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 Syra schiffer[DONE]

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Syra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Syra schiffer[DONE]   16/03/11, 07:00 am


    Syra Schiffer
    Age// 500
    Gender// Female

    Syra looks for the most part the same as her brother, Ulquiorra. They are around the same hight and weight. Even their clothes are around the same. However Syra's outfit resembles what Orihime wore when she was in Hueco Mundo. a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama. However With the exception of the front, Syra's front is open like her brothers is. This leaves room for he breasts to breathe. As they are he biggest feature, comparable in size to that of a large c-cup. but there are some noticeable differences between her and her brother. One of them being that her mask portion is opposite his, same style and fit, just the other side. Her hair is also longer, reaching her shoulders. but it is still the same black colour as Ulquiorra.

    She also has the same green lines that descend from her eyes as her brother does. Her eyes are also the same but instead of green, they are blue. Her shoes also have more of a heel to them as opposed to those of her brother. Her Hollow hole is also in the same location as Ulquiorra's hole. but other than those things they are more or less the same. Also a thing to note would be that her stomach can be seen, at least a portion of it can. She has done this for look reasons, as she likes it that way. She keeps her Zanpaktou on her hip, the opposite hip as Ulquiorra. Her skin is the same pale white, making her seem almost ghostlike in her appearance. Her upper lip is also black, as well as her lips are very thin in size. She is not much of a talker so most people never see the size of her small mouth.

    her boots are also the same, as said before. Black boots with white straps, they wrap around the boot in a crossing zig zag style. but they cannot usually be seen unless her pants are pulled up as they normally cover the boots. Her nails are black and long, as any womans nails would be.

    Personality// Syra has a tendency to act quickly without thinking about the consequences of your actions. It usually occurs in reaction to some event that has caused her to have some kind of emotional response. Some things she is meant to do are: yelling, shouting, or screaming at others, destroying things, threatening to harm others, getting in physical fights with people, and binge eating. Syra is one to treat another person nicely only if that person treats her nicely, though also they need to prove themselves that she is truly being treated nicely. Being nice is something she tries to be to all who deserve it the ones she deems as undeserving she acts very rudely too.

    Straight forward, blunt, and indifferent, cover the gist of what little personality that Syra has. She is simply a stone slate. Bland to no end, there is little significant in her personality. No bright notable traits would appeal to anyone, let alone herself at that matter. Uninteresting is more then enough to describe the brunette Arrancar. No sudden outbursts ever come from her, no trouble, and no outstanding performances either unless driven out. By all means, she is the Arrancar who walks through the sands, clad in uniform, and yet another face amongst the sea of faces.

    Leaning more to the dull side of living, Syra is an Arrancar of little self importance. Due to her indifferent outlook on life, there is in fact little that she would think second thoughts on. Her key points in life are notably authority, power, and orders. One must have authority to be somebody, and one must obey all authorized figures. Authority is lesser then power though, because authority is mere a title, and power is power. And finally, orders are the way of life, and guide ones day both on and off the field. Although, such personal guidelines are for the field, not life. Life is work, work is life. In which manner, her time off the bloody battlefields and piles of work are most commonly spend in a constant daze doing much of nothing at all. She loves the adrenaline rush of the fight thus when not doing anything, she is is bored out of her sane mind.

    Maintaining conversations is on the list of potential awkward moments with the young Arrancar, as well as making eye contact and asking questions, in which she stares and does not stop and answers in single line sentences fragments. Socially, Syra is a disaster. Lack of self importance and indifference has sucked away the spirit of her conversations, leaving uninterested responses and a lack of conversation striking sentences. Wrapped in one large package, the only near notable aspect of her personality would be her blunt tone of voice and lack of interest into whatever in the world is occurring around her. Her lack of caring commonly meshes with a sense that she is incapable of mourning, but to all logic and laws of life, sadness is sadness, and she prefers to at least follow the laws of human beings...

    With no sense of self importance, in a manner, Syra has a negative percent of self confidence. Despite rank or power, she will forever in her odd little opinions be of little importance. So in turn, surprising matters strike her as no more then average news. Surprise is common place. She's easily blunt to the mouth and slow to speak, completing a dead robotic character-type. Fast on her feet, but even faster in the head, if that is how one would like to think of it. Of her lacking social abilities, her mentality makes up for the gap. Rapid thinking patterns are in the norm, although not of an extremely high IQ, but with a simple increased rate of train of thought.

    Despite her low enthusiasm to life, her work is done well and it is done right. It's needless to say that beneath her layers of indifference is the undoubted ability to proceed through any given task. Her philosophy being: "It will always work out, someway, some how."

    Syra's quirky personality can be summed up with one simple word: impermanent. That alone covers it -- at least, for the most part. There's another word that comes in at a close second -- that word being, unpredictable. Unpredictability and impermanence: these are the two things which Syra seems to be predominantly made of in the eyes of the average onlooker. It turns out that the two characteristics compliment each other; because of Syra's impermanent nature, she is exceedingly unpredictable. She is in a constant state motion, the unpredictability and spontaneity of her life made her even more prone to change as the days go by. The pandemoniac cycle of her life continues on and on, ever uninterrupted. It makes for quite a crazy mind.

    Syra incorporates craptons of distraction in her life. Yes. Craptons. Every moment is filled with something: doodling, dancing, napping, drinking, eating, reading, singing, stalking, talking, painting, sculpting, sewing, roaming, pranking, training, drinking -- she's always on the go, continuously on the lookout for a new, unusual hobby. This habitual life dissonance can be accredited to the fact that, being part of a fraccion veiled in secrecy, the Arrancar doesn't get out very much. A continuous flow of energy and a quick-to-be-bored demeanor make this a somewhat unfortunate prediction, and to some, a deadly combination. The woman's curiosity can also be partly to blame in the matter. Syra tries everything which interests her at least once, often making her subordinates -- sometimes, even her superior -- into her own personal guinea pigs in the process. It's hard to say when exactly she performs the actual "duties of the division." Multitasking comes naturally to her, and it may only be thanks to this that she actually gets anything done. There's one more reason for her busyness, however, which touches a slightly more personal note. Syra thinks too much -- about the past, mainly -- and in order to escape her own mind, she desperately seeks the company of others, or complete distraction from her thoughts. Really, there is no middle ground between the two -- only yet another, 'something more' to be blamed for it all.

    Loneliness; it plagues her like a disease. Many would be shocked to hear this. After all, she's not a social butterfly -- she's a social beast. But upon closer examination, one will find that Syra lacks a true confidant -- a person who knows all her secrets and fears, her past, and the troubles of her heart. Such a person she has not found. Syra presently keeps herself void of such a true companion on purpose, instinctively, giving herself to the world in only small doses. The vigilant can feel the intangible distance that she seems to place between herself and others -- but the vigilant are few. Only beings of passion can see the rapture-masked loneliness in Syra's gaze, though what they could do about it has yet to be discovered. Of all things, it is a fear of betrayal that has become the young woman's fatal flaw. While such loneliness is indeed a terrible affliction, it is also, perhaps, Syra's most human quality.

    Abilities// Just what is your arrancar capable of doing before resureccion? Arrancar are capable of using a portion of their abilities before the transformation, albeit at a much weaker power level. Please keep that in mind.


    Name: Avispa
    Call out phrase: picadura de avispa

    Syra's release is similar to her brothers Segunda in appearance but not in ability. Her hair is now longer and is very straight. reaching her middle back area and in the front its long enough to reach past her breasts. The top of her head is white, then fading out to black around the area of her bangs. She has two long horns, the same single horn that was bore on her mask remains. now there is two, one on each side. her lines that were on her face before, are now much thicker and black. looking more like running black marks than actual lines. Her eyes are now green, but keep the same cat like eyes. Her arms are now black as well, up to the point right past the elbow area. It is a fur like substance.

    Her front side is bare, from her waist up. her breasts are now exposed and are just as pale as the rest of her. her back is also bare now, but this is not the same from her waist down. At her waist she wears a black fur skirt of sorts, the same material her arms are now made of. It flares out in a wild pattern and is as long as half way to her knees. her legs are also the fur like skin now. from her waist down she has lost her pale skin and is now all black fur. Her feet are now bare, covered in the black fur and pointed with sharp claws for nails.

    However the biggest change would be the now giant black bat wings on her back. This is matched with a long tail. The wings are six feet each with a 13 foot wingspan. They are used for flying purposes and even for attacking if the opponent is close enough. Her tail is longer, with a length of 12 feet on its own. It can be used for various attacks and to grab a variety of things, from arms to legs, even a neck. It is stronger than it looks, being very thin.

    Abilities: Pulso del Trueno (Thunder's Pulse): A quite complicated technique on Syra’s repertoire. By manifesting her reaitsu into the form of sheer electricity, colored black, who would engulf her body, and over twenty centimeters of both air and soil, she would be able to stun enemies for five seconds if they come in contact with that special electricity. The downfall of this technique is that the electricity would hurt Syra, slowing her quite a lot, over ¼ of her speed would be reduced while using this ability. However, the sheer reiatsu present on her body and on the air would empower some of her Hollow Techniques, in the giving them of electric properties, such as, when in contact with the enemy, they would feel their bodies becoming numb, and lose thirty percent of their speed for over five seconds. In order for a lower level to break through such a reiatsu barrier they would have to stop her ahead of time, though a same rank could sync reiatsu and an higher level could merely drown out her reiatsu with their own stronger reiatsu.

    Repulsión Estática (Static Repulse): By fermenting the area around her, at max, twenty meters, Syra is able to reduce effects of enemy attacks, and to change the directions of weaker ones. Attacks such as Bala or weaker, can be stopped on mid air, and converted into electric reaitsu that Syra is able to manipulate, attacks stronger than a Bala would be able to get their power reduced by thirty percent. She can only be able to focus on one attack(reiatsu-based) at a time, with a ten second interval between each stopped/misdirected attack.

    Dardo del Relámpago (Lightning Dart): She can fire a large number of electrifying "darts" from her fingers, with variable power, that can range from that of a Cero to that of a mere Bala, however they do not explode, they pierce the enemy .The darts have two effects other than that as well, the first one is that once they pierce an enemie’s body, they would slowly dissipate, spreading their electricity over the foe’s body, and slowly making their bodies go numb. At the most she can shoot three from each stinger, about thirty yards at most. The speed of said stingers are the same speed of a Bala. It takes a lower ranked enemy to become numb half of their next post, while a same ranked persons would take two. Though high ranks can shake off numbness before it strikes them, though if not it takes three posts. Lower ranks are stunned by ten seconds, and same ranked enemies are stunned for five seconds. While a higher ranked opponent is stunned for two seconds.

    Rasgón Atronador (Thunderous Tear):An ability that allow’s Syra to “Store” lighting slashes on the air, and then fire them at the enemy. By condensing her electric reaitsu into her arms, and “Slashing” the air, a “Slash” of electricity would appear, and hover in the air for up to five minutes, Syra is able to stack up to five of them, and they would have the power of a regular strike from her. They would also charge the enemy with electricity, making them slower and their bodies slightly number. These lightning slashes can remain in the air, and can be manipulated from around forty yards away. A time limit before they dissipate is around five minutes. Higher levels only feel tingling, while a same ranked opponent will feel numb after their next post. Lowers levels aren't so lucky as the numbness begins to affect them as soon as they are hit. This ability takes a mass amount of energy out of Syra due to stacking the lightning slashes in the air.

    Segunda Etapa
    Just what do you look like after entering your state of true power? 2 paragraphs minimum.
    Abilities// What are you now capable of performing? 2 paragraphs minimum.


    Born in 1635, Syra was born to a middle-class linen merchant family in England. Her life was a simple and happy one; filled with love and compassion provided by a caring family. She has 2 elder brothers and one elder sister, and they doted on her. When she was 7, her father initiated her into the family trade, despite the wanton prejudice against woman at that time, taking her with him on small trips and teaching her about the family business.

    Syra was spiritually aware from a young age. Her sense first manifested when she was 8, when she saw little tommy, who had just died, look 'funny, with a weird looking tail thing on his chest.' She also occasionally saw 'Big cats with funny white heads' which has the tendency to appear shortly before an entire farmyard was destroyed along with the rest of its inhabitants. Her parents just thought this was a way she coped with loss; that her child-like mind need to personify the concept of death as something like that. They thought she would eventually grow out of it.

    But then again, she didn't have a chance to grow up.

    The black plague came.

    Ironically, Syra wasn't killed by the plague, but by one of the multitude of hollows that sprung up. People died by the thousands everyday. It was a feasting ground for the hollows; an all-you-can eat buffet spread all through Europe. Lots of people died, and a fair number of them became hollows too. The shinigami were spread too thin, and they weren't in time when a hollow crashed down upon her house, killing them all, then began feasting upon her family's souls. As she escaped, the hollow took a swipe at her, severing her soul chain.

    She spend the next few days hiding in the rubble of some farmhouse, traumatized by the death of her family and the increasingly volatile shifts in her body; the foreboding sense that something bad was gonna happen. She began to lose her senses; fell into denial. Hugging the broken planks and hallucinating them as her parents, her siblings. Screaming at them when they didn't answer. Beating at them until they were nothing more than splinters and then cried, and cried, and cried herself into to sleep. She repeats the cycle every day. Again and again and again.

    Then, she exploded.

    And from the dust and debris, emerged Nighthaze.

    After gorging herself with souls, she began migrating east with a number of other hollows, paving a path of destruction through germany, and eventually Russia. she was searching for something, something unknown. Memories faded everyday as a more feral nature seeped in. 2 years did this particular outbreak of the black plague last, and 2 years did she rampage along with the others until she found that the human souls were no longer helping sate her hunger and she ascended to Hueco Mundo to find new, more filling prey.

    She would be born from Alita Caballero in Hueco Mundo, let free to get stronger. She was a weird looking hollow and she had weird powers as well. Her mask was that of an unknown type. It was a helmet of sort, but one that only covered a bit of her head. the left side of her head to be exact, the other half was left blank.

    Going around trying to feed her needs for power she started off low consuming humans with little to no spirit energy. However, after a year of doing such she was able to begin her climbing of power and began to face stronger foes .There was one in particular that started the ball rolling. A newly initiated and cocky shinigami felt he was the strongest and went ahead to fight Syra. The battle was short and a whisper in the ear of the shinigami marked his death. Consuming such power left her wanting even more. She wanted to be the strongest and wanted to know how it was like to be the most powerful.

    The next year she was able to consume a large amount of spiritual endowed humans and a dozen of low level shinigami. She only grew in power and as the years went by she grew not only in power but in size as well. She was starting to feel like there was nothing left to satisfy her until she met another hollow. The hollow was injured during a fight and she had made her chance opportune. She feasted upon its weak corpse and the power that came from the feast fueled her into something more monstrous then she already was.
    Rebirth is a process that everything must go through and it was Syra's turn to go through another one. She had already made a name for herself when she was a low hollow due to her speech right before her final blow and had to stay low in the human world but that did bother her. She wanted new prey and found it with her own kind. She spent numerous years feasting upon hollow after hollow until she grew into a monstrously tall being known as a Gillian.

    There were thousands of personalities rushing in her head at the time but she seemed to be able to silence them. She was fighting a war in the large body and was winning. Soon enough she began to feast again. She was now worried since she had gained so much power it would be as easy for someone to take it away. With that in mind she preyed on the weak. Killing off as many hollows as she could his lust continued and she began to eat upon humans again.

    She devoured Hollows in groups and was feared by many. She would travel across the darkened desert that was Heuco Munde and grow in power. However, this next transformation did not force her to grow larger but instead his mind was clear. There were no more voices in her head and she was her own woman. She would now seek out other unique Gillians and see if she could defeat them. Soon enough Syra's eyes looked at other Gillian’s. She needed substance and her lust was consuming her. She began to attack ruthlessly and carelessly until no one was left to consume. She spent at least a year traveling before finding other Gillian to eat. She became so desperate she would enter the human world and attack Gillians that were there. It is a pretty odd sight to see Gillians fight each other.

    As she grew in power she became smaller. It was an awkward transformation to say the least and she gained a more defining shape and the hollow mask became unique and spread throughout her body. She was consuming more and more and her hungry just kept growing as her body became smaller. She was becoming an Adjucha but her transformation was not complete before she faced her equal. It was an Adjucha but was just starting out. Still new to its body she had the advantage. The fight was fierce and left her scarred but when she consumed the novice Adjucha she reached the pinnacle of the transformation. A white light enveloped her being and she became a new without any scars. Her new form was that of a black horned wolf. Her body was very slim, strong and swift. She felt so strong that she went up against a few shinigami. Even beat them. Though she finally awoke to remember her mother, she remembered coming out of an egg. Her mother. She must find her.

    Her skill was too great for a few unlucky ones and in the forest the shinigami had no chance in the first place. Her cero shot out and destroyed and incarcerated the shinigami. What made her even deadlier was the speed she possessed.

    One specific event paved her ego the furthest. Facing off against a seated shinigami was a rare occurrence that usually led to the death of a hollow. However, this one was still a bit of a novice and had only recently learned his Shikai. The battle was tense and the shinigami was able to dodge most of her attacks. However, when she went underground she was completely invisible to him and coming up right under him she devoured the poor boy. The sound of his screams mixed in with the cracking of the bones made for a nightmarish symphony.
    Getting too much attention from the spirit world she decided to fight her own way through Hueco Munde. She was hearing rumors of others like her that were getting stronger. One in particular was defeating every opponent on site. She did not fear this Adjucha and began to search him out. She would often ask other Adjucha before consuming them if they knew about the one she was searching for. Each one would answer that he was stronger then her. She had a different mind set and all this praise to this one Adjucha was making her mad. Her search ended when a defeated Adjucha finally confessed. It turned out the one she had killed knew of where her mother was. She would go to the designated place.

    Her mother Alita Lluvia, was her name. She had been glad that her mother abandoned her, because now. She had someone special to care for. She was stronger now, though...her mother wasn't an Adjuchas. What was she? Syra wouldn't find out until after years upon years of training. The training was long and rigorous, it kind of scared her considering she thought she was as strong as it gets. Though her mother once again put her through another challenge. One day her mother would tell her what she was.

    "Dear, do you know what I am?"

    Syra of course didn't but she figured staying silent was the better answer considering she knew her mother was at least 2 steps ahead of her.

    "Syra, I am what you call an Arrancar. An Arrancar was what you become when you attempt to remove the hollow mask from your face. You will gain more strength, speed, agility, ferocity. Even gain Shinigami powers, they will be a day when you will remove your mask my daughter. I can tell you want to, it's readable in your eyes."

    Syra giggled in her head, because her mom was right she did want to remove this mask. Though she wouldn't know that that day would come soon due to the fact, she'd be alone one fateful day, fighting another Adjuchas. She'd be caught off guard and almost got hit by a Cero. She was in a tough position and knew she couldn't win so she'd then hide behind a pillar, and her mothers word's were flashing in her brain. Being so impulsive, she'd head-butt her head continuously chipping off bits and pieces of her mask till at least all of it was gone except for her, right side, it remained.

    Everything exploded with light and reiatsu. Kicking dust at the Adjuchas, blinding him. She'd stand naked in the dust, and pick up her zanpakuto. In her head she'd think, as she held a curved dagger almost resembling her claws as an Adjuchas.

    "So, this is what mother was talking about. It feels so much better to be in this form."

    Using a new skill she had acquired unintentionally, she'd later find was Pequisa, she'd honed onto the Adjuchas and Sonido over to it and slash it down it's face. Feeling victorious and not even swimming in her win, she'd return to her mother naked. She'd be surprised and adorned with her clothes.

    She was told she had a brother, named Ulquiorra. And that he was an Espada under the command of someone named Aizen. He was at a place called Las Noches. Syra had not the slightest clue as to what any of this was, but she aimed to find out. She would go out and search for him, no matter how long it took. First was to find this place called Las Noches, she was sure it would not be too hard. From what her mother told her it sounded huge. But it was proving hard to find indeed, no one she asked seemed to know its location, either that or they just didnt want to talk. She killed them either way.

    At last she found someone who knew something. A dying Adjuchas, a breed that she had killed plenty of before. As the Hollow was dying he told Syra of Las Noches, he was going there himself in his own quest for power. he told her that Aizen was full of power and that he could help her rise to greatness. She thought about what she should do as she finished off the Adjuchas. She was far above the Adjuchas level, killing them was nothing but a game now, something to help pass time.

    Years passed and she had at last found her eyes looking at las Noches. But all was not well, she could feel it. she could feel the emotions of the one called Ulquiorra now that she was close to him. She rushed off as fast as she could, wanting to understand what was happening. It took what seemed like ages to reach the palace. And when she finally did, it was easy to get in, easier than it should have been. Once inside she saw that most of the walls had crumbled and smashed. The palace was in ruins. She could feel the powers of others nearby, and so decided to go after them.

    When she found them after a great deal of searching. Which was not hard due to most of the walls being broken and travel was easy to manage. She saw two warriors, one of whom, looked just like her. Well at least he looked like syra's released form. It had to be her brother, and just s she was going to call out to him, he vanished with the breeze. he was gone. She had searched all this time and she had finally found him just to see him die right before her eyes. She fell to her knees and stared in awe. She stared for what seemed like ages, but in reality it was only days. when she awoke from her stare, she was full of a new emotion, Hatred.

    she hated the Shinigami now, all of them. She did not care what kind they were or where they were from she just knew she hated them. She trained hard and long, everyday of every year after. hueco Mundo was thrown in to chaos and she fed to its flame. She mastered her release above all other things, she used it in memory of her brother, who she missed very much. To this day she is a beast of a woman, killing all she deems as worth killing. No one stands in her way and no one wants too.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// Zacarias was sitting on the cold, white sand, observing the moon. He liked it. It was the only thing around that reminded him at least a little of Soul Society. The Arrancar smiled to himself. Soon, he'd have to leave and visit Seireitei again. It was finally time to fulfill his promise. But, before that, he could at least enjoy one last calm night in Hueco Mundo.

    Fate, however, had other plans for him.

    "Hey, you!!!" someone yelled at him from behind. Zac turned his head around just enough to see the person calling him. He saw a surprisingly humanoid Adjuchas standing there. Behind him were several others of his kind, most likely his pack.

    Zac ignored them. They obviously wanted to pick a fight. The man could easily tear through each of them, so he decided not to bother with them. He turned back and kept staring at the moon. He could hear footsteps on the sand behind him. The Adjuchas was coming towards him. Zenon slowly put his hand on the hilt of his Zanpakuto. "Hey! I'm talking to y--" was the only thing the Hollow could say before his hand flew off. What followed was a nightmare-inducing scream as he desperately tried to realize what had just happened. In just a part of the second, Zacarias had gotten on his feet and swung his sword.

    The Adjuchas fell backwards. Blood was spilling on the sand from the open wound. "You... YOU BASTARD!!!" he was yelling as Zacarias cleaned his sword and put it back in the sheath. The rest of the pack were just observing the scene. Zac thought that they didn't see the need to protect their comrade, which bothered him a little, as it looked like he had something up his sleeve.

    The Adjuchas got up. The bleeding had, surprisingly, stopped. Zac stared at the Hollow's arm. Then, he gasped. It was restoring itself. "WHAT?!?" he yelled, staring at it. "How's that possible?!? Only Arrancar possess high speed regeneration!" The Adjuchas laughed. "I do not need such trivial things as "high-speed regeneration". This... is how powerful I really am. And you... just made the last mistake in your life"

    The Adjuchas lunged at Zacarias, who drew his sword again. It looked like the battle couldn't be avoided after all. The Hollow was wearing metal gloves, which he used to block Zac's Zanpakuto. The opponent started to punch, aiming at Zenon's head, but the Arrancar could easily dodge them. He used Sonido to dash behind him and quickly cut off both of his arms again with two clean slices. "This guy is pitifully weak. How come he posesses high speed regeneration then?!?" Zac thought as the Hollow's arms regrew. He laughed.

    "How do they call you, Arrancar?" he asked after reclaiming his gloves from his severed arms. "Zacarias Zenon" the man bluntly responded. "I am called Acero, and I'm the newest recruit of this pack. If I manage to eat an Arrancar, then I truly will be worthy enough to be in it!"

    Zacarias sighed. It looked like there was no way he could injure the opponent to make him stop attacking, and he couldn't persuade him with words. The battle had to end with death. Another series of punches started, which Zac could dodge without a problem. Using Sonido, he immediately dashed behind his target and tried to decapitate him, but failed, as his attack was blocked. "Do you really thing I'd fall for the same trick twice?"

    The two men were now caught in a deadly grip, and if only one of them loosened it, the other would definitely deal some serious damage. "Actually... no" Acero's eyes widened. "What?!?" "Cero"

    The powerful blast that followed completely obliterated the Hollow. After the spectacular light show was over, what remained was only a burned wreck that barely resembled Acero's former self. Much to Zac's surprise, though, the Adjuchas was still alive. "I win" the Arrancar placed his Zanpakuto next to Acero's throat. "Gha... You... You think you... won... Arrancar?!?" the defeated Hollow grinned. "That appears to be the truth. Farwell" Zenon raised his sword, preparing to deal the finishing blow.

    "Aha... AHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Acero started laughing. Zacarias looked around. The rest of the pack were just standing there, observing. The Arrancar became a little concerned. It was quite obvious that the Adjuchas had some trick up his sleeve. However, Zenon didn't expect anything like what he saw.

    Acero's wounds started to close, the missing tissue started to grow back, and the burns disappeared. After only a few seconds, it was like he was never hurt. "I thought I told you... That I am more powerful than you think" Acero grinned. Zac gasped. "That's impossible! What the hell are you?!?" he asked. It truly was not possible for a simple Adjuchas to not only survive a point-blank Cero by an Arrancar, but also completely heal from it in a matter of seconds.

    "Tell me, Arrancar... How do you plan on destroying someone you can't kill?" Acero arrogantly asked. Zac was trembling. This truly wasn't high speed regeneration. It was something far, far more powerful. The blast surely must have affected the internal organs. But he still healed. How did this work?!? He was an Adjuchas, after all, and a weak one at that.

    Zacarias tried to calm down. He looked at Acero's pack, hoping to find an answer. But all of them were just standing there, observing. Was this maybe Acero's special ability? Was he immortal? No, that couldn't be the case.

    Then, Zac spotted something. It was quite small, and he felt it just for a fraction of the second, but it was there. Immediately, the Arrancar made an assumption. And if he was right, then he would win the fight.

    "There's nothing in this world that I can not kill" he said as he slowly approached the pack. "Heh? What are ya talking about?" Acero asked. "Unlike most of you, I have a purpose" he said as he kept on slowly approaching the four Hollows observing the fight. "So I became strong in order to achieve it. Far stronger than anyone else here. And nothing can stop me. Not Hollows, not Menos, not even..."

    With one swift and unexpected move, Zacarias decapitated one of the Hollows from the pack. It was a fat fish-like Hollow without any visible weapons. He didn't even see it coming. Immediately, Acero gasped.


    The rest of the pack also got on their toes. "What the..." a spider-like Hollow asked. "Don't you have any pride, Arrancar? Striking an observant just like that..." Zac used Sonido to go back to Acero. "I was right, wasn't I? This Hollow was healing you from behind the scenes, wasn't he?"

    Acero was trembling with anger. Then, he looked at the ground. "Cura... He... he lacked offensive powers... instead, his special abilities were to heal... Why did you have to kill him?!? This was between you and me!!! He was my brother, goddammit!!!" "What..."

    Immediately, Acero jumped into blind rage. He started attacking Zacarias left and right, desperately trying to land a hit. But the Arrancar swiftly parried all of them, then counter-attacked. The Adjuchas' hand flew. He fell on the ground and grabbed it. As expected, the hand didn't grow back. Zacarias approached him and kicked him.

    "I'm sorry about your brother. But I want you to remember one thing" Zenon said as he raised his sword. "I wasn't the one who killed him. It was you" Those were the last words Acero heard before his head flew off and landed in the sand a few feet away.

    A little saddened, but firm, Zac swung with his sword into the air to clean the blood off, then pointed it at the pack. "Next"

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Intense. Approved for Leo...again. xD You have a habit of attaining that rank, don't you?
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