that had spent its days inside of his old home, he watched over his saddened mother and father, along with his past lover... but to his own sadness, he didn't even remember their names. Unable to fill the void in his heart, he had grown mad with rage, and found that he needed more than he ever did to survive. The normal hunger had grown so large it was driving him to the brinks of insanity, and like so many hollow before him, he amassed with thousands of other hollow... and the next stage of her existence began.

Once the conversion of his next evolutionary state had completed, he was now part of a much larger engine of destruction, known as the Gillian. he was one of thousands of consciousnesses within the large creature called a menos Grande, but inside of it, he felt like he was among a mass of screams, unable to think, or do anything but give his power to the large engine. The large menos resided within the forests under the sands of Hueco mundo, and like the rest, the combined consciousness desired even more power. Using its new found power, as well as the newly acquired Cero attack, the large hollow decimated hundreds of other Gillian in its time, consuming them, and gaining in strength.

Within the mass of screams and raging cries, Aero's consciousness only grew in power, growing sick of the world of screams he had been immersed in for as long as he could remember. The large Menos grande was a complete engine of carnage. Killing and devouring other hollow with ruthless precision, even remaining distant from other Menos, who all seemed to gather. Aero's consciousness was becoming more and more dominant over the rest... His rage, his disgust with remaining entombed in this mass of other consciousnesses was making him ill, and he began to force his way through the rest.

As the large collective gillian gained in power, its next step in evolution was upon it, with Aero taking a firm grasp above all the rest as the dominant personality. he wanted to be free, not to become one of the thousands of collective hollow that would form the body of their new evolution. One night, his gigantic form was confronted by that of a small humanoid looking hollow that seemed to want to take control of him... The creature gave no name, only that it was his master on the food chain, known as an Adjuchas. Seeing it... with its own will, its own mind, and personality... he wanted to kill, and consume it, so that he could become just like it.

His last few hundred years of life had all seemed to come to this. A confrontation with a hollow so much more powerful than him, that he thought for the longest he would become its next mean for denying his wishes. A fierce battle roared on from that moment, the large gillian near no match for the smaller Adjuchas. Taking several blows to the large body, he was sent reeling back into the trees of the menos forest, before the Adjuchas got highly overconfident... Near death, he was able to gain the upper hand long enough to launch an attack that would kill the cocky hollow, and save his very existence.

Lashing out with both of the long, scrawny arms, he clutched him between them, every bit of his body above the waist exposed for him. As fast as he could muster, she charged a Cero, which even from a weaker hollow like him, at this distance it would no doubt kill him. Letting the terrifying red beam fire from his mouth, everything from his shoulders, to his head was completely destroyed, the hollow dead in his hands. His own injuries were near grave, but with the strength he had left, he feasted upon the Adjuchas, and once his meal was finished, he felt his entire being swarming with power.

After his meal, his form began to twist, and glow. Reiatsu surging around him, as his large shape began to twist, and pop, becoming smaller, its mass compacting in on itself. Sickening sounds of breaking bones and popping limbs echoed in the air. After what seemed like hours, the evolutionary process had ran its course, and now, Aero had taken shape as one of what nearly killed him only a short time ago. His form was considerably smaller, but his power was also far more immense than before. Like his attacker, he had taken on the form of a humanoid looking Adjuchas. Amazed with his new form, as well as his new power, he quickly honed his new form's power, and his great feast of hollow began.

Now, he had found something of a purpose... Especially when rumors of a particularly strong presence appearing within Hueco mundo began to spread several decades later. he had spent over 70 years in this form of an Adjuchas, hearing tales of an even stronger form known as a Vasto lorde... By now, he was well versed in what his world really was. The ancient struggle between Shinigami and hollow. Everything... Having observed the shinigami in the world of the living before, and tales from other hollow, he had grown to admire that they were able to live their lives the way they wished.

Aero became known as one of the most feared adjuchas wondering through Hueco Mundo and by the time he had become 500 he had grown weary of the constant chase and devour game that had brought him much excitement for decades. he had now banded with a group of other adjuchas, at first with the intention of eating them all but then the lust for them seemed to disappear but he still enjoyed their companionship which was seen as odd and very 'human-like' by his new found friends. After a hunting trip one of them returned with the news that countless strong hollow were gathered at a place near by and that this was their opportunity to become some of the most powerful hollow in hueco mundo. Aero wasn't particularly interested with the thought of eating hollows anymore, his power had far surpassed that of his group-mates and he no longer reveled in the challenge that was hunting as it was before. They convinced him to come, knowing that his strength would be an advantage. They arrived at the location and fought hollows who overpowered them while Aero watched, unaffected at the loss of his companions but intrigued by this dangerous power which had consumed his comrades.

Then it happened, the moon died. By the time it happened, everyone that had been fighting was now dead. They killed each other like the beasts they were. But Aero was not concerned about this now, he was looking up. He could feel the power of the shards that now bombarded the world of hollows. It was a marvel to see, most looked on with horror but Aero knew the power these shards held and he wanted it. he tried to predict where they would land but it was harder than it seemed. He had tried for hours as the moon fell to pieces, each piece escaping his reach. But it seemed he was in someone's graces. He felt it first, a giant power level coming at him. More powerful than the rest. Aero looked up to see the shard, a rather large shard at that. it was big, and coming very fast. This had to be his lucky day, his dreams almost realized. He stood still as he was smashed by the shard. The collision alone would be able to overload a Gillian. The ground was in shockwaves as it collided with the ground. Aero just stood still and absorbed it power. It was faster than he thought it would be, it took much longer to become Adjuchus.

He took all the shard had, until it vanished and he was the only one left. He was humanoid now, completely. He was tall and lanky and very thin. But he could feel the power going through his veins. His hair was white and he had an eye patch of some sort, he guessed this to be what was left of his mask. it felt like bone after all. he spent a while looking his body over, it was then he realized the best part. He now had a Zanpaktou. a weapon of great power. he revelled yet again in power.

for the next 100 hundred years he was in constant fighting. After the fall of Los Noches he jumped into the war. He was quick to master his abilities, the form called Resserection was not hard for him. He spent half of his time training at least. and with enough time, he was able to cut down Fraccion without problem. However he was not all about the offensive. He put most of his power in his defence, making his Hierro the hardest of all he knew. From the start he could always block unreleased blades, but now he could block the released forms of lesser Arrancar. He was wary of the former Espada, he didnt think he could take them just yet. He abandoned his hollow techniques to focus on combat. Hierro being the main focus and sword sill followed. He worked and worked, killing Arrancar without care. he became known as the "devil Aero"

after 150 years, Aero had fully master his release. Using it to cut down anyone in his way. by this pint his Hierro was through the roof so to say. At the same time, that could also be said for his brute strength. Since he did not focus on Rieatsu in the form of Cero or Bala, he had no skill for them. Not many could match him in pure combat, and not many tried anymore. Then the time came for him to fight the remaining Espada, a fight he was avoiding till now.

One day he met the former Privaron 154. Without warning he attacked the resting Arrancar. granted the espada was weakened by previous fights, Aero did not care, this was not a chance he was going to miss. He attacked violently and with no mercy. And it was not long before he surprised himself. It was an easier fight than he thought, he didnt even have to release. Aero was sure this was only because the Arrancar was weakened, but he was sure killing him would still have happened had he been full power.

then 50 more years passed, making him 700 in age. The war was over and Las Noches was in ruins. Most of the former Espada was dead, three of Privaron by the hands of Aero. He was now alone, having mastered what he could he was all by himself in a dead world it seemed. He watched as the remaining Hollows and Arrancar died off slowly, with no one to guide them they just killed each other off. Aero saw this as a waste of good power so he devised a plan, a plan to once again unite the Arrancar.

For the next two years, Aero walked Las Noches and even parts of Hueco Mundo, looking for strong Arrancar to for his new Espada. They were not easy to find, and he did not want the remaining former Espada part of it. He wanted a whole new team, a team that would dominate this world. Aero only wanted those who could fight without question, kill without question and bore no pity. These were rare indeed, but alas his search goes on.....always looking....always wanting....

Quote :
Roleplaying Sample:Shayzl was working tonight, as he always seemed to do. Ever since he left the Soul Society he had been on his own working. Every now and again he would go out to the world of the living to collect data from the hollows that other shinigami killed. He had all the data he would ever need on the regular hollow, there was nothing about them he didn't know. It was the Arrancar that he had only little amounts of data on. He was waiting for one to show up in the living world so he could collect it. he was not the strongest fighter but he was no pushover. Shayzl was almost out of data actually and it was about that time to get some more.

He had made his own way to getting to the world of the living. A gate he built himself that cant be detected by those of Soul Society. He had been getting ready to go, he wore his black suit that he made himself. It stuck close to the body and allowed for better movement on the battle field. Shayzl really hoped it would not come down to a battle, he hated fighting but wouldnt run from one. His suit had but two pockets on it, one on each side of the hip. This was for his tools, the syringes and such he always kept on him. Also around his waist was a sash used to hold his Zanpaktou. It was held right in the front part of his waist, odd compared to most who wear it on their side. The last thing he put on was his mask, he never had it off outside his lab.

With that done, he opened his gate. Once inside it closed behind him, the gate was built like that the hollows use. The user would have to use his reiatsu to make a platform to walk on. So he walked on, slowly, in no hurry to get anywhere. But the trip was short and sooner than later he was there standing in the air, looking down on he city.

Shayzl had only just gotten there and already there was somthing with a fait amount of pressure flaring out. Without any sort of hesitation Shayzl dashed off towards the pressure hoping it proved to be of some value scientifically. He was not afraid of whatever it might have been, he was rather curious to find out, if he could catch it that would be wonderful. It was not too far away so it should not take long to get there, he was rather fast. It was one of the things he was praised for when he was in Soul Society. He was getting close, he could feel it, the pressure coming in waves now.

Shayzl kept pushing closer until he saw who was causing it with his own eyes. It was an Arrancar, he had never actually got to see one before, this was a treat. He was not going to take this one lightly, the hllow could still prove to be a challenge to beat. Shayzl got within one hundred feet and unsheathed his Zanpaktou.

"well hello there, im gonna capture you ok? just stay put and we can make quick work of this."
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