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 Jacob Torino (WIP)

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PostSubject: Jacob Torino (WIP)   27/03/11, 12:44 pm



Jacob Torino

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Jacob stand a good height for his age, about 6 feet. Rather tall but he doesn’t seem to think so. He has rather messy black hair, it shows his lack of caring for it. He likes it messy oddly but sometimes he will spike it up. Body wise Jacob is rather slender and in shape, he appears rather skinny but he is athletic thanks to all the sports he does in his time. Although Jacob has never just been to the gym to lift weights, he go this body from just participating in many Extreme sports. Back to his face Jacob’s eyes are a fierce gold. A near dark golden color but sometimes very piercing. His facial features can be quite delicate, but also stern. He usually shows a playful face, but when he’s serious it makes a complete change.
His style of dress is quite showy sometimes, he will wear a regular white t shirt with a black jacket and pants with some sneakers. He often spends a lot of money on clothes, fighting hollows seems to tear up his wardrobe and this annoys him to no end.


Personality: The perplexity of Jacob’s persona is somewhat hard to explain. He is quite different then what others might be used to. He has a quick wit, a mouth, and doesn’t know how to turn it off. Even at first introductions he lets people know how he is, with his loud trash talking demeanor. He takes immense pride in everything, even the small things such as little rock. Claiming people have to learn to enjoy the little things.

He loves things like whiskey, because it brings out the truth to people and Jacob loves the truth although he contradicts himself with his own lies. He is somewhat of a loose cannon, cause he will burst out when you least aspect it. But he is not dumb, not in any way. Every time he does something people would think is plain stupid, there is a reason behind it. He is a lot more complex then what he gives to be, but he hides this with his random quirks.

Jacob is very hard to describe. Because of his immaturity and childlike behavior one would think he is ten year old kid. But his presence lets off something more, he has his moments of extreme maturity. But most of the time Jacob is a trash talking, quick witted, fun loving, jerk. With a random sense of behavior, but he gets the job done.

Because of his random mind, he chooses to be a superhero of sorts or that’s what he views himself as. Taking care of hollows for the good of man-kind. So he is good-hearted but at times he may just be cruel just for the fun of it. If one can look past his exterior Jacob can be a very good leader. He is surprisingly loyal and he makes sure people know how useful he can be. He feels like he must prove himself to some people as if everything was a competition. Because of his very upfront and headstrong mentality he can viewed as a leader, but he ruins this with his knack of random outbursts and actions.

Jacob is also very sensitive for a person. He usually takes criticism pretty harshly. Although he never truly loses his pride and confidence, he is a pretty emotional person

Loyalties: His mother


Vizard Crystallization

Manifestation: Jacob’s over-all ability deals with control over the wind in his surrounding area. But his abilities are very much similar to a zanpakto, just without the actual sword. Twin girls take form of spirits for his powers, he is able to see them in his mind through medatation. They call themselves the basis of his powers. There actuall names are called Kami and Kaze. The one in black is Kami and pink is Kaze


For this first initial step of his powers he deals with Kaze which is the translation of wind, simple stuff. In the begining he is able to make small burts of impact with his fist which is damaging enough to leave small craters in wooden walls. Create small tornadoes that come to his hip, even make small gales with his hand to blow dry his hair. Soon he will be able to make small blades of wind to cut things. But when reached with full potential all these small things will increase dramatically. Having such finese controll over wind he will be able to fly, increase his speed, create walls of air, manipulate air currents to his liking and create much taller tornadoes with extremly destructive power.

Perfect Crystallization

What type of perfect crystallization do you possess?
Manifestation:: What do you look like when using your abilities? How do they change? What do you gain? etc. 3 paragraph minimum




Quote :
Roleplaying Sample: Please provide a roleplaying sample detailing your skill.

Not a very entertaining Roleplay Sample. But it is what it is...

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Number of Posts : 5

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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Torino (WIP)   18/04/11, 10:20 am

KK!! ALL DONE!!! Waiting for someone to check it out.
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Jacob Torino (WIP)

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