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 Raikou Yanguchishio (WIP)

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PostSubject: Raikou Yanguchishio (WIP)   16/04/11, 09:49 am


    Name// Raikou Yanguchishio
    Age// looks liike he would fit to be 17(of course he's about 170)
    Gender// Male
    Personality// Raikou is a type of person who doesn't play around. He does his best to get the job done, but he isn't the type of person to be the strictest in the world either. He tries to be nice, and tries to get work done. Raikou hates most of the spicy foods out there, and usually eats cold food he finds. He hates seasoning and loves pasta. Raikou enjoys to walk around when he can, though he usually doesn't have much time to do that. He likes to train when he can, make sure the soul society isn't going hollow- crazy, and to make sure the humans are safe.

    Squad// 5th Division
    Position// N/A


    Zanpakuto Spirit//
    Riku Ryoushi Wears a battered red jacket, over silk long sleeve and silk pants. He's 3 inches taller than Raikou. He has long black hair and blood red eyes. As of his personality, he's the type of person to stay silent a lot, and he barely changes his emotions from a blank face. He has his Buster Blade under his coat, where people would not expect it to be. Although he doesn't talk a lot, he fights like an elite.
    Inner World//
    Sealed Zanpakuto// The sealed zanpakuto looks like a katana, where the holder has a design of a dragon on it. Teh guard of the katana is made of silver and is in the shape of an X. The Handle is 2 feet long and the blade itself is 4 feet long. The blade is made out of steel.
    Shikai Appearance// Release Phrase:"Buru-ro-zu-ejji, Realize!" The Zanpakuto will appear out of pure light, then appearing as a Buster sword, the same Riku Ryoushi, his Zanpakuto spirit, uses. The handle is 1 and a half feet long, mainly 18 inches long, and the blade itself is 5 feet long.
    Shikai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your first release?

    Bankai Appearance//
    Bankai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?



    Raikou was the type of person to not care about other people not too much, in other words, not really making too many friends, trying his best in school, all he could do in his own way. He lived with his mom Yuki and his dad Kurayami for most of his human life, and he enjoyed a lot of it. His mom tried to get him to make more friends, and his dad had him try to to for self-arts, such as learning how to use a sword when he grows up, or how to use hand-to-hand arts. Raikou said he does what he does, and will do something in time.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.

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Raikou Yanguchishio (WIP)

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