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PostSubject: Mr.B   26/05/11, 04:45 pm


    Name// Hayate Bijon (Mr. B)
    Age// 47 years old, appears to be 28
    Gender// Male
    Appearance// Mr. B has black skin, however his skin is not pitch black like some others. His hair is brown, in the style of dreadlocks. The dreadlocks are held up slightly by a black headband, making the dreadlocks appear to be shorter than they actually are. Even though they appear to be shorter, the bangs are actually shorter than the hair in the back. Each of the strands of dreadlocks are approximately 1 inch in diameter. The bangs go down to about his nose, but are usually moved so that they part at the middle and part around his face. the dreadlocks become longer and longer as they move towards the back, where eventually they go down to about an inch below his shoulders.

    His height is approximately 6 feet 7 inches, a very tall man compared to others. When he was a teacher, he was never shorter than any of his students. Despite being reasonably strong, his weight is relatively small. With his tall height and average muscles, he is still a bit on the heavy side, not for his height, but compared to others. He is about 189 lbs, which is below average for his height.

    No matter wear he goes, he wears a black jumpsuit. The jumpsuit covers his entire body, and is generally loose for quick and easy movement. At the joints the suit is especially loose since that is wear the suit tightens the most. As stated above, Mr. B wears a black headband on his forehead that holds his dreadlocks and splits them to the side. Below the headband, on his eyes, are a pair of pitch black goggles. With these goggles it is impossible to see his dark brown eyes. Much like a dog's eyes, the brown nearly matches the pupil in darkness, except that the brown cannot reflect images he is looking at. The tip of Mr. B's nose points up into the air, revealing the nostrils slightly. Under the nose, the lips, the corners of the lips naturally point down to give him a naturally serious look. However, if you get the chance to see his mouth, you are lucky. Mr. B usually wears a black scarf around his mouth and his neck. This is to hide a horrible scar that caused his death.
    Personality// Mr. B's personality drastically changed over the course of his life and death. During his life, Mr. B was a very cheerful, optimistic, and generous person. Even though he taught the kids that basically got in trouble every second, he still believed they could make it. He joked with them often, even though sometimes they were too idiotic to understand the joke, they sometimes even thought it was part of the lesson. He was overly generous with their grades, some people may call this spoiled, but if he did not, they would not get anywhere. Mr. B confiscated guns, knives, drugs, and even a dildo a few times. The kids in his district were horrible, but he dealt with it. He looked out for them, even outside of school, talked to them, discussed their social and home problems, counselled their problems, he has even bailed a few students out of jail. However, once he died it all changed.

    Once Mr. B died, his personality completely changed. This was mostly due to how he died. Mr. B started hiding his face and eyes. He appeared soulless, thoughtless, and mysterious at all times. The soothing voice of his suddenly stopped being used so often, stopped being used for jokes, stopped helping people. Giving up on society, he basically just stopped caring about other people's growth. This did not make it impossible for him to make friends. When Mr. B eventually gained good friends, he revealed his face, eyes, and real name. But until they gained that high rank of friend, his face, his personality, and his name were a mystery, even to subordinates.
    Squad// 2nd Division
    Position// Captain


    Zanpakuto Spirit//

    Gakubu no Tomodachi [Faculty's Friend]
    Gakubu no Tomodachi, or Gakubu for short, is a chameleon. A normal chameleon with naturally green, reptilian skin. His eyes are a faded yellow color with black, horizontal, bold lines for pupils. His tongue is very long much like any other chameleon. Why? Because he's a freaking chameleon. Unlike a normal chameleon, Gakubu has a green blunt spike on the top of his green head, and naturally dark gray reptilian skin on the back half of his body.

    Despite appearing to be a chameleon, he acts like humanoid. A sneaky, sneaky, humanoid. If you need a reference, imagine the snake from The Jungle Book. Gakubu uses cunning and his skillful hiding to get whatever he wants, and persuade Mr. B to do what Gakubu wants. Gakubu has a large amount of wants, he wants to be powerful so he makes Mr. B train often. At the same time, he wants rest, so Mr. B sleeps often. Gakubu skillfully governs a lot of Mr. B's current life. Even though Gakubu wrongfully persuades Mr. B, in the end they are both actual friends, and Gakubu is not above helping him with personal problems. If anything he can also use this to use Mr. B even more effectively.
    Inner World// What does your inner world look like?
    Sealed Zanpakuto// What does your zanpakuto look like in it's sealed form?
    Shikai Appearance// What is your release phrase? What does your shikai look like?
    Shikai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your first release?

    Bankai Appearance// What does your Bankai look like?
    Bankai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?


    What background does your Shinigami have? Minimum 3 paragraphs.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// I'm Luto, bitch!
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