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 Dellapero Grance

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PostSubject: Dellapero Grance   19/03/11, 12:20 pm

    Name// Dellapero Grance
    Age// Though being of ae 985, Dellapero appears only to be 27 physically.
    Gender// Male
    Appearance// Dellapero stands at a height of 6'5 with a Mesomorhp build. This is shown by his abnormally large mussle mass that is visible along his chest and stomache. Dellapero has a tan, caucassion skin-tone, black hair that covers the entire top of his head as well as even reaching down over the back of his neck and forehead. Dellapero has eyes as black as the darkest midnight and commonly has a very calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, facial expression. He only would show a different expression in a rare case. Dellapero's attire consists of a black leather jacket that covers his entire back, the bottom-back of his neck, and 25% of the sides of his stomache and chest. As well as black pants that go down to his ankles. At the center of his right-hand, the incription of his his number is shown in a blood-like red color. Dellapero's hollow mask fragment consists of white hollow mask covering a 1 inch radius around his left-eye. The mask material appears to be smooth, and isn't that thick compared to other fragments. His hollow hole is at the center of his back and stomache, allowing one to see the inside of a portion of the jacket through the stomache.

    Personality// Dellapero Grance doesn't really care for the survival of anyone aside from himself. He actually would prefer that the universe's population droped by a considerable amount. Dellapero considers very few people to have reason for existing and beleives those that don't have a reason to exist should be erased from the face of reality.He usually resides alone in a scarcely populated region of the Menos Forest either contemplating his thoughts or training in solitude. Dellapero tends to analyze a target's combat style and gain an understanding of their powers before taking the offencive. That way he can assume a estimation of the target's defence from their offence and use the data obtained to his advantage in combat.
    Dellapero's views on the racial war between hollow and shinnigami is that there is no true meaning to it. It was just created by a vengful god who was pissed off and decided to have the two species have a eternal hate for one another. No side is really right in what they do, but neither are they wrong. Good and evil are just views that only are seen in the eyes of the beholder. Those are his oppinions upon the matter. Dellapero rarely uses his Deus form unless it is absolutely needed to win in combat. He doesn't even really like using his basic ressurection. His choices in matters of who to fight for and serve under are based on two things, One is which of the two would he find more respect or reason in serving, the other aspect of his choice being which would benifit him more so.

    Abilities// Dellapero Grance has no true ability other then his immense physical ability. He has a genetic flaw with his arrancar DNA that doesn't even allow him to use cero, bala, or even garganta, which can be rather annoying at times with transportation between dimensions. The only technique he can use is the most basic form of sonido nd the art of Hierro which is exceedingly powerful byond that of most other arrancar.


    Upon taking this form, the thin hollow-mask around his left-eye will melt into a white liquid that constantly expands. It starts by covering up his entire head in the material, then streams down his body covering every inch of skin and clothing. Upon reaching this point, he will look like a shell of his former self, but then stage two will occur. The liquid will expand into spikes and alterations will begin to occur along the head making two horns as well as two small holes for eyes His eyes start to glow a dark-yellow at this point and the spikes along the arms, chest, and skull finish reaching their highest heights ranging from 3 inchs to 6 inchs. Lastly, a small pocket opens at the center of the head and sharp teeth grind out representing that of a vizard in their full-hollow form. The same material stretched out from his backside making a 2 foot long tail with the tip being a 6 inch long arrow shape. The form is completed by the spikes, head, and miscellanious parts of his new form beig covered in stripes of a blood-red like ink that is actually his own blood seaping back into it's true forn. The material then finally solidifys back into hollow-mask finishing a very odd hollowfication ressurection.

    Enchanced Strength- Dellapero, upon the use of his ressurection gains a vast boost in his physical strength making it even triple of what it already was originally. This makes even his simple punchs lethal blows and allows him to lift large sums of weight without losing any of his speed. ( 4 tons)

    Enchanced Hierro- Once using ressurection, Dellapero's hierro actually becomes a visible armor around his entire body with such power that he can fight against zanpakto of most people without being cutt by their blade.

    Enchanced Stamina- Dellapero gains a large boost in stamina once his ressurection is unleashed. He will now be able to fight for extremely long amounts of time without becoming weaker by fatigue. The time can reach anywhere from an hour of non-stop combat ( 20 posts), to three hours in a fight with small breaks inbetween combat. ( Say, fighting and beating opponent A, then waiting a few posts before fighting opponent B) ( 60 posts)

    Enchanced Speed- With his ressurection active, Dellapero gains speed above that of what most Arrancar can comprehend. To weaker entitys, he may even appear as a blur due to the intense rate of movement, and large bursts of wind will be sent in every direction from his body hitting the air at such velocity.

    Segunda Etapa
    Just what do you look like after entering your state of true power? 2 paragraphs minimum.
    Abilities// What are you now capable of performing? 2 paragraphs minimum.


    Dellapero was born in the city of Edo iwhich is known today at Tokyo Japan. He was the son to Ideka Katsui, a five star general in the Tokugawa military, and Mitsuta Katsui, a medical worker at the time. From the start of his life, he had to stay in Edo because of the constant war-fare and combat in the other areas of Japan. The only two people he had for company was his brother, Zane Katsui, and his best friend who lived in Edo as well. Dellapero spent his early years of life mainly sleeping and being a rather lazy person who hate doing work, as most kids do. After several years he had finally turned eight and the time to begin his training in the basic arts of zanjitsu and Martial Arts had began. He and his brother were placed under the training of Tadekatsu Honde who was revered as the most skilled combatant of the Tokugawa army and also the defender of Edo Castle at the time.

    Dellapero trained against his brother mostly for the practice matches and a few times against Tadekatsu who didn't take very long to beat him for obvious reasons. he adapted to the art of using a blade very quickly and moved on to training his archery capabilities. He even managed to pass Tadekatsu in this subject, mainly because Tade was a strictly close-combat warrior. After five years if regress training and work in all types of weaponry, Dellapero was fourteen and able to join the army and was able to use almost any weapon to it's best extent. He joined under his father as a corporal for a short period of time while his brother was assigned as a Lieutenant of the Shiba battalion. It was pretty dull the first few years in the army as his unit was positioned to defend Edo which was rarely ever attacked even by bandits.Over the years, however. Dellapero started to gain rather odd abilities such as temporary boosts in strength or speed, although this was unknown to him. Once the first guns were developed, Dellapero toke a course to learn how to best use the weapon. By the time he had half-learned the weapon's use, a group of Date battalions attacked Edo by the Northern gate.

    Dellapero and his group were guarding the southern gates, so they didn't have much of a problem. They just stood there ,waiting. Dellapero was promoted to Lieutenant later o in the same battalion and his brother was moved as second in command of the unit. By now he was 21 and his father was getting old and rusty. After a hour of war-fare to the north, the real Date army appeared to the South east with the main group of units. The date were the second army to advance in gunman-ship, so they had two entire units with guns. At the same time as the second force appeared, a Date engineer set Edo castle a flame burning away at most anything in the area. A full on retreat was called to Mitogawa from the west gate. Many died that day and Edo was burnt to the ground including Dellapero's old best friend. Such was the life of war.

    Later that night, Dellapero's father died from inhaling to many toxic fumes from the fire and Dellapero was placed as the new general of the battalion with his brother being second in command. They spent years together training in the arts of every weapon known to man in this time period. Dellapero and Zane were sent on their final mission to capture and kill Mitsuhide Aketchi in Mt Fuji where they were ambushed by an assassin unit and killed.From that point on weird things were happening again. He felt as if he had been seeing " demons" in the battlefield devouring the souls of dead soldiers. This went on for three years and he was dis-charged from his position for being clinically insane. Dellapero left to live his life in a Urban area for awhile, ten years to be exact. He continued seeing them more and more until one finally attacked him out in a forest. This resulted in his death and turning into a hollow.

    As a gillian, Dellapero slowly lost memory of his life as a human and slowly started to turn into a mindless demon the same as the one who had killed him as a human. He killed and devoured dozens of souls in the world of the living, but something was wrong. The souls filled his hunger, but he longed for more..he wanted power. Dellapero returned to the Menos Forest and started to devour hollows instead of human souls. This not only kept his hunger filled, but kept his power constantly raising each day. In a clash of hollows hungry for power, including himself, something odd happened. He and the hollows merged together into a behemoth-like demon known as a Menos Grande Gillian. Dellapero retained control of the mammoth-sized being and continued to devour,only now on other Menos.

    After a few decades, Dellapero evolved yet again into an Adjuhace which caused him to retain more of a human personality and regain self-control. Now with more common-sense, Dellapero Grancestayed in the Menos Forest for several more years, eating hollows occasionaly, but it was no longer an addiction like it was, just a need.

    It toke many years of doing so, but after several centurys of occasionally devouring hollows, Dellapeo began to accumulate yet another. It all started with an odd itching sensation along his hollow-mask. Dellapero ignored it at first, but as it continued and became more irritating, the Adjuhas began clawing at the side of his mask in attempt to purge the feeling of it. However, it only got more intense, causing Dellapero to rip his mask off entirely except a small portion along his left-eye. This form, however, was much more human-like then the previous and also contained far greater power then he previously had. Ther result of this new stage gave him even further humanoid personality, adapting that of a certain aspect. Over time, Dellaper found out his mind was more focused on that of raising his power constantly above his limits. The problem was, this transformation had caused a interior collapsing of his spiritual energy, sealing it in body and preventing him from performing any arts of spiritual power other then those involving his body, such as sonido and Hierro. However, there was a advantage to this. In losing his ability to unleash spiritual energy, Dellapero's physical power began to absorb his spiritual energy and enchance physical prowess to a higher level. At the recent explosion of shinigami energy from the moon of Hueco Mundo, this was raised even further, though not by as much compared to the original merge.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// Dellapero sensed an incoming spiritual energy of high-magnitude closing in on the area. Judging from the intensity, he could only assume it was the leader of the vizard. The spiritual pressure combined with the fact it was combined of hollow and shinigamu reishi, meant it was an arrancar or vizard. Since the only person even close to his reishi was Yammy, it had to be the vizard leader, because Yammy was far to slow for this. As the source of the energy entered the area, Dellapero glanced at her as the girl fired a crescent-shaped blast of pure energy. In response, he focused reishi along the cutting-edge of his zanpakto, causing the reiatsu around it to spike more rapidly. With a quick vertical slash, Dellapero sliced through the energy making up the getsuga tenshou, sending two far weaker blasts to his left and right, crashing into the ground and causing dust to envelop him at the same time the vizard began to cast an incantation for something.

    Dellapero couldn't make out what she was saying, and soon lost sight of her, but by the fact it was a whisper, that meant it was A, a secret plan being spoken to the Captain Commander, or B, a kidou incantation. Also, since there was a smoke cloud placed over the Captain and Vizard, Dellapero assumed three more scenarios. The three were that they were trying to retreat, which was unlikely, were charging a powerful attack, or were going to do an ambush or surprise attack of some sort. Using the best decision for the current scenario, Dellapero used the sonido technique to vanish under the cover of the smoke the getsuga had created. Before hand, he also noticed the flames had vanished under the Captain Commander's control. This meant, that the Commander didn't want to hurt her ally, which Dellapero could use to his advantage.

    Dellapero reappeared directly behind the Captain Commander at speeds unreadable thanks to the boost from sonido. By this point, he couldn't make out for sure, but it seemed as if the other girl had vanished, as her reiatsu was not in the same area it was when the smoke cloud appeared. Meaning she was either charging an attack in hiding, or going for a surprise assault. Dellapero sent a quick horizontal slash at the Commander's neck, but stopped mid-slash when he heard the sound of a blast being fired off. This was bad, he only had, at most half a second. Whether the blast was powerful or weak, it mattered not, he didn't feel like taking that chance. As fast as his abilities allowed, and jumped to the left, while focusing his reishi into the legs and feet to temporarily enhance speed. If he could dodge this successfully, then not only would he avoid damage, but the blast would go at the Commander, potentially causing a friendly-fire affect.

    As Dellapero was moving to the right from his jump, the blast partially hit the edge of his left-shoulder, blasting through the skin and scorching the bone, but luckily evading the majority of the damage while the remainder of the blast was still headed for the Captain Commander.With his, small, compared to what could have been, injury, Dellapero turned to face the direction of which the blast came from and aimed his gun at where the blast had come from, while simultaneously manipulating the matter making up the smoke, to form a silencer attached to the gun, stopping any sound from occurring if it were to be used. Finally, Dellapero sent three, silent, high-speed shots in the direct the blast came from, the aim may have been off a bit, but one of them should have hit the target that fired the blast.

    Dellapero was starting to get annoyed by this point. He could call for help, but this was his fight. The Commander might have been so scared and weak as to need assistance right off the bat, Dellapero would only call for it if need be. Though, he did have many options on who to bring. He could bring Sangre, Shikyo, or the old leader, Baraggan. After the firing of his shots, Dellapero decided on something. He wanted to end this fight quickly. This wasn't for him. This was for all the arrancars and hollows in existence, so he needed to kill the both of these two. Also, unlike before, if he kills the Captain Commander and Vizard leader, then the Soul Society will be in chaos and dis-array, and if that happens, the remaining espada can finish off the pathetic shinigami while their morale is low.

    Dellapero stopped his movement in twenty feet away from the Captain Commander and Vizard leader, with his still, oddly, calm looking facial expresison. Blood wascoming off of his left-shoulder, but it was not a major wound, per-say, compared to what the outcome could have been. Dellapero held his zanpakto so that the point was aimed at the direction of the captain Commander and Vizard Leader. In his somewhat more serious, yet still calm tone of voice, he said quickly, "Černá motyka" This was the trigger to activate his true power, which would surely need to make the two combatants he was against use bankai if they ever wanted to win.

    Dellapero's zanpakto and gun both exploded into a mass of silver liquid, this material began to quickly encase his entire body, from head to toe entirely, not showing anything of his body. By the time this material had finished molding itself, it slowly started to grow as solid as the weapons it was originally, as well as shooting out small spikes miscellaneously in the armor. Finally, as the armor finished the solidification process, two rather large horns shots out from the head of Dellapero's new form. If anyone were to look at him by this point, it would be apparently obvious that he looked like the image people believe the demonic being known as Satan, or the devil, but in pure silver instead of blood-red.

    By this point the smoke he nearly completely vanished from the field, giving a clear sight of his new form. However,, what was odd about the form, was that it didn't shoot out constant amounts of reiatsu like even his humanoid form did. The reasoning for this, was that all reishi was compacted inside his body, meaning that he had gained the highest potential boost in power from his transformation as possible to the Arrancar species. His spiritual pressure had sky-rocketed to the point of being able to force even other high-ranked espada to their knees. The ground was shaking like that of a 2.0 earthquake from the sheer force of the spiritual energy flowing through the air. The pressure itself, was so vast, that it was almost visible from the density, making it appear slightly blurry in the air.

    With his new form now completely. Dellapero opened his right-hand, as if it was holding a rather large blade, and the oxygen rapidly condensed together into his hand and gave the appearance of a silver sword seeming to fade into existence. The hilt itself was two feet long, and the blade attached to it stretched for twelve feet in length, with one foot in width. The blade was far stronger then his old zanpakto used to be, and it gave off a blood-red glow, unlike before where it was glowing with soulless black energy.

    Inside the armor, Dellapero's damaged shoulder had been regenerated over the course of time it toke to enter this state of power. His height was now seven foot two, unlike before where it was six foot four. Now, the only thing to do was wait for the reactions of the two females he was in combat with.Dellapero wanted the two of them to use their bankai so he could fight them at full-strength. It was pathetic to just kill them now in their shikai forms. It wouldn't really have been any fun for a fight either.

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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero Grance   19/03/11, 02:53 pm

You are, after much thought:


For Aquarius Ranking.
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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero Grance   19/03/11, 03:04 pm

-Racial Abilities: 0
-Personal Abilities: 1
Physical Prowess: 29
-Speed: 12
-Defense: 5
-Weaponry: 0

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Need this moved to Accepted Arrancar
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Dellapero Grance

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