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 Quincy Information

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PostSubject: Quincy Information   15/03/11, 10:29 am

Baseline Information

The quincy are a group of Humans whom have evolved past their physical boundries and developed special abilities related to long range attack. Unlike a shinigami, whom uses the spiritual energy from inside their own bodies in order to manipulate reality around them, a quincy uses the ambient spiritual energy in the air and atmosphere around them. This is known as Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation. It is used primarily to create their weapons and fight against hollows.

The Quincys are grouped together for the most part. They have been under the process of being collected by Uryu Ishida and Mayuri, but so far, no official organization for them has been developed.

Quincy Cross

Also known as the Mekkyaku, the quincy cross is the pinnacle of their powers and abilities. For the most part, quincy crosses are uniquely shaped, and although named a "cross", they do not always have to be in such a form. Common examples of a quincy cross taking a typical form is the Christian cross and Celtic Cross. Common examples of them not taking the standard form is a Pentacle or other Star-shaped variant. Made of pure silver, there are no variants in the metal that creates a quincy cross. It absolutely must be silver. Wrapped around the wrist for the most part, the cross is where the true ability of the quincy come into play. When activated, a Bow or similar long range weapon will be formed from the reishi in the air around the quincy. The quincy is then capable of using this bow in order to fire arrows, also made of spiritual particles, at their opponent for devastating damage. Although it does not mean as much as a zanpakuto's name, Mekkyaku normally also have a name, to help personalize the quincy with their zanpakuto.

Final Form

When a quincy has reached a critical point in power, they are capable of training with a special device known as the Sanrei glove. This glove makes it incredibly difficult for the quincy to draw in spiritual particles. After a quincy has worn this glove, effectively created their bow, and fired arrows from said bow for a solid week will they be capable of utilizing the Quincy: Letzt Stil. Quincy: Letzt Stil, also known as the Quincy Final Form, is a minor transformation (usually only affecting the clothes a quincy wears, changing them into a more battle-orientated suit as well as giving them a spiritual quiver over their left or right arm) that will greatly enhance their fighting prowess. The power of a quincy will skyrocket greatly, although it will only last a short period of time. After the final form has been used, a quincy will lose all of their abilities and become human.

In order to regain quincy powers, there are two options. The first is to be hit 19mm to the right of the heart by a spiritual arrow fired by another quincy after becoming mentally and physically exhausted. The second option is for a quincy to undergo Fullbring training and use it to manipulate their cross back into it's proper form. Once this happens, the quincy will be restored of all of their abilities. Please note that this is very difficult to perform, and will require much training.

Other Abilities

Hirenkyaku - Like the two staple races of shinigami and arrancar, quincy have their own unique version of flash step. Hirenkyaky focuses spiritual particles under the users feet in order to allow them to glide short distances at very fast speeds. It has been commented on in the manga that Hirenkyaku is generally faster then Shunpo and Sonido, although with the speed stat here, that doesn't truly matter

Ginto - Similarly to shinigami, quincy have a basic magical ability called "ginto", which utilizes silver tubes filled with a water-like liquid. After the quincy utters the incantation and activates the tube (usually by pouring energy into it and throwing it, although this is not always the case), the spell will activate and perform it's task. Unlike kido, ginto isn't numbered by strength, nor is there a full list of available spells. Ginto is more or less custom to the quincy.

Quincy Bangle - This is an item similar to a quincy cross. If someone is accustomed to pulling spiritual energy from the area around them, such as a quincy whom had lost their powers, they are capable of using this device to create a facsimile of their old Bow and use it. Although not as powerful, it can still be quite helpful in a pinch. If overused, the quincy bangle will overheat and shatter.

Seele Shneider - Similar to a ginto tube in appearance when not activated, a seele shneider is arguably the most dangerous weapon in the quincy arsenal. After activation, a blade forms and juts out from the tip of the seele shneider, which vibrates at insanely high speeds and frequencies. It is not intended to merely cut, however. When used, it loosens the bonds between spiritual particles in spiritual matter, allowing for the quincy to absorb reishi easier. It has also been stated to increase spiritual power when used. Despite appearing to look like a sword, the seele shneider's true potential is only revealed when it is used as an arrow, allowing it to pierce damn near anything.

Ransotengai - This technique is so rare it hurts. By manipulating the spiritual threads around themselves, a quincy is capable of moving their body like a puppet. Originally developed to help elderly or paralyzed quincy move in their handicapped state, it can be quite effective in the right situation.

Soul Synthesized Glass - Some quincy have been known to have the ability to alchemize their own spiritual energy into glass. It is unknown exactly how they do this.

Soul Synthesized Silver - Some quincy have been known to have the ability to alchemize their own spiritual energy into silver. It is unknown exactly how they do this.
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Quincy Information

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