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 Human Information

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PostSubject: Human Information   15/03/11, 10:25 am

Baseline Information

Humans. You may or may not have noticed, but there are a lot of them. Thing is: Not many of them have spiritual abilities. That’s where you come in. As a player of a Human, you’re one of the select few gifted with the ability to use spiritual powers. As an example: Think Orihime or Chad from the series proper. Humans, due to their very “blank” nature, can acquire all sorts of powers. And unlike Shinigami or Arrancar don’t need to have them be based around an item of sorts. They can, quite literally, be and do anything.


Here on Bleach: Everlasting Aeons, all humans have a baseline ability of sorts known as Crystallization. More information on this is in the Crystallization page.

Perfect Crystallization

This is the secondary evolution of Crystallization. Again, more information in the crystallization page.


An optional ability that humans are capable of possessing is Fullbring. By directly influencing the soul inside all matter, they are capable of transforming or directly manipulating it to achieve a desired effect, such as pulling on the soul in asphalt to increase it's springiness and allow for them to jump higher. Every Human user of Fullbring has a parent who was attacked by a Hollow before they were born. Traces of the Hollows' powers remained in their mothers' bodies, which were passed on to them when they were born. Thus the powers are closer to those of Hollows than they are to those of Shinigami. This means that all who use Fullbring are under the influence of Hollow Crystallization. In order to activate Fullbring, the user must have pride in the specific object they are trying to manipulate. This object will have the memories stored in it of the user, transferred and updated every single time the user touches that object. This means that the longer the user has had the object, the "stronger" or easier to manipulate it will be.
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Human Information

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