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 Espada Romanus

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Syra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Espada Romanus   19/03/11, 01:03 pm

Ever since the days of the Arrancar Civil War, Aero had looked on to the world of Hueco Mundo with eyes of disgust. The remaining Arrancar were all savages to say at best, killing each other like animals. Power was up for grabs, the Espada were gone. What was one to do? either they could join the fight or run from it. Aero was a fighter in this war, but not for power, but for the sheer joy of the battles. He had slain an uncountable number of nameless Arrancar. As the war dragged on, Aero stepped back and changed, he saw the opportunity. He reached for that power, the war was ending and he was going to take advantage of the peace. First he killed off the known remaining Privaron Espada. he wanted no traces of the old ways in his plan.

Once he had done that, he began his search across Hueco Mundo. Looking for surviving Arrancar that had the power to be in his reformed Espada. He only found two, and one was a Shinigami. But Aero was in no position to care. He needed beings of strength. Rui was the Shinigami, his origins unknown and Aero didnt care to know them. The second was Dellapero. An Arrancar much like himself, so naturally Aero invited him in to his Espada. with them on board he had three Espada, but he needed much more..and so his search continues.


so natually the goal is to get ten Espada. they will be marked by Roman Numerals as opposed to normal ones. This was to mark the change of ways. The new ideals of the Espada will be decided once we get more Arrancar.
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Romanus   21/03/11, 08:20 am

Don't see the point... Personally.

Firstly, Espada is Spanish for "Sword", Japanese for "Ten Blades". Cero is Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash". Arrancar is Spanish for "To tear off", Japanese for "Ripped Mask". Basically, Hollow and their abilities, which includes the rank up to Espada, is orientated around the Spanish Language, as is Japanese for the Shinigami. If they were using Roman Numerals, they would effectively be Italian orientated. If that was the case, you wouldn't be called 'Arrancar' but the Italian equal. It just doesn't make sense. Everything about Espada is done in Spanish, and they use the same numbers we use in England and America.

Secondly, I just can't understand WHY they would use Roman Numerals? Yeah, it's something different, but it doesn't exactly serve a purpose other than to take up more room on the Espada's body parts.

Just my view.

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PostSubject: Re: Espada Romanus   21/03/11, 08:40 am

lol Hiei is a knowledgeable guy. But I would suggest then that either Aero make the equivalent of an italian Espada, because for one there really isn't an espada right now. Just go find the italian equivalent to all the words listed above. Bring in a whole new race of Hollow. =D

Just a suggestion.

- L
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Romanus   

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Espada Romanus

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