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PostSubject: Sora.    25/03/11, 06:13 am


Name// -Shinju Sora.
Age// -351 years and three months. / Looks like 19 years old.
Gender// -Female.
Appearance// ]

    Sora has very beautiful light pink dyed hair. Her hair is parting almost in the middle of the head, but closer to left side. Right side of the hair is a bit messy and spiky. There are three longer strands coming down on her face. But these strands barely go over the eye lower line. The left side of the hair ir curving down the shoulder in from and back.
    Her eyes are in sky blue color. She has very big beautiful eyes. They always shines lika a little stars in the nightly skys. Even when she's mad her eyes shines in anger. Sora has a little pointy nose and wonderful lips. Even by looking on them you smell the cherry and taste a strawberry in you mouth. She really doesn't have any piercings. All what she has ever pierce were her right and left ear, so she could put earings.
    Torso & Bottom
    Sora's body is pretty tough for a girl. She has a very strong abs and arm muscularity. She can hold a big pressure on her arms or chest muscles. She train herself every day to become the best. Sora's body is very proportional. Arm length is proportional to body length. Her skin tone is healthy, soft yellowbrown lightpink color.
    On her nails she always puts pink nail polish.Although around her left arm she keeps a bracelet in golden color. It's made of little chain links. At the end of the bracelet where it connects with the other side where is an amulet hanging down. It's in heart form. And one more thing. She has a tattoo on her right back hip. It's a little butterfly who looks like it's flying.
    A bit of her dressroom. Sora really doesn't like to wear these shinigami robes, but since she is shinigami she have to. But once she's out of duty and when she has some free time she wear everything she likes. Mostly Sora let her hair fall freely, but ometimes she use a bandeau. mostly she chooses pink or sweet red color and tie her hair in ponytale.
    Sora may have the "sexiest " legs in the whole Seireitei. They are very nice looking.

Personality// ]Sora is the sweetest women in the Seireitei. She is the temple of kindness, love, responsibility and everything else what nice and fluffy. But at the same time she could be a real pain in the ass. Her temper changes each time something happen. She could be very peacful and kind and suddently ...bam...she's ready to kill you with every inche of her body. She may be very dangerous if she's mad. But mostly she's very kind, helpful and always ready. Sora love public places where everyone can see her. She loves attention. Sora has many good and bad personal touches. Mostly she has good timber, however, when she gets mad even all those good timber can't be count.
As we all know Sora is very kind against other woman, since she's a lesbian she reay doesn't like guys, but she think that they are very good for talking. Even better than a girl. When Sora sees a girl who likes her she don't waste time and start a conversation with hope that she's a lesbian too. Main timbers which make Sora who she is, are loyalty, love, kindness, directness, responsibility, intelligence. There're although anger, madness, lust to kill. She won't be Sora, if she wouldn't have these timbers. She is who she is and no one can change it except herself.

-♀-Loyalty | This is the most important timber what she trys to keep within her. She always will serve Soul Society and protect it with everything what she has. Sora is a people who would never betray her friends, mates and masters. She will never join evil forces and give away her pride as a shinigami. She's ready to die for Soul Society.
-♀-Directness | Sora is very direct person. She doesn't like to waste time and stay silent. If she wants to say something she do it. She can tell a freind that he or she may be an asshole sometime, but she doesn't care if that's right or not, but she feels free when she has said everything what she think of this person.
-♀-Intelligence | This is the most beautiful timber she have. Sora is very intelligence and creative. She would be the best scientist in Soul Society, but something kept her back from being a scientist. She sometime could visit Research and Development division to give some of her ideas. Maybe they would change life in Soul Society.

Squad// 6th Division
Position// Captain


Zanpakuto Spirit//
    Her name is Soukaku. She's about eighteen by the look of her. Soukaku's height is around four and a half feet. She isn't from the tallest ladies. Her weight is around 123lbs. She's very good looking, what am I saying, she's beautiful. She has a sky blue hair, cut around till the shoulders. Her hair is a bit messy around the lower part. Furthermore, she has very beautiful sea blue eyes. So bright and shiny, you even can see your own reflection in them. To be very balanced she has a blue lipstick on her lips. It makes her even beauty. Her body is thin, but strong. I forgot to mention that she has sky blue nail varnish.

    Soukaku has a very extraordinary dressing style. She wears a very wide necklace around her neck in brown or dark blue color. This necklace has a red diamond-like a thing in the middle of it. She wears a black corset under the jacket-like clothe. She wears a white jacket with some kind of symbolic, golden sleeve. On her shoulders, she has something like a shoulder guard. Very thin and flimsy in dark brown color. A bit lower Soukaku wears something like shorts. Very wide and free shorts in dark brown color. About her boots. She has them starting from the knee till the bottom. Well, it's a boot. It has a heel. No longer than 2 inches. Around her middle, she wears a belt, actually two belts. One of the belts hold her zanpaktou. (Which is not what you see in the picture.)

    About her personality.
    Soukaku has very unique personality because she changes all the time. Soukaku can be very peacful and silent but after a minute she can turn into a devil on the earth. She has a very miscellaneous temper. Mostly she's very kind and peacful. She likes to walk around Sora's inner world and do puzzles. Soukaku is pretty intelligent. Her temper color is lightblue. that means - soft, soothing, compassionate and caring, Blue is the color of deliberation and introspection, conservatism and duty. Patient, persevering, conscientious, sensitive and self-controlled, Blues like to be admired for their steady character and wisdom. They are faithful, but are often worriers with somewhat inflexible beliefs and can be too cautious, and suspicious of flamboyant behavior.

Inner World// |
[list]Sora's inner world is a huge maze all over the world. You never know when you'll come across a wall. You have to figure out this puzzle to get to Sora's mind. In this place is hard to find something. All the time everything repeats or you just can't find the way out. Although, some of the walls move. So it changes the whole maze and it make it more difficult to get somewhere. Only Sora can move freely around this maze to find Soukaku and take some practice.

Walls are made of Sora's reiatsu and mind power. Since she's pretty smart and always know what she do it's almost impossible to break down these walls. No intruder can destroy these walls. Inside this world the sky change all the time too. It can be morning, afternoon or evening. All the time something changes and swiches. Walls height are around 20 feet.
Sealed Zanpakuto//
    It's a very ordinary zanpaktou(katana). The hilt of Sora's zanpaktou is in blue and white color. The guard is formed as a heart. It's like a reminder of her kindness and although her zanpaktou ability which will be described a bit later. The blade is about one and a half inche wide and 3 feet long. The blade is really sharp. The sheath is in blue color too.

Shikai Appearance//
    There is nothing much about Soukaku's shikai. Once she says the release phrase the blade starts to glow in sky blue color And millimeter by millimeter it falls apart in tiny little tears. Each tears what fall apart start to fall and only few inches above the ground it stops and starts to float. --It's a sigh that you don't have to cry about those who made you cry. Never let any tear to fall on the ground because you're greater than they will ever be.-- That's the reason why they float in the air. After the blade has been split in thousands of tears Sora may use her hilt as a control remote of the tears. It takes only an instant to split.

Shikai Abilities//
    Soukaku main ability is that the blade splited in thousand of tears. These tears are tears from Sora's past. Each time she cried these tears collected and now, they all make one big ability. After saying the release phrase her zanpaktou's blade split into thousand tears and start to float in the air. Each tear is like a small drop from the clouds. These tears fly or float in the air all around Sora. All what's left from her zanpaktou is hilt which is very important. Only with hilt in her hand she can control her tears. Moving her hands, swinging, slashing and stabing in the middle air, she controls every tear move. She uses them to attack the enemy and to defend herself. What happens when the tears touches target? Very simple. Each strike is based on Sora's feelings. There are only three of them.
      ♀Neutral Feelings - Each hit with a tear like a regular blade would cut you.
      ♀Sad - Each time tears hit the target it gets freezed in the place where it striked. So if I strike the opponent in the arm his arm got freezed by ice which isn't thiner than half inche. Don't misunderstand - It's not like I hit and the whole arm is useless. It's just got freezed for a moment. Since each strike is like huge raindrop mass freezed area depends on the place where Sora striked and how deep was the cut.
      ♀Angry, Pised - very easy. Each time she strikes, she strikes with boiled tears. Which may scald hit body part.

Bankai Appearance// What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?



    Human arc.
    Shinju Sora - she was a girl who born in 1660. Shinju first time saw her mom and dad in Karakura town or back then - Karakura village. She lived born there and died there. Shinju was a wonderful baby back then. She had everything. Loving parents and friends. Only being a baby she could pull on somebody's heartstrings. She was very bright and sweet baby. Shinju never cried in nights. For parents it seemed a bit interesting that Shinju never cried. They thought that Shinju is a God gift to them. This little tiny thing made everyone happy even if that someone was sad. First few months Shinju spent sleeping in bad and being wonderful. Months passed very quickly and she already tried to walk, but as we all know babys can't do it until they reach at least 10 months, but she tried already in eight. While she was practicing at walking most of the time she spent on the floor crawling around the room. Parents tried to help each time they had time, unfortunately Shinju's father worked all the time on field, but mother was cleaning rooms and making meals. So for first time she met a word "independant". Her mother worked and although did a baby-sit. That was a hard job for hear, but somehow she manage to do it all at the same time. In less than two months Shinju started to walk on her own. Mother and father was very happy about their little daughter.

    Time passed. It was 1667. Shinju grew in body, mind and power. She was only seven, but she had to do a lot of things. She had to help mother with housekeeping. She did all the cleaning in the rooms while mother made meals for father. Each time father returned from work he was very happy seeing his little girl and beauyiful wife. Shinju's father was loving and careful husband and dad. Shinju loved to call him Oldy. And he even didn't object. He loved that Shinju called him that. In two words - This family is loving. But there were days when they weren't loving. Sometimes father came back home from work drunk, because something gone wrong on the field. and each time something gone wrong father gets obsessed with drinking. And when he drinks he become unpredictable. Sometimes he came back home very tired and sleepy. Once he came in the house he fell asleep, but sometimes he come back very angry. And when he's angry he do many stupid thing. Once he slaped mother so hard that she walked around the house with black eye for a month. Of course next day he apologized and tried to do something nice to her. Those were worst day in Shinju's life. She knew that father can do something wrong so she hide under her bed. Sometimes she cried, because no one what's to see how your father slaps your mother like somekind of slut.

    At age of thirdteen Shinju started to go to school there she learned how to write, read and do the math. She loved to go to school, because she was exemt from housework and she had time for her only. Shinju loved to take a walk along the river what lead the way to her house. Sometimes she stopped in her secret place to do her homeworks and think about her life. What she want to reach and what she want to do in her life. Shinju had a very intelligent mind and with intelligent mind she had a very good fantasy world. Shinju loved to think of world what can't exsist. She thought of places where everyone is protected and no one can't hurt you. That's what she always did after school. Sometimes she came back home very late and said to mother and father that she had to do homeworks in school, because teacher thought that Shinju doesn't do her homework by herself. In the matter of fact mother and father believed what she said. School time for Shinju was quiet difficult, because there were other girls who tried to ruined her life, because she was beautiful. There was a girl who hated Shinju the most and she was the one who whip up every girl in the school. of course not the whole school tried to do something bad for Shinju, but she tried as best as she could to ruin Shinju's life. Sometimes Shinju had to run away from these bullies. She hided in her secret place and stood there until it was safe to go. She cried, because she couldn't understand why the girls are so mean to her. She was who she was and no one can't change it.

    Then came the middle teen years when everyone flirted with anyone. All most every girl had a boyfriend. They went to school together, they went back home from school together they did everything together. The whole village was full of love. There wasn't any girl who didn't wanted to have a boyfriend, but there were few exceptions. Shinju could understand this boy and girl thing. Her mind wanted to be like other girls with boyfriend, but her heart said something else what she couldn't understand. Shinju had the last year in school and she wanted to be with other girls. She wanted to talk about boys, she wanted to talk about balls. However, something restrain her from boys. She didn't wanted to talk with them, each time a boy took a look at her she didn't feel anything. All what she feel was that she's looking on ordinary human and that's all. However, each time a girl took a look at her she felt something. Something worm and sweet. This feeling made Shinju dizzy. She couldn't understand what's happening with her. Why every girl in the school likes boys, but Shinju likes girls. Once, while walking home she thought of that. She had hear of these relationships, but she never thought that she will be the one who likes girls. When she got home, she told about her feeling to her mother and hoped that she will understand and explain everything to Shinju. Mother did explain everything and Shinju understood that she isn't an ordinary girl, but she's extraordinary.

    Three years later after she find out that she is a lesbian. Shinju wanted to have friends and closer relationships. She tried to get friend outside the village. She was grown-up. 19 already. She had to live by herself and parents supported her. Shinju lived in a small house near the center of village or now its called town. The village had expand into a town. Everywhere were well built houses. There were a lot of huge house in the center of city. The lived all the rich people, who never wanted to live in the same place with farmers. Anyway, city was different then every. Shinju had to follow the time and she did. She understood that people slowly become equal and people start to make their groups. In the city there were many people groups. Mostly Shinju looked for groups which had many girls. She wanted to be in girl socially.
    One day Shinju wanted to take a midnight walk around the park. She loved to walk after sunset. This fresh air and lovely moonlight make this walk even better. So, one day she take a midnight walk. She liked to dream about other worlds, better worlds. that's what she likes to do while she is taking a walk. Shinju was looking in the moon and suddenly two strangers attacked her. They grabbed her and bring to alley. Shinju tried to scream, but they gaged her. Shinju was despaired, she didn't know what to do. These strangers raped Shinju against her will. She cried her eyes out. She was broken. She didn't wanted to live anymore. Strangers left and no one have seen them again. It was a cold night and Shinju was sleeping there on the ground. She was without strength, she couldn't stand up and call for help. After seven hours a guy who walked to his work he found Shinju's dead body. She was freezed to death.

    Shinju's spirit walked around the park. She wondered what happen to her. She knew that something happened, but she couldn't tell what. These new feeling and new emotions. Shinju was at a loss, what happened and what will happen. She walked for days around this park looking for answer. Each time she walked around the whole park she met knew spirits and each time they were different. Her memories was deleted. Shinju wanted to remember but she couldn't remeber anything.
    Once she sat. She felt something strange in the middle of her chest. She took a look on herself for the first time since she died. She saw a chain hanging down her chest. This chain had about eight chain links left. She took the chain in her hands and touched it. Shinju was wondering, why the hell she need something like that? Shinju let it go and kept moving around the park. Every week one chain link disappeared from the chain. Now she had a knew thing what to think about. Why? One day taking about her thousand lap around the park Shinju saw a man standing on the roof comb. He was dressed in black haori with a sword like thing along his rigt hip. He looked strong and powerful. Shinju wanted to know who's he, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye. A second later he appeared in front of Shinju. -I'll set you free. With these words he took out his katana and with hilt's bottom hit Shinju in forhead. Shinju really felt free. The chain from her chest disappeared and all around started to glow in nice light yellow color. She felt like sleeping in soft pillows.

    Shinigami Arc
    A nightmare
    "No...please, stop it. Aaarrggh!" Shinju woke up from the worst dream she ever seen. She was taking a walk in the park and suddenly two guys in black robes and covered face grabbed her and dragged to the alley. That was terrible. Shinju was helpless, she couldn't do anything to save her. At the end of whole this she died. That felt weird, that was like she couldn't do anything, she was tied up with chains and there wasn't anything what she could do. And after a while these chains like disappeared and Shinju was free. She felt wonderful again. Shinju woke up and cleaned her eyes. From the start it was a bit blurry and she couldn't understand where is she. Shinju take on leg out of the bed and then the other one. She leaned to the bed with her arms and looked into the ground. She was a bit dizzy too from this nightmare. Shinju's sight get better every second. And only after few minutes just sitting in the bed she realized that something not like it should be. She wasn't in her room in her bed. She was somewhere else. This place was dirty and messy. She slowly stood up, because her legs were very weak. It felt like she run few miles last night. She stood up and moved to door. She was dizzy and she couldn't understand what's happening. She opened the door and stepped out of the house.

    Useful information
    It was a really sunny day. Sun was shining very bright. Shinju had to squint, so she could see something. After a while when her eyes got used to the bright sun she finally saw where she is. It looked like a very dirty place. There were few people walking on the street and that's all. She started to feel depressed. She didn't know where she was and what to do. After this while her muscles started to function. Shinju ran unto one man and asked, "Where am I?" she didn't know what to feel and what to do. The man looked at the Shinju and answered,"You're in Soul Society of course. What are you? A new sense?" He asked. Shinju made a questioning face, "What is Soul Society? What are you talking about? I live in Karakura town, what's going on?" She started to feel worried. The man pulled up his eyebrow and understood that Shinju is one of the souls who had arrived from the world of the living. "Ohh, I see. You 're from the world of the living. let me explain you everything. This could be very difficult to you to understand it right now, but try. In few words, - you're dead. You was killed in the world of the living and as it turns out a shinigami sent you here. To Soul Society. This is the world of souls. Now, do you understand so far?" He asked Shinju. "So, that wasn't a dream. I dead for real. Please tell me more. I need to know what to do." Shinju asked for help. She listened very carefully. The man continued "This ,where we live is Rukongai. This town is for souls who have been sent from the world of the living. Rukongai is very big and everything have terms. Currently, we are in the south district of Rukongai. The center of this city is Seireitei where all the shinigamis are found. You see this is like heaven dome. Everything is in balance. Shinigami are those who keep this balance in the world of the living and Rukongai. They are very important. Do you understand?" He asked again. Shinju took a second to understand all this information. This is very important and she understood that. This man could be very helpful for her. "Yeah, I think so." She answered and gave the man a word. "Very well then. When I got sent here I didn't know what to do too, but now I have a wife and I live here a very peaceful life. If you don't have anywhere else to go, you can stay at us. We'll help you as best as we can." The man offered and Shinju gave him her answer. "Ok, thank you very much I'll always own you one." She accepted the invitation and followed the man to his place. In her mind were many question on which she would like to have an answer and she believed that these people can give her these answers.

    A new beginning
    After a year lived in the Soul Society Shinju had found answers to everything she wanted to know. Shinju was still living with the same old man and her wife. She helped them as she could and did everything what they asked. She felt like home. Like home in the world of the living. Sometime she accidentally called the wife her mom. She was very devoted to this family. They make Shinju felt like home and she loved that feeling. Shinju would never change this feeling against something else. This is very important to her. She finally felt loved after this whole time. Shinju still loved to take a walk in the midnight moon. She walked around the south district and sometimes she even didn't came home after this walk. She used to sit on the roof and look into the moon what was shining and made her body to glow. That was a wonderful feeling what covered her body all night long. She finally could live in peace and calm land where everyone follows the rules. That made her heart worm. Everything is in its place and no one can't change anything. This first year passed really quick and Shinju even didn't noticed that the first year in Soul Society is gone and a new one is starting. New things, new friends and new adventures. Shinju wanted to do something great this year. Shinju was ready for something unknown.

    There was this one day when Shinju had to take out the garbage and do the house work. She took the trash and headed to the place where she had to put them. It wasn't far, only few hundred meters farther. This time she was a bit lazy and she wanted to take a short cut and she did. Shinju walked through small alley, what was between houses. She felt something that's not quiet right so she started to walk a bit faster. She had this weird feeling that somebody is watching her. Shinju walked forward and looked back to see if anyone is following her. There were no one. She kept moving forward. Shinju heard a noise on the roof. She raised her head up and saw a humans face disappearing. The sun was shining so she didn't saw the face clearly. Shinju was almost running then. She started to feel nervous. Shinju run and didn't look back. After few seconds she was finally out of the alley and she was a bit frightened. She took another look on the roof where she saw the face disappearing, but there weren't anyone. Suddenly when she turned around to keep moving to the place she meant to go she saw a teenage girl in front of her. She dropped the trash bag and started to yell in pretty high voice. She and the other girl were screaming. After a second Shinju stopped and she understood that it's only a girl in front of her. Once she stopped to scream the other girl stopped too. Shinju realized that she just become a fool in front of this girl. She started to scream from nothing, but from the other side she appeared from nowhere and that's kind of creepy. "Emm...Sorry that I started to scream. You scared me. How did you appeared here so fast?" Shinju asked in less scared voice. She took a look at the girl and noticed that she's dressed the same as Shinju. It seemed that she's from the same district where Shinju live. However, that was weird, because Shinju have never seen her in this district. Shinju looked in her face and she started to smile, because her face was so pretty and light and smiling, that you couldn't just stand right there without any emotions. "That's ok!" She blinked and answer in calm and peaceful voice. "Sorry about that , I didn't meant to scare you I just wanted to take a look closer. Well, people say that I have very good skills at appearing and disappearing. But, I think that I can just run fast and that's all." She answer and looked into Shinju's eyes. Shinju blushed and took a look somewhere else so she wouldn't have to look in her eyes for long time. That made her feel uncomfortable. "My name is Shinju, but you can call me Sora. That's a lot shorter. And what's your name?" Shinju asked to her new friend. "Well, hey Sora. My name is Yachiru, call me Iru. I like Iru better then Yachiru. That's so ordinary." She said and grabbed the trash bag what was laying down on the ground. "This should be somewhere else." With a smile on her face she said that to Sora. Sora smiled too and took the bag from Iru and started to walk to the place where she would have to put it. She and her new friend started a new friendship.

    A new Goal.
    After meeting this new girl Sora become more easy. She didn't think of consequence that much and she wanted to feel free from all works and tasks what were given to her. She was a girl with a dream to be free. The time passed quickly almost 20 years. Everything seemed fine, but the only thing what never change was Sora. She looked like 19 years old girl. It seemed that there's no such a thing as aging. She felt young even after all these years. Sora and Iru are still friend and it seems that nothing is going to change that. Sora and Iru met every night at the same roof where Sora used to sat before she met Iru. They talk usually talked about thing what could make their lives better. They loved to philosophize. Every time Iru and Sora met they got closer to each other. At the end they knew everything about each other. They become the best friends forever. Sora finally after these years felt loved again. She felt like she is in the seventh heaven. This friendship give a lot to Sora and she will never let go Iru. Sora will do anything to defense her friend and she knows that Iru will do the same.

    A new day has come. This day is going to be tragic for everyone who knows Iru and Sora. This is the day when Sora will understand her real vocation. This day started like other days did. Sora woke up from the midnight chat with Iru. She was a bit tired and sleepy, but that won't hold her back to do her works done. She started with the house cleaning. Sora spent more then hour to clean her room and the whole house. The old man and his wife were gone for food. They usually few times a month go to market to get something to eat, so the house is empty and there was only Sora. Iru was probably running and having fun somewhere. She a girl without any rules or terms. She do what she want to do and no one can tell her something. After few hours spending in home and doing housework. Only few things she had to do to be free from housekeeping. All her free time she spends with Iru. Evening has come very fast and Sora is finally free to go. She dropped her housework robes and run to find Iru. She looked for her everywhere, but she couldn't find her. Sora started to worry, because usually it's easy to find her somewhere, but today she's like vanished. Sora run around the whole section. Then she remembered their secret place in the forest. She head up to the forest.
    After an hour she was finally there. It started to get dark outside and in the forest it felt kind of scary. Sora tried to keep her head fresh and moved through the forest as fast as she could. She ran quite a while when she heard something. That was Iru's scream. Something not right and Sora didn't stopped and moved much faster. Sora was scared, but that didn't stopped her from moving forward and save her friend. She felt something weird about this place. But that isn't important now. Through the trees she could of seen Iru and three more. Those three was weird dressed and it seemed that they wanted to rap Iru. Sora stopped. This situation is very familiar to Sora. Something flashed back to her memory. The same happened then she died. Sora was despaired, she didn't know what to do. She was standing there and shivering. Another scream from Iru. It was so sad and despaired. Sora had to do something. She couldn't let her best friend to get raped like Sora was. She was freaked, but she find a way to transform these fears into anger. She ran straight on to those three guy who were holding Iru. She screamed in angry voice and ran like crazy in order to save her friend. Sora was ready to get some asses kicked. Those three were surprised that Sora tried to do something. One of the run straight on Sora. He tried to catch her and hold, but she luckily dodge it by ducking. Sora kept running to free Iru. One of the holders tried to stop Sora too, but she was able to kick him that place. He collapsed. Now there were only two left. The one who was holding Iru and the other who was coming from behind. Sora had to think of something. She saw a brick on the ground. She raised it and swung it against the man who was holding Iru. Iru was crying. Sora couldn't stand that and swung that brick as hard as she can. That was almost a perfect hit but the man cough the brick and throw it away. Sora couldn't hold it in her hands and it easily slipped away. Everything turned out wrong. The man who was behind Sora grabbed her. Now Sora and Iru was trapped. Both girls were crying and screaming. "Let us go. What do you want from us?" Sora shouted. "Shut up,! Because of your interruption we will kill your little friend slowly, so you could understand that no one messes with me and my men's." The man who seemed to be their boss said. "Nooo." Sora was screaming, meanwhile the man put a knife at Iru's throat and slowly slided the blade. Blood started to flow out of the wound. Iru started to lost her life. Her heart started to beat slower and slower until it stopped. Iru died. Sora cried her eyes out. "You monster. How could you." She screamed. "I'm who I am. Don't judge me. Guess what you're going to be next." He said that in very calm and cold voice. Like nothing in this world would be stronger than he is. The man started to walk on Sora. He had that killing grin on his face. He get closer with every step he stepped. Sora felt worthless, like there isn't a worth to live anymore. Iru is dead and Sora wanna die too. Maybe that'll be better. The man raised his knife. He was ready to slice, but suddenly someone started to talk from the trees. "Hado #9, Geki" The man with the knife started to glow in red. Once he started to glow he stopped and it seemed that he can't move. And the two other too seems to be paralyzed. This is an opportunity to revenge Iru's death. Sora grabbed the knife from the man's hand and tried to cut him in neck, just like he did with Iru. Sora was still crying. "Stop! Don't. We will escort these guys to the court. They are criminals what we are looking for quite a while." A man appeared from the trees. He was wearing a weird robe. He had a katana along his hip. Once he said to stop Sora stopped, but that doesn't mean she gonna let this monster go. She what to revenge. She held the blade at the man's throat. "Who care if you will take them to court? I want to revenge Iru and I'll do it. " She said and moved the blade a millimeter forward what made a little scratch on the man's neck. "Don't, that won't send your friend back. If you do it I'll have to take you with me. Please, listen to me. I know it's hard to believe that you friend has died, but that doesn't mean that you have to stop living." The weird looking man said and that made Sora to think. Sore dropped the knife and dropped on her knees. She cried. Everything was lost. Her family, her friend. Everything. What could she do? And what's Sora's vocation? Sora will always ask herself if she could do something if she would have power. She raised again and walked to the body of Iru. It was powerless and motionless. She couldn't believe it. This night totally changed her life. "You there in that kimono, Who are you?" Sora was wandering why this man seems that powerful. It's something heavy and huge. It makes something like pressure on Sora. It makes her ask these questions, because she wants to get stronger so she could defend those who she loves. Sora is tired of doing nothing to help someone. She wants to help. "I'm Zorren Yushinama. A shinigami of Gotei 6." He walked forward to tie up these criminals and get them to the court. Sora finally stopped crying. She cleaned her face and raised Iru's dead body on her shoulders. She wanted to bury her like she deserves. "Thank you shinigami. You opened my eyes." She smiled and stepped out of the wood. Sora had a new goal to reach. In order to help everyone who needs help she'll become a shinigami.

    Gotei 13
    After last night's incidents in the forest Sora's life totally change and turned 360. She was sad and happy at the same time, because she lost her best friend, but also she realized that she can help everyone who needs a help. By entering the Shinigami Academy she will learn how to become stronger. That's her goal, to become strong enough to be helpful for Soul Society and to defend what she loves. Today, right after burying Iru she will head to the academy to sign up and join to shinigami family. Her heart is ready for this, but her mind still can't understand that her best friend has died. And the worth thing is that she can't do anything to change that. After this terrible incident she went to the grave yard and buried Iru's dead body. Few more hours and the sun will be up. It was almost morning. The morning of a new life. After an hour digging the grave Sora lay down the body of Iru. She looked so desperate and sad. That made Sora to cry again. She spent almost an hour there. She prayed. Sora prayed for a better life. She wanted Iru to be with her all the time. Even if she's dead Sora will always keep Iru in her heart. She will never forget about her. After this sad and painful accident she raised up and looked beyond. She knew that she'll have a better life now. She will sacrifice everything to reach her goal.

    The day has come. Sora signed up in Shinigami Academy and now she's officially a student of Shinigami Academy. Only now Sora will understand the real feeling of being powerful. She have to learn a lot before she could get out of the Academy and join the Gotei 6. For now that's the highest level what Sora would like to have. She'll never back down or stop. Sora will go till the end. If she wants to protect something then she will do everything to protect it. Only now Sora have to learn for six years to learn how to control her spiritual pressure. This will be a challenge to her.
    Year after year Sora approach her goal. She already felt the power in her veins. Her heart felt the lust for more power. She want to become as strong as it's possible for her. Sora learned well and everything went went nice and smooth, accept this class where Sora had to learn how to get to her zanpaktou. Almost every student in the sixth grade has a zanpaktou, but Sora haven't. She was scared of not getting a zanpaktou. She heard that only in due time she can receive her zanpaktou. Once the time come Sora will know how to wield it. She waited for it very long and finally she'll be able to wield it like a real shinigami.
    Time passed and Sora found her zanpaktou. It was wonderful. Sora felt even more powerful than ever. She was almost at her target, but still something was missing. She wanted to become more powerful, so she put a new goal. She wanted to obtain a shikai. That was her goal now. This one took a year. Sora trained every day. Twenty four, seven. She spent all her time to obtain a shikai. Of course after a year of training she did it and she was able to join the Gotei 13 family. Sora didn't spent much time on formalities so she went for squad Sixth. That place was free and she had her Shikai, so why she shouldn't try. And that was a starting of a new life.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample//Another day in Hueco Mundo's Desert. Esse went for a walk and maybe something more. He was training his skills since he became a Numerrō. Even, if he is silent type of a man he knows that he need to train to become stronger. His body wasn't from the strongest or toughest. He was weak in this level. Esse understood that and know he was ready to do something about it. Esse's only chance to become strong was fighting, which even didn't like to him. He wasn't a fighter, more like battle viewer. He didn't like to deal with someone with fists. He better used discussions. But now, when he is weak. He has no choice, Esse have to fight.
    It was a wounderful night. There wasn't any sight of a wind or sandstorm. He was going through the desert in silence. Everything was quiet and calm. What could be better then this. Esse's mind was empty and thoughts cleared. Only thing what he was thinling about was in what time he will reach the next level of Numerrō. That was his target tonight. In few hours he had to become more stronger then he was now. The boy was looking for an enemy. Esse didn't spent time for weak ones. He wanted to fight those who were the strongest of their kind.
    In no time he found the one. It was an adjuca who looked alike scorpion. It has a huge tail with poison sting. Two big nippers and very strong hierro. This scorpion type adjuca is one of the many which gonna die from Esse's blade. Esse hoped that this little crap will give him a great fight. This unavoidable battle will be interesting, because this is going to be the first time when Esse chooses his opponent. He took the last look at this creature and went for the blood of it.

    In the blink of the eye he disappeared and appeared in front of the creature. His sword was sealed in his sheath. Only few ten feets were between him and adjuca. Esse take a look in its eyes. -Guess who's gonna die tonight. And swinging his hand back Esse charged it with reiatsu and shot bala at adjuca's head. While Esse was charging his bala, the scorpion disappeared in the sand. It went down in the ground and disappear from Esse's sight. It happend pretty quick. Bala didn't reached the target. It shot in the ground and made a hole in it, but the scorpion was gone. It disappeared.
    Esse was staning and waiting for the scorpions reaction. What it will do. And suddently from nowhere someone start to talk. -What the hell is your problem? It said. -Why do you want to kill me?. I'm just makin my way up in the world, but there came you and ruined everything. The voice stoped and silence fell. Everything was quiet and suddently behind Esses back it appeared with swinging its tail down right at Esses head. And again in the blink of the eye Esse disappeared and appeared few feets away from the place where the scorpion slashed. -There's no use to try to kill me. You will die anyway. Esse said and slowly draw his sword out of the sheath. Meanwhile the scorpoin was mumbling something. -You and kill me.? You will die before you will know it. Scorpion was very confdent about himself. Esse now have fully drawed his sword and ready to take shit out of this creature. He was still standing with his back against scorpion.

    The scorpion took a chance and tried to hit Esse in his back with his poison stig. It jumped up in the air and went for the clear attack right in Esse's back. But that didn't make out well for the scorpion. Esse with one strike cut scorpion's poison sting. It droped in the sands. Blood split everwhere and scorpion was screaming in hurt. -You asshole, how could you. That was my tail. Do you know you cut my killing treasure?. The scorpion was angry. But Esse didn't care what the scorpion was saying to him. He just wanted to kill to obtain his skill.
    Esse understood that this wasn't his real enemy. It was too easy. Esse didn't want to waste his time with this crap of shi, so he went for the last strike. Esse pointed with his sword to the head of scorpion. -You are going down. He said and using sonido went right to his target. But somehow the scorpion stoped his attack by using his right nipper. =Not so tough anymore? The scorpion said and with his left nipper he tried to nip Esse in stomach. -Pretty nice move from such a shit. Esse said and let his sword free and jumped away from the scorpion. Now the scorpion was holding just Esses sword. He tried to squash it, but he didn't succeed. Because while he was tring to do that Esse shot another bala in the direction of the scorpion right nipper.

    The scorpion let it free and throw it away. Now Esse was without his sword and any protection. Scorpion has a chance to hit Esse. Esse was staning few feets away from the scorpion and he was ready for eveything. At least he has a great time. Esse's sword lie down behind the scorpion and he had to think out somthing before the scorpion attacks with its nippers. Esse had to slow him down. Esse jumped up in the air and shot three balas at the ground making a huge sandstorm. Sand was everywhere. Even Esse couldn't see anything. But because of his visual memory Esse knew where is his sword. He jumped back again and tried to find his sword. Then he saw its hilt shining out of the sand. He landed and took it. The sand dropped too.

    The scorpion was gone. It seems that he had gone under the ground again. Esse just had to wait until it will appeared again. Something moved under Esses legs. The sand started to flow under his legs. The scorpion had made a yielding sands right under Esses legs. Esse couldn't do anything. Now he has to think really fast. Suddently the scorpion appeared in the front of Esse, ready to cut Esses head off. Esse could move his legs and jump in the air. Now he had a problem. He had to get out off the yielding sands and avoid scorpions attack. He had small time.

    Time to end this. He thought. While scorpion was talking he charged his best he can do - cero. His hand started to glow in light green color. This was the only way to do this. -Hahaha, What's that. Is that a lightbulb? Do you think you will see something without head? The scorpion stopped talking and swing his nipper. Meanwhile Esse shot cero at the ground and freed his legs. The cero burned a little bit his leg, but that was nothing comparing to would of happen. Esse jumped in air un landed on the scorpion's back. Holding his sword in his right hand he swing it up in the air and deal a hit. He slashed the scorpion's head. He automaticlly died. Esse killed his first enemy in this beautiful night.

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