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 Michael Shichirou

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PostSubject: Michael Shichirou   14/04/11, 07:03 am


Name// Michael Shichirou
Age// 20,513
Gender// Male
Appearance// Michael has a fairly strong body in which he hides under all the clothing he wears when he is topless or training his torso and arms are usually revealed, on his left upper arm
Although Michael may seem like a brute, his appearance usually gives it off and the way he looks at people. Michael enjoys fighting because he enjoys testing out other people’s strengths and seeing how much he himself has improved. He respects others if they respect him. He would put his life on the line to protect anyone he cares for wither it be his fellow squad members or a close friend of his.
He would never back down from a fight even if he was half dead and had broken bones he would rather be knocked unconscious and left on the side of the road then back down from a fight. There are times where he can joke about have a laugh and there are times were he can be very serious and actually give advice to people.
In his free time Michael enjoys to sit back relax and few the sunset with a good class of whiskey in one hand and a lit cigar in the other. He can be a very chilled out guy when he wishes to and can switch personalities like a lit match.

Squad// Wishes to join squad 11
Position// wishes to gain captain seat.


Zanpakuto Spirit//
Tormenta (Thunder and Lightning in spanish) Uses the power of Thunder and Wind, however when out of battle this zanpaktou allow’s Michael to manipulate the weather for non battle reasons, Tormenta is known as Thunder and lightning, in greek mythology Zeus would always be the one to have lightning abilites and would cast a lightning bolt and throw it at an opponent or being to punish them or severly wound them.

Michael likes to say that his two Zanpaktou's of tormenta are a punishment zanpaktou, they punish all those who dare to confront him and punish those who feel they can defeate him. There are times were Michael will get struck by his own lightning but Michael will shed no emotion from the electric shot that he just took, this is because he feels that his zanpaktou spirits are punishing him telling him to work harder get stronger and defeate the enemy at hand.

He likes to see his zanpaktou spirits as kind of his guardians because they are always there beside him and are always there when he needs help in battle and knows that no matter what happends his zanpaktou will be there for him through thick and thin and will always help him out whenever he needs it.

Inner World//
When Michael goes into his zanpaktou spirit world he goes through a large mist until he reaches a solid dirt ground and blue skys with white clouds above with the sun shining down on him like a hot summers day. Looking around he sees all around him has been closed off with large gates and infront of him there is a large arena where his two zanpaktou spirits would be, the male would be standing there with his tall appearance wielding his large titanium hammer and the female would be in the sky flying through the clouds with her pure white wings and he silver shining sword. When Michael looks to the ground he sees a light brown dirt that is warm in tempreture, every time he takes a step he leaves a small footprint trail along the way. When Michael takes a breath he can smell tropical flowers and can smell fresh growing fruit and some that has been parted. Even though this is his spirit world there is still vegitation there that all act out as a part in his spirit world.

Sealed Zanpakuto//
The two zanpaktou's that Michael wield look like two black hilted silver bladed katanas that he would sharpen every time before he trains and after he trains. He would usualy do this as a daily routin to keep his zanpaktou's as healthy looking as he himself tries to be.

Shikai Appearance//
Shikai release phrase: Despierta Tormenta (Awaken Tormenta)

His shikai appearance is a double bladed zanpaktou which he uses with both hands, sometimes together and sometimes seperate, there are often times where he will launch his zanpaktou like a boomerang and manage to bring it back to his hand and continue fighting, usualy when he launches his zanpaktou he reverts to hand to hand combat even if he is up againts blades Michael doesen't mind getting a few cuts here and there in order to defend himself.


Shikai Abilities//
His two swords combine and turn into a double sided sword, when snapped in half it forms a chain that attaches the two blades, this blade can extend to no more than 30ft. In this form he can control the elements of thunder and wind, example if his swings his zanpaktou in the air he can form a large 30ft tornado in which he can control, this tornado can be destroyed at any time by a combination of attacks or by stopping its path. He can launch beams of electricity that travel at the speed of a bullet.
Downsides: it tires him out and it forces him to use a lot of his physical abilities and he must always be fully concentrated so it tires his mental state meaning he may gain migraines at times or sometimes he may have to rest and take some hits before he can carry on again hence the reason why he is always training so his body can grow resistant to attacks so when he is hit it doesn’t do as much damage to his body.

Bankai Appearance//
Michael has two bankai forms,
he has a brute form and a speed form.

His brute form looks very brutal beastly and muscular wielding a large titanium hammer and a lightweight armoured suit.

His speed form is a full body suit which covers his face as well and increases his body movements and is like a robotic suit which allows him to do more speed attacks. Also his suit increases his speed due to its specially designed unknown material.

Bankai Abilities//
Brute form:

Uses brute attacks but isn’t as fast, he can control electricity and wind and create large tornado’s the size of 300 feet and launch thunder strikes down onto the area. As soon as he enters bankai form the whole area that he and his opponent are in begins to pour down in rain and thunder soaking up the area, in this form Michael can run at the speed of a bullet and jump up to 100ft in the air. When he slams down his large hammer onto the floor a mini earthquake is made that lasts for a short period which will launch itself to his opponent, this can be dodged. He can usually charge up his hammer with electricity and throw it at his opponents. Michael has a special attack called Sonic boom, thats where he charges up all the electricty around him and all the electricty in his body and hammer and charges it in the center of his chest where he fires it directly at his opponent. If the opponent gets hit by teh attack they will be launched back and have sever burns all over there body and will be badly wounded, only enough to allow them to stand up and wield a sword.

Downsides: Although he has a lot of powerful attacks this wears out his whole body and tires him as he has to use a lot of his physical strength as well as his riatsu, every attack he does is a strain on his body and tires him out since he always has to carry around his large hammer where ever he goes as well as raise it up and use it for attacking. In this form he is vulnerable in various attacks that he does but he is also strong enough to resist some and defend against them. His special attack sonic boom is a very powerful move, so powerful that it wares him out alot and makes him take out bankai, this move is strong enough to knock down three skyscraper buildings so Michael has to be carful were he is firing it, the opponent can dodge this attack but it is hard due to teh attack being fired at the rate of a speeding bullet. Once Michael fires this attack he goes back into his sealed state and can't go back into his bankai form until he gains enough rest (meaning not fight in bankai for a few days and train)

Speed form:

When he enters his speed form he gains a full body suit, one blade turns into a dagger like blade and the other gets a sharper appearance, in this form he can run to the speed of sound, his attacks also get faster, his mask allow target lock meaning he can launch himself to an opponent and attempt to attack those locked on targets, in this form he can still jump at 100ft and can still manipulate electricity and wind and produce it. In this form he can fly but it’s not usually suitable for battle, the suit gains a jet pack or machine made wings with jets on them which allow him to fly. In this form he can also use sonic boom and just as powerful as before this move still has the same downside effect as the first. He can still jump up to 300ft and slice down even the hardest metals, although it may cut through metals this will take alot of his physical strength meaning he wares himself out aswell.

Downsides: the suit can be damaged and his body can be damaged as well, the wings can be broken off and damaged as well which also damage his body every move he makes is tiring to his body so sometimes he may have to hide and rest for a few moments and then dive back into battle. However another downside is Michael will never give up meaning no matter what if he is tired or not he will continue fighting and this will tire his body and slow down his movements making him vulnerable to different attacks.

Roleplay Sample.

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PostSubject: Re: Michael Shichirou   14/04/11, 10:32 am

Hey unfortunately at this point im gonna need a whole lot more from you in the whole zan section, and appearance section, i know there is a pic but i want a whole lot more details. Of course this is only if you want capt. position.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael Shichirou   18/04/11, 01:30 am

Finished Editing.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael Shichirou   

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Michael Shichirou

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