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 Lobo Plata (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lobo Plata (WIP)   22/03/11, 06:57 am


    Lobo Plata
    Age// 257
    Gender// Male

    Lobo could be called a strange little Adjuchas, definitely in terms of size, and more so in terms of appearance. As said before, he is small. Very small. In fact, he is around only one hundred and twenty centimeters from nose to the bottom of his back and about sixty centimeters high, when on all fours. His tail is around eighty centimeters in length, two thirds of his body and head length. His general appearance is almost wolf-like.

    Facially, his mask appears as a white wolves face would. Two lifeless black orbs sit as his eye's, in the regular place of course. The mask points forwards in the form of a nose, with several jagged teeth revealing themselves to onlookers. In the center of his mask is a five centimeter circle, colored in blood red. This circle is linked between two straight red lines, reaching from his tail to the center of his shoulder blades. Atop his head sit two triangular ears, about ten centimeters in length.

    All over his body and head appears to be fur, although that is in appearance only. This is, in fact, several spikes of flesh, and appears to be how his body has taken shape. Due to the vast amount of them, he appears to have gained the appearance of fur. This strange form is considerably stranger in shape around his shoulders, as they almost appear to have clouds floating upon them. On what is visible on each shoulder blade, there are clearly more red circles that almost appear as a target. The final circle is located on the center of his back. It is unknown as to why they are there. Attached to the back of each his four feet, he has what appears to be feathers. He appears to have retractable claws, more akin to a cat than a wolf. Again, the reasoning for this is unknown other than for him to have another tool at his disposal.

    Vasto Lorde Appearance




    Personality// Lobo is essentially, in personality, the true manifestation of a Hollow. Hatred, rage and a desire for power flow through him like electricity through a wire. However, unlike your standard run of the mill Hollow, he is quite a bit more intelligent. So intelligent in fact, that he can use his abilities to gain an advantage over nearly any opponent. He is analytic, capable of watching a situation play out before him and come up with the ideal counter. This does appear to give him leadership qualities, although he is as likely to lead as a man is to kick himself in the nuts on purpose.

    As far as hatred goes, he tends to have a strong disdain for pretty much... Everything. He obviously detests Shinigami, as with the vast majority of Hollow kind. However, he also hates Gillian class-menos and basic hollows, their minds being outsmarted by a mere child is something he considers pitiful and worthy of death. If he were to ever meet with a Vizard, he would likely hate what they were as well. However, he appears to have more of a liking towards those that have personally chosen to do what they need to to gain power. It's almost as if he likes people who were as blood hungry and malevolent as he is. And as far as Humans and Quincy go, well, he hates them even more than the Shinigami. Unlike most races, he tends to tolerate Arrancar, Adjuchas class hollows and, of course, Vasto Lorde.

    He desires to become the strongest of all Hollow. No, the strongest of all the races. He feeds regularly, to ensure he is gaining power at a steady rate. He believes he is to become a Vasto Lorde, thinking of himself as a legend in the making. This shows a huge amount of self-confidence, although it's not as if many people would correct him. His current state is comparable with a Captain, after all.

    He is also exponentially sadistic, gaining great pleasure in being hurt in battle whilst also dishing out pain. He rarely gets hurt, and if he does, he considers it a sign of a good opponent, something he longs for. His constant strive for perfection suggest this. He also has a strange enjoyment of killing, akin to most of his kind. However, his is to such a degree, he would kill someone for merely looking at him for too long.

    Vasto Lorde Personality

    Upon reaching Vasto Lorde, Lobo's personality takes a strange turn. Yes, he still holds the cold heart of a Hollow. Yes, he still holds a twisted pleasure in killing. However, he is also a considerable amount more restrained. He doesn't appear to attack someone on sight, and instead contemplate how he could use them to his advantage. He no longer just considered a battle strategy, and as such, his intellect has clearly grown. And with it, he has gained clarity.

    With his newly found intellect, and the satisfaction of achieving his goal, he appears to have become a bit of a wanderer. He can be seen moving aimlessly from place to place, scouting the lands for potential. He has learned that with more people who follow you, the stronger the person. His goal is still to be the strongest being in existence, but he now see's a new way in how to obtain his ideals.

    However, even with his new found intellect, he is still incredibly sadistic. He is hurt by only the strongest of beings at this point, and as such, loves the thrill pain gives him. He also appears to enjoy the feeling of overpowering and opponent. In combat, he literally lives to see his opponent beg him to let them live, only to crush their desire along with their face. As such, his malevolence is still quite clearly in tact.

    Around allies, he appears now to be quite tame. It is suggested, however, that he is kept in check if he was to join a group himself. He refuses to be looked down upon, and is one of the few things that would send him aiming to kill instantly. His advanced knowledge allows him to play a significant part in war games and battle strategies.

    Level// Adjuchas


    Unique Abilities//
    Lobo's abilities could be considered strange, at least when comparing them to most Hollow. His primary ability revolves around his "Extreme Reiryoku Manipulation". His Cero's are far more potent than those of his rank, able to pump more Reiryoku into a Cero in a shorter time. He can fire Cero's instantly, without the need for a battle pose (Much like Coyote Starrk). However, this is but the most basic aspect of his abilities.

    His true abilities come to play when he focuses his extreme Reiryoku Manipulation. By sending his Reiryoku into the air around him, he can solidify it and form three different types of weapons. The skill in these weapons is determined by the "Personal Abilities" stat, and not the Weaponry stat. These weapons are considerably different in appearance and function, yet do not appear to have a true "Ability" in themselves. They do, however, have shared abilities that work slightly differently dependent on what weapon is used. Only one weapon form may be used at a time. There is also a three post cooldown between changing forms.


    Vasto Lorde 'Instinct'

    Upon attaining Vasto Lorde, Lobo's abilities take on a considerable change. Once the transformation from Adjuchas to Vasto Lorde is complete, his immense spiritual energy forms into a blade. This is highly akin to how a Shinigami forms a weapon, but this is on a whole different level. He loses the ability to form different weapons, and instead solely relies on the sword he has formed. It appears as part of gaining the form of Vasto Lorde, he has had to sacrifice his ability to create weapons. However, he has gained so much more in return.

    The sword is relatively large in length, measuring one hundred and fifty centimeters, and that's just the blade. The hilt is long enough for Lobo to wield comfortably with two hands. It is a thin blade, only around four centimeters thick.Akin to his previous state, Lobo's ability does still rely on Extreme Reiryoku Manipulation. Whenever he makes an attack, a large ghost-like image of the limb attacking comes with it. If he swings his sword, for example, a large claw will appear in front of the sword aiming to attack the target. The limb is much like a Cero, formed by condensing Reiryoku. This ability is named Lobo Empu ar (Wolfs Grasp), and is essentially an extension of the Adjuchas technique of the same name.

    Adjuchas Abilities and Techniques


    Name: Corte Ante Viento (Blade of Wind)
    Description: The first, and most commonly used Reiryoku weapon. It appears as a thick, long broadsword, with the hilt seemingly perfectly designed to fit into Lobo's mouth (As seen in picture 2). This weapon is primarily used for offense, although other uses may include using it to parry or to hide behind, considering it's thickness. It's name was chosen because of it's ability to cut through Hollow flesh as if it were the air itself.

    Name: Escudo Ante Estropeado Agrado (Shield of Broken Will)
    Description: The second of Lobo's Reiryoku weapons. It appears as a Shield, with its primary purpose being that of defense. It is as tough as an Arrancar's Hierro (Of equal rank to Lobo). The shield can also be used for offense, although it is not as effective as the sword for this. If used offensively, it could be considered more of a ram than a shield. It's name was gained through it's ability to crush the very last breath from a target.

    Name: Cadena Ante Bola (Chain of Bullet)
    Description: The third, and final of Lobo's Reiryoku weaponry. Taking the form of six orbs, they can be used as both a whip reaching up to ten meters in length or a series of bullets, equal in power to a Bala. This form appears to be the most unique of all Lobo's form, and should be considered the most powerful and versatile. In order to form the "Chain" aspect, the six orbs reach out in front of Lobo, before growing in size. As they grow from around ten centimeters in length, to at least four times that. They are then linked by a visible, white chain of Reiryoku. This can then be manipulated by Lobo's mouth, allowing for a whip-like attack. The secondary function to fire bullets cannot be used while Chain form is active. They firstly must break from the chain, then shrink to their original size. At that point, Lobo fires them rapidly. They are as powerful as an equally ranked Arrancar's Bala, but with more coming at once. They can be called back to Lobo through him howling.



    Name: Bumerán (Boomerang)
    Usable Forms: Corte and Escudo (Sword and Shield)
    Description: One of the most basic techniques in Lobo's arsenal. He is able to throw his Sword and Shield forms, and due to his extreme reiryoku manipulation, return them to him, mimicking the effects of a boomerang. Being hit would deal the same damage as a melee attack from Lobo. The purpose of this is seemingly range. It can reach up to thirty meters before returning to Lobo.
    Cooldown: One post

    Name: Gravamen (Charge)
    Usable Forms: All (Cadena / Chain bullet form must be in Bullet Form)
    Description: This technique is initiated by Lobo pumping his current weapon form with more Reiryoku. With that, he simply charges much like a cornered animal would. The stored up Reiryoku is then unleashed, increasing the power of the charge.
    Sword Form: The Sword points directly towards the opponent, aiming to impale.
    Shield Form: The Shield acts as a ram, aiming for pure blunt force bone breakages.
    Bullet Form: The six bullets sit around Lobo's head, each ready to strike through the opponent. In this form, he has been seen charging straight through an Adjuchas of much larger scale.
    Cooldown: Three posts

    Name: Lobo Empu ar (Wolf Grasp)
    Usable Forms: All, has no effect.
    Description: Unlike most of his techniques, this doesn't change depending on what weapon form he is wielding. Firstly, Lobo howls, his Spiritual energy becoming visible around him, illuminating the world with a white glow. After, he looks at his target, before leaping forward and biting the air. As that is done, a huge wolves head made from condensed Reiryoku shoots towards the target. The head aims to grab onto the target, and restrict movement. As well as this, it deals a little bit of damage as well!
    Cooldown: Three posts

    Name: Doble Huega Cero (Double Strike Cero)
    Description: This is Lobo's very own Cero. Utilizing his ability in extreme Reiryoku manipulation, he forms a Cero. However, as he does this, he forms a larger second around it. Once this has been fired, it appears as a normal Cero. However, once contact has been made, another Cero is fired directly at that point. This is fired as fast as his normal Cero, but due to the significant amount more Reiryoku consumed, he cannot use it more than once a fight without risking his own well being. This is fired from Lobo's nose.
    Cooldown: Once per fight.
    Warning: Once used, Lobo's speed is reduced by two for three posts. He appears to stiffen as this is fired, and it takes him a while to get back to his previous condition.

    Vasto Lorde Techniques

    Name: Triplicar Huega Cero (Triple Strike Cero)
    Description: This is Lobo's very own Cero. Utilizing his ability in extreme Reiryoku manipulation, he forms a Cero. However, as he does this, he forms a larger second around it, and a third larger around that. Once this has been fired, it appears as a normal Cero. However, once contact has been made, another two Cero are fired directly at that point. They are fired one after another, leaving a gap of around one second between. In order to use this ability, he actually has to take on a battle stance, as seen in Vasto picture 3. Unlike his previous state, Lobo has a considerable amount more Reiryoku. That doesn't mean that he can fire off attacks like these forever. If used more than twice in a single fight, it would have a negative impact on his well being.
    Cooldown: Twice per fight.
    Warning: Much like his previous Cero, Lobo's speed is reduced by two for three posts after using this Cero. Every muscle in his body tenses and stiffens, and it appears to take a while to loosen again.


    What background does your Hollow have? Minimum 3 paragraphs.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.
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Lobo Plata (WIP)

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