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PostSubject: Akashi   15/03/11, 02:53 am




Age: Died at the age of 18, is now ~400 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: (picture found on deviantArt, I claim no ownership to it, all rights belong to the original creator)
Akashi is a rather animalistic looking Arrancar, with white hair, typical, Hollow-yellow eyes and his mask fragment attached to the left side of his face, looking like the bone from a big predators jaw, together with some teeth left on it. The three red lines on his face are also part of the mask fragment. His clothing hides the Hollow hole, which is located above his heart, like with a normal Hollow. His build is very lean, and doesn't show many muscles, while his height isn't that great either, only being 1,70 meters tall.

Personality: Akashi is a wild guy - in many regards. It's hard to get him to settle down and think about things - he is, as by nature, very conflict-searching, and believes the answers to everything can be found in combat. In fact, he loves to battle more than it is healthy for sure, but at the same time, has a strong code of honor. He doesn't like fighting those weaker than him, refusing to eat Hollows that are under him in strength, since he believes that would only weaken him instead of giving him strength. His code of honor also abides him not to use cheap-shots or trickery that goes above simply kicking up dirt or a kick in the balls, so you won't see him taking hostages or the similliar.
Besides being a true warriors heart in action, whenever he is not fighting, he is still hard to talk to because of his uncontrolled and wild behaviour. He likes to do things to the extreme - training, drinking, eating, you name it, he finds a way to make it ridicolous to look at and dangerous to participate in. Still, if one manages to obtain the trust of the Arrancar - most likely through beating him in a 'contest' or an outright fight - he can be a very loyal fellow, unlike for his brethren. Also, even though he is combat loving, he won't usually force others into combat if they truely despise it, unless they insult him in a way to enrage him enough. Insulting him in itself is easily done by claiming him to not be a warrior, for example, or by looking down on those that have his trust.
Even though he is a Hollow, and still does absorb the souls of stronger individuals, he does not hate the Shinigami or humans - he sees himself as their opposite, but has no reason to outright despise a whole race or group of people. Especially since he knows that at some point, even he had been a human - a long time ago, though.


Akashi is able to use Cero in his sealed state, the same goes for Bala. As usual for Arrancar, he is able to use a Garganta, but his other abilities are minimal in this form. He can sharpen his fingernails into sharp wind claws, but they only have a very short range and are not nearly as dangerous as his unsealed form claws. With a lot of concentration, he can fire a condensed wind blade from his sword, but it's usually easier to simply unseal his Resureccion.
His physical strength is augmented - while he looks like a whimpy skinny boy, his fists and legs, together with his sword, pick a mean punch. His Hierro is, of course, always present, without releasing his sword beforehand.


"Rip apart reality, True Self."

Appearance: Upon release, the sword 'molds' into Akashis right hand, as if retracting akin to a claw. As his true form is revealed, the mask fragment on his face grows to form half of a Hollow mask around his jaw, complete with teeth, while his eyes start to glow in an evil, yellow light. His hair gains a slight, purple taint in this form, together with two bone-structure like claws on hands and feet each. The actual 'claw' parts of the glove-like protectors growing around his under arms and legs are seemingly made out of a gray, almost black, metal.
Besides the bone structures with the claws, his Hollow Hole on his chest becomes visible in this form, as a white, bone-like mass erupots

Abilities: What abilities do you gain while in your resureccion? 2 paragraphs.

Segunda Etapa

Just what do you look like after entering your state of true power? 2 paragraphs minimum.

Abilities: What are you now capable of performing? 2 paragraphs minimum.


What background does your Arrancar have? Minimum 3 paragraphs.

Quote :
Roleplaying Sample: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.
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PostSubject: Re: Akashi   11/04/11, 09:40 am

If Akashi doesn't revisit this within a week, i will be forced to move it to the archives.


Last edited by Lucas on 12/04/11, 05:08 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Akashi   12/04/11, 12:55 am

We don't delete anything here, for the record. All things that are inactive should be moved to the Archives, for they exist solely for that purpose. We do not destroy others' writing here.
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PostSubject: Re: Akashi   

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