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 Takahashi Rui

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PostSubject: Takahashi Rui   17/03/11, 04:43 pm


    Name// Takahashi Rui
    Age// Appears....maybe fourteen is actually about 15
    Gender// Male
    Appearance// Unusual for a Shinigami, Rui wears a customized costume, though it retains the black primary color of his kin. While most Shinigami wear a Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) - a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji; Rui instead opts for a more modern look. To express some degree of uniqueness, he dons a pair of black trousers with long white boots whose cuffs reach up to his upper shin.

    He also wears a long sleeveless jacket over a white button-up shirt. He uses a black strip of silk in place of a tie to keep the collar closed. Over this, he wears a black jacket that ends at about the same point his ribs do, with long sleeves and a fur-lined cowl. With this, he wears a pair of customized gloves made of brown leather, with brass ornaments in the shape of a Ying Yang. The Glove lacks a thumb or index finger.

    When Rui 'Changes', both his body and his attire undergo a few changes. First of all, his pants, and both his coats change from black with white trim to white with black trim. Even the fur lining of the cowl changes to black. His gloves and shirt remain the same however. Unlike them, his boots change as well, changing to black with white trim. His normally lavender eyes change to bright crimson and his hair changes from it's typical snow white to jet black and highly reflective.

    Like I said above, his hair is normally snow white and coupled with lavender eyes. Rui has a young, rounded face and large eyes, fitting well with his age. He has a very slim build, but not malnourished, likewise, his face is rounded but not chubby, with a thin chin. His fingers are long and thin; surgeon's fingers. His musculature is reasonably well developed, even more so at the joints and legs.

    Personality//Under most conditions, Rui acts a little like a child. He is somewhat impulsive and can react without thinking. But that underlies a surprisingly thoughtful and intelligent person. In battle, he attacks with a delicate balance of strategy, technique, and passion, generating an all encompassing strategy of relentless attacks from all directions and angles.

    But though the conditions are unknown, Rui has been notice to undergo 'changes' every once in a while. When this occurs, his abilities change, and his personality becomes warped. During these occurrences, he becomes erratic and sadistic, desiring carnage and destruction. His attack patterns become more linear, favoring brute force over circumvention. Unlike his normal strategy, which attacks from virtually every conceivable angle at the same time, his tactics in this form are designed to completely overwhelm even the greatest defense.

    But normally, he doesnt seem to be anything but an ordinary child. Well, an ordinary child that resides in Hueco Mundo. Yes, he makes him home in the land of the hollows. He interacts with the more intelligent hollows he travels with as if they were human, and refers to himself, as well as all Hollows and Arrancar as 'Yokai'. He calls himself 'Senjyuken no Rui', translating to Rui of the Thousand Blades, or Thousand Blade Rui. He truly believes hims to be a Yokai, and aims at forming a Hyakki Yakou, literally translates as 'Night Parade of a Hundred Demons', but is more akin to a Yakuza Family.
    Squad// N/A
    Position// N/A


    Inner World// Rui's inner world takes a two part form, depending on a number of circumstances. The first world appears to be a desert without end. The land beneath one's feet is composed of pure white sand that produces it's own light. This sand, while it doesn't seem hard at all, will not yield to your touch, and leaves no foot prints. The sky in this world appears to be as black as pitch, though whether it is empty space, or another desert with jet black sand is unknown.

    The second form is a vast metropolis, spanning without end. This city is completely monochrome, inhabitants and visitors both. Even the sky in this city is gray. The natural inhabitants appear to simply be semi-translucent vaguely humanoid whisps. The city has all the needed things for a city, but is completely cyclical, no matter how far you go, you will end up back at your starting point unless you make a turn somewhere.

    Zanpakuto Spirit// Hasegawa appears as a young girl about Rui's own age garbed in a tattered black dress with a white lining and nothing underneath. She stands only an inch or so shorter than he does, and has red hair and eyes. Her hair is about shoulder length and straight, with a single antenna-like lock of hair sticking up. For her personality, she can act haughty at times, and often gets right up in Rui's face with things, but is actually quite attached to her owner. Her other name is Zenki

    Though she dresses simply, just a ragged black dress and a choker with a padlock around her neck. She also fights quite well, using a single sword style that uses high-speed tactics combined with ki-enhanced attacks.

    Michiyo shares her appearence with her twin, Hasegawa, taking the form of a teenage girl only about an inch shorter than her owner, not counting her hair-tenna. Unlike her sister, though, Michiyo wears a ragged black cloak, rather than a dress, with a white lining, but also with nothin underneath. Both siblings wear a choker with a padlock around their neck. Both siblings also go perpetually barefoot. Her second name is Gouki.

    Her fighting style doesn't do much with her arms, instead she utalises electromagnetic attacks. With this, she launches a barrage of kicks, coupled high-speed electrical attacks. It's a powerful style that is hard to beat.

    Both Spirits posses the ability to manifest in the material world of their own volition, having almost hollow-like Reishi.
    Sealed Zanpakuto// Hyakki Yakou(Night Parade of 100 Demons) takes the form of an ordinary enough looking katana with a black scabbard. Hyakki Yakou is a sword of about three or so shaku long, with slightly less curve to the blade than an ordinary katana. The Hamon line is artfully designed to resemble the cresting of the ocean waves.

    The scabbard is made of cherrywood laqured as black as the night sky, though it turns white as freshly fallen snow when Rui 'changes'. The hilt of the weapon holds the tang of the blade and is made from mahogany. It is wrapped in white rayskin and decorated black pearls, finally wrapped in dark red cloth. The pommel of the sword is made from brass and decorated with the design of a dragon, while the tsuba is made from steel and plated in bronze, decorated with a design of a prowling Bengal tiger on one half and bamboo shoots on the other. The reverse side has the same design.
    Shikai Appearance// "Atsumaru Hyakki Yakou"(Gather, Night Parade of 100 Demons) When released, Hyakki Yakou merges with Rui's gloves, extending them up to jus above his elbows. The material turns white normally, black if he is 'changed'. The ying-yang-shaped ornament remains unchanged, and the glove is secured just above the elbow with a thin ribbon of the inverse color to the rest of the glove. The thumb and index finger are also added in, and the whole glove takes on a texture like silk.
    Shikai Abilities//
    In its Shikai state Hyakki Yakou gains the ability to generate and manipulate masses of electrical energy imparted into the air. Each generated mass has a core of roughly the same size as a golfball, with an aura of released energy that raises the total size to about that of a regulation baseball. It should be noted that each mass rotates along it's intended line of movement at a rate of 30 rps.

    Each of these masses can be launched on their own, the electrical ones having the strength of a bala, and are able to inflict numbness at the point of impact. This isn't much individually, but when large numbers are fired at once, they can cause great amounts of damage.

    The number of masses that can be formed at once is equal to the user's Personal score times 2. Each mass can be controled independently of oneanother, and when launches can move at a maximum speed of ({users personal score}*10)mph. They can also be launched using the user's strikes as a medium, this adds the user's physical strength onto the damage done, assuming that there is any damage done, and adds the user's strength also onto the users personal score when factoring for the maximum speed of the masses. They can also be launched off of body tackles, in which case you use the user 's speed instead of strength for the above calculations.

    In addition to being launched from the user's strikes and body and body tackles, tue individual masses can be combined a single large burst. This attack has the total force of the combined masses, but the speed remains unchanged.

    One final special attack requires 20 lightning masses combined into one point, but does large quantities of damage, assuming it hits. This attack takes the form of a beam of electrical energy surrounded by 50+mph winds. The central beam of electricity and ionized air is about one shaku across and has a temperature of 350 degrees farenheit.

    There is one final ability of this weapon. By gathering a number of electrical masses at a single point and then absorbing them directly into the user's body, a powerful form can be achieved. However, while in his form, masses cannot be generated. But this form increases the user's speed by an amount equal to the user's personal score, and increases their physical damage as if their strength was increased by half the boost to their speed. They also gain an electrical nimbus and a pressure barrier that prevents 1/4s of the force of any given attack from reaching the user. This also prevents passive gas-based techniques from effecting them by preventing the gas itself from reaching them.

    The time that can be spent in this time is equal to one tenth of the number of masses put into this, roughly. Once Shikai has been mastered, it can also be triggered at will, however it drains the same amount of energy as 10 masses every turn.

    Bankai appearance
    Bankai Abilities


    Back when he was a human, Rui lived as any other kid would, though he was often a little over-focused on monetary gain, coming from a reasonably underprivileged life in the country. It wasn't terribly horrible, but it wasn't the most pleasant. His family lived in a small hamlet in rural japan forgotten by time. They shared a one room house on a plot of land large enough for subsistence farming, and his father was already retired, having set up a large bank account and now living off the interest. It wasnt a wealthy life, but it was a happy one.

    And then came the accident. They had planned to go to a resteraunt in Tokyo for Rui's birthday. But something went wrong; the rail that the train was using failed, and the train catapulted off the rails.

    Quote :
    Clickity clack. Clickity clack. So the train went. The sun was already set in the west. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. The train rolled on as it pleased. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. It was a nice, relaxing train ride. Rui and his parents had already eaten that day, the bento were delicious. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. The sky was going dark.

    Clickity clack. Clickity clack. "Are you hungry hunny?" My momma asked me. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. I answered no. I really was hungry, but I was waiting until we got to the resteraunt. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. I leave the room and wander about the car, looking for other kids my age. Clickity clack. Clickity clack.

    Clickity clack. Clickity clack. I can't find anyone. Figures. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. This was gonna be a long trip, and now there's no one to play with. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. I head back to the room and pick up my book. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. It's about a a priest and a water demon and a monkey king, and all sorts of fun things like that. Clickity clack. Clickity clack.

    Clickity clack. Clickity clack. I look out the window and see the shadows Of trees fly by. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. For an instant, I think I see a flash of white. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. yokai? I think to myself. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. It would be cool if it was, bur pappa says they're not real. Clickity clack. Clickity clack. But whenever he says that, mamma just smiles and puts her finger to her lips, 'shh'.

    Clickity clack. Clickity clunk? The seat beneath jerks and my stomach begins to float. It's kinda fun, but why is this happening? Momma and pappa seem to be confused too. I wond-there's a loud roar and the world explodes

    Rui was the only survivor by pure, blind luck. He remained in a coma for a number of months, and awoke with no recollection of anything prior.

    After being discharged from the Tokyo area hospital, he was moved in with his grandparents. Though one particular trait of his personality didn't change, he gradually recovered, both emotionally and mentally. His everyday was nothing special to him, he spent everyday virtually the same as the last, even while undergoing therapy after the accident.

    But one day, his grandmother fell ill, coming down with pneumonia. It was difficult and painful, but she fought on, fighting against it with all her strength. But it was all to no avail, even with all the might she could muster, both Eastern and Western medicine failed, and she eventually passed.

    The funeral was held on a depressingly rainy day, though it would have been a sobering occasion even if the weather was fair. There were a surprising number of people at the funeral, and a large number of them were actually classmates of Rui. That day was gloomy, and both grandfather and grandson were as well.

    After his grandmother passed, his grandfather began to fall into a depression, and Rui fell with him. All the same, he continued going to his physical and emotional therapies just as he was supposed to. But his progress, both physical and emotional, stagnated. As he began to contemplate complicated topics, his despair began to grow, and became so dense it began to attract Hollows. As was their want, shinigami assigned to the town stepped in to try and defeat the intruders into this once picturesque neighborhood.

    But though they were successful in driving of the beasts, Rui himself was taken, spirited away to Hueco Mundo. His shell was left in the human realm, and so his core was exposedto the harsh reishi of the hollow's land. It was unknown why, perhaps the Arrancar who had stolen him from his world was interested in him for some reason, but he was not eaten but instead spared.

    Perhaps it was his soul overreacting to the atmosphere of Hueco Mundo, but he began to exhibit shinigami-like reishi and attributes. Over time, he awoke from his long slumber and took on a form like a shinigami, but warped to some extent, perhaps a different existence entirely.

    Though he resembled most closely a shinigami, his reishi was only vaguely similar to that of a shinigami. Though he wielded a pair of swords, he claimed not to be a shinigami. In fact, he had no idea who he was or where he was. So, surrounded by monsters, he came up with the notion that he was a Yokai, and surrounded by other Yokai. Hey, it made sense to him.

    So, lacking anyone around him to teach him the ropes, he began to teach himself to fight. And he put together a small gang of Hollows to protect one another. He decided it would be his first step on forming a proper Hyakki Yakou, with himself at the head. Even his Shikai was born of necessity; a way to help him protect himself against the larger Hollows.

    And now for a second hand account of the day he first gained his Shikai. It was shortly after loosing a fight against an Arrancar that held an interest in the young boy. Suddenly he found himself in a strange Landscape.

    Quote :

    The sands below were as white as snow, the skies above were as black as pitch. The land seemed to press on endlessly. It could almost be Hueco Mundo. Almost, expect for one thing, there was no moon. There was nothing above, only an endless blackness.

    But it was no empty blackness, it carried a heavy, oppressive kind of presence. Almost like there was something solid there. "So," a female voice said, "you want more strength, do you?" Rui turned around and saw a girl standing there.

    She looked to be about the same age Rui appeared. She had shoulder length scarlet hair, and wore a black dress that looked like it had seen better days. Rui asked of her name, "who are you to ask of my name before giving your own?" She asked with a smirk.

    Rui gave his own name, and asked again what the girl's was. "If you want my name, you'll have to beat me." The scarlet haired girl produced a katana with a grip the same color as her hair. Seeing as how he was being challenged to a fight by a sword-wielding girl while he himself was unarmed, and seeing as he was no fool, Rui bid her farewell and turned to leave.

    "Hey, w-wait!" The girl called after him. She gave him a sword, and challenged him again to a fight, promising her power should he prove victorious. The two began their duel. And it continued for countless ages within this forign world, but eventually a victor was decided.

    "E-enough," the girl said, "I yield," Rui was holding the Katana he was wielding up against her neck, the cold steel of the flat of the sword stealing the heat from her hot flesh. "My power is yours. I shall be your Zenki, you may call on me any time, you only need command me to 'flow'."

    He found himself now within a vast metropolitan city. He had traded oppression for depression, sand for steel. The city in which he now found himself was as gray as slate, with not a single trace of color to be found. The steers were populated by translucent gray whisps in a vague humanoid shape, and without solid mass. It carried an intrinsic value of depression.

    "So, you're here for me now?" Rui looked around and saw a girl standing on a lightpost. She smirked as she noticed Rui's face turn red, made all the more noticeable by the absence of any other color around. But her face quickly grew to exceed his, going beyond to the color of her hair.

    "Do ya like what'cha see?" She asked from her pearch above Rui. Without waiting for a reaponce, the girl above jumped down, her long cloak flipping up over her head. Rui had just enough time to dodge. Her kick broke the assfault, but the phantoms moved on regardless. The girl smirked, "if you want me to pledge even a tiny iota of my strength, you'll need to satisfy me."

    Suddenly, countless swords appeared in mid air around the girl, flying at Rui at high speeds. He defended against them as best he could, asking as he did so, "What the hell? I thought you said you'd be my Zenki." The girl states that she remembered no such bargain, and increased the force of her attacks further.

    Their battle continued as thus for time immemorial, but eventually Rui managed to defeats the girl. "Fine fine, I give. I'll lend you my strength kid, but you've got to live up to it, okay? Keep our Bargain and I'll always be your Gouki. Just command me to Swarm should you need my strength."

    He first few months were the worst. With nothing but a single sword, he was abandoned in the middle of an endless white desert all alone. He was all alone, and began to talk to himself after some time. In that vast wasteland, he fought and survived against numerious beastly creatures. And from those frightening creatures he deduced that he was in the world of Yokai, and he must be a yokai himself.

    After all, how else could he be here and surviving? The sands were empty and lonesome. Eventually, he managed to find himself a small village of weaker hollows. The place had become known as a haven for hollows too weak, or unwilling to fight. So perhaps it was the best possible place for him to have wound up, as weak as he was.

    Over a number of months more, a kind Arrancar who had given up combat nursed him back to health, tending to the numerous festering wouds that dotted his body. After quite some time, he awoke. To find himself in such a location, seemingly shortly after collapsing, and in such a hostile environment.

    Though she herself had given up combat, and had decided to live simply, she agreed to teach Rui the skills needed to survive. She taught him how to fight, and how to run. And most importantly, she taught him how to feel and trust again. When he prepared to set out again, she decided to join him.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample//

    I thanked the girl who was handing back the pencil I dropped. She sat ahead and to the right of me. The seats behind and to my right were empty. They always were, no one sat there. As we wait for the teacher to come in and star the school day, I stare out the window at the grey sky.


    I couldn't remember the last time I had seen a blue sky, this city, it's always had a grey ceiling. Sometimes it was mottled, sometimes flat, but always grey. The classroom door opened and the teacher entered. We greated her as normal and class began. Just another gray day in this gray city.

    But today decided to be a little different. A girl about my size with black hair and a hairclip in the shape of a forget-me-not entered and was introduced to the class. I didn't catch her name. It didn't matter, things would continue the same anyway.

    It didn't matter.

    She was assigned to the seat next to mine.

    a superfluous detail

    It was obvious she would, the only two open seats in class were next to and behind me. So I'd have to sit next to her either way. The girl on the new girl's far side was assigned to show her around school. At least I didn't have to do it.

    The wind felt good on my face. The sky was still as gray as ever, a flat gray today. I looked out over the school grounds and beyond towards the city itself. That world was the same as ever.

    The door behind me opened and I saw the new girl exit onto the roof. She gasped when she saw me. And I could see why, standing on the ledge overlooking a three story drop. I only hoped that she wouldn't do something impulsive.

    The streets were crowded with the usual faceless masses. It didn't matter. Everything was the same as the day before. Same faceless masses, same faceless city. Same monochrome life. The next day was Saturday, the last day of the school week. I could use a rest.

    My room was the same as always. I flopped down on my bed and stared at the black paper moon taped to the ceiling. Today had been just like any other. A new face to ignore, that had been the only change. And tomorrow would be the same as yesterday, just with a new person to ignore me.

    I looked in the mirror hanging from the wall. I knew why people avoided me. I stood out. My skin was pale, my hair and eyes as white as they come. I had no pigments at all, and neither did my clothes. Outside of school I just wore white. It's not like it mattered, the grey sky dulled all colors, making everything faded, so why wear any colors at all.

    The sky outside was black, the inside of my room fading with it. I wasn't hungry so I just wanted to drift to sleep. But I couldn't fall asleep. So I just lay there all night, counting the stars I had never seen. The school year was almost over, a few more weeks and I'd be graduating.

    Id need to find a job, but I had no experience. And most places weren't hiring anyway. I couldn't even look the day after tomorrow. I looked at the clock. Tomorrow, I had therepy. Goody, another day in town.

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   17/03/11, 04:45 pm

My goal is higher than Scorpio rank, if it isn't there, I'd like the opportunity to better the app and some pointers on how it could be improved to that level.
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1st Division

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   17/03/11, 06:20 pm

Ok. Looks good, but there're few things. The age of your character must be at least 17<... Only exception is when Hitsugaya comes to our site. xD

If you're going for Scorpio, you should write a bit more in your personality and appearance, and A LOT in History.
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   18/03/11, 11:02 am

There is no minimum age ranking.
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   18/03/11, 06:35 pm

Really?...I thought there was.
Well ok...ignore that part. ;]
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   19/03/11, 07:16 am

Expand more on the shikai appearance.
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   19/03/11, 02:04 pm

You are finally after much pain staking deliberation:


For Scorpio Rank

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   19/03/11, 02:12 pm

   -Racial Abilities:0
   -Personal Abilities:8
Physical Prowess:28
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   19/03/11, 02:21 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   21/03/11, 07:23 am

Need this moved to Accepted Shinigami.
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Rui   

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Takahashi Rui

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