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 For knowing.

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PostSubject: For knowing.   17/03/11, 06:32 am

[19:04:01] @ Sora : You could help me with thinking.

[19:04:12] @ Sora : What should we sell in that shop thing?

[19:04:21] @ Sora : 1Techniques

[19:04:47] Syra Schiffer : hmmmmm

[19:05:24] @ Sora : What should be useful for shinigami, arrancars, humans, vaizards, quincies.

[19:05:34] Syra Schiffer : you could offer outfit changes maybe, so a character can later change their appearance if they no longer like it.

[19:06:22] @ Sora : Well I think that outfit can be changed in IC.

[19:06:45] Syra Schiffer : well it wouldnt be on the app.

[19:06:50] @ Sora : Actually in Appearence you should tell how your body looks. and stuff not clothes.

[19:07:02] Syra Schiffer : oh okki

[19:07:22] @ Sora : Maybe something like power re-giver.

[19:07:56] @ Sora : Let's say that Mayuri descovered a mystic force what allows to regain lost powers

[19:08:05] Syra Schiffer : well actually

[19:08:22] @ Sora : At the lower level of course.

[19:08:44] @ Sora : This item should halp when you have been defeated

[19:09:00] Syra Schiffer : i read the Mayuri bio a long time ago and it said 12 division can actually rename and redesign zanny's even change the gender

[19:09:22] @ Sora : Oh that could be something nice.

[19:09:49] Syra Schiffer : their also the ones that fix broken zanny's

[19:09:58] @ Sora : Could buy a thing what allows to change your power

[19:10:10] @ Sora : Good.

[19:10:31] @ Sora : Ok...that could be more for shinigami's, but arrancars and humans?

[19:10:34] Syra Schiffer : so maybe for a high price you could buy a change for your zanny...yeah what you said

[19:10:47] Syra Schiffer : hmm

[19:11:11] @ Sora : Letš say Urahara opened a big shop coorporation what exist in human world, shinigami world and hueco mundo.

[19:11:33] @ Sora : exists*

[19:12:54] Syra Schiffer : this is a hard one

[19:13:10] @ Sora : Why?

[19:14:01] Syra Schiffer : brain cant think of anything for Arrancar

[19:15:01] @ Sora : manga Mayuri had very much time to investigate Hueco mundo and espadas what died there.

[19:15:12] @ Sora : Maybe he could make something for them to.

[19:15:46] @ Sora : Well let's say he could give them a soul so they could become a human, or shinigami

[19:16:10] @ Sora : And they never lost their inner hollow.

[19:16:21] Syra Schiffer : hmmm

[19:16:37] @ Sora : So if they become a shingimai there's a possibalty that they will become a vaizrad.

[19:17:34] @ Sora : I will show Uru this chat so he could understand what's happening here.

[19:17:57] Syra Schiffer : yeah, but would that mean the others wont have the same choice?

[19:18:45] @ Sora : Not for humans, because they have their souls and there's no way for them to becoma a hollow from their free will.

[19:20:31] Syra Schiffer : alrighty then

[19:20:48] Syra Schiffer : i hope Uru lets me rank the Espada

[19:20:49] @ Sora : Ok..this transorming thing and zanny thing I'll write down and figureeverything.

[19:21:02] Syra Schiffer : kk

[19:21:06] @ Sora : Next...what else.

[19:21:53] @ Sora : 1.Zanny change/repair/ 2. transformation for hollows. 3. power regain.

[19:22:55] Syra Schiffer : and techs

[19:23:11] @ Sora : 4.techs

[19:23:50] @ Sora : Syra Schiffer : i hope Uru lets me rank the Espada----->Here is no Espada...If you arrancars will want to make a group you will think out by yourselves.

[19:24:27] @ Sora : Everything in Hueco Mundo is smashed.

[19:24:30] Syra Schiffer : no i already asked, he said i could recreate the Espada

[19:24:55] @ Sora : Oh...well that's your thing..

[19:25:07] @ Sora : If you want to rejoin Espadas, you're welcome.

[19:25:30] @ Sora : But don't foget to be the strongest there.

[19:25:35] Syra Schiffer : it just wont be like before, no leader this time other than Aero

[19:25:54] Syra Schiffer : haha yeah

[19:26:33] Syra Schiffer : and to sybolize the new Espada we will have roman numerals instead of normal ones

[19:26:40] Syra Schiffer : symbolize*

[19:26:56] @ Sora : Shop things again..--->A matter what allows to increase your spiritual pressure and grow in strength.

[19:27:22] @ Sora : Something like boost

[19:27:47] Syra Schiffer : hmm

[19:27:48] @ Sora : ,but that's only matter of time when it willl disappear
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PostSubject: Re: For knowing.   17/03/11, 07:17 am

if yall go with this i would say they have to pay with stars from the tiers, do any of it. price to pay for change.
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1st Division

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PostSubject: Re: For knowing.   17/03/11, 08:11 am

I had this though too. To regain your abilities you have to sacrifice some of your power. Important question is what else we could offer in the shop.
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PostSubject: Re: For knowing.   17/03/11, 08:40 am

Also since my character would have the Hogyaku, there is no way for an Uruhara character to change a hollow to a human.

Funny hats?

lol no i think you guys could do re-alloting of stats.
of course with teh generalization of the above.
ALso i would say that the price for any of the above is to have their character reach Cappi, and then end up as a Gemini.
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PostSubject: Re: For knowing.   

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For knowing.

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