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 Siegfried Enders Done

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Siegfried Enders

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PostSubject: Siegfried Enders Done   15/03/11, 03:00 am



Siegfried Enders

Age: 862 years

Gender: Male



Standing tall with his 6'1 feet with a rather slim body, though not weak. Almost thousand years have trained his body to the maximum: he is fast, he is agile, strong. someone who could start a little war is he would want or was challenged to. he looks young with even eight hundred years on his back, but he seems to have not aged a day since bid his life farewell. He still looks like eighteen.

His torso is well built, though always hid by clothing and the likes, it is a result of over five hundred years of training, sweating, serious injuries and a lot of bone fractures. the breast muscles and the abs are well seen when shirtless and the only way this part of his body is decorated is with scars residing on his skin and in his soul for live, as well as several tattoo's. One being a tattoo resembling tribal lines forming two black wings going down from his shoulder-blades, but not leaving the back, nor going to the sides and not going lower than his waist. The most recognizable scars are those of hollow fights and training, but mist of them come from himself, well his hollow side to be exact. Their conflicts and the fact that they have been crossing swords for the last years have left a large dent in Bryan physical attractiveness to some girls, but raised it for the women with the darker and more cruel personality.

His legs are those of a real warrior and role model for the lover ranked in live, in the shinigami ranks and in the attractiveness scale, if there is such a dull and boring thing. Bryan has trained his legs well to, they are strong enough to kick holes in walls and kick through a horde of hollows on one of his bad days. for some interesting reason or other his genitals going lower than his head have not had any growth of hair, leaving everything besides his head naked. Well I won't tell you about the intimate stuff, you'll have to find it out IC.

His arms, as mentioned before are hair-less, but yet manly hands with veins visible every time he clenches his fingers together to make a fist and sending it off with strength enough to punch your teeth down your throat. The muscles are well visible in these areas as well. Applying for the right hand: the muscles are visible below the tribal tattoo resembling two "S's" crossed representing the childhood gang he was in when alive.

Going up, even higher: his head is that of a typical American. With jet black hair hanging down wildly sometimes weakening his sight allowing for petty mistakes and a lot of openings to be sighted by an opponent worthy and keen enough. his eyes dark partly covered by his wild mane. His sight is enough to see the enemies moves coming and to see right through the very opponent as well. His nose being an ideal work of symmetry, said to be gods modeling and his lips full enough to be every woman's wish he is compered to an Adonis. On the back of his neck resides a Japanese character meaning - protection. it was a blessing from the priestesses of a temple.

Though he shows often a dull and careless look, he often is misunderstood at first sight. The clothing in the image bellow are those he used to wear when still alive. those were the times when thief's and rouges plagued the forests and attacked the wealthy and the noble. The time when picking up a sword to be a knight who brings salvation or a bandit who brings destruction were the only two real choices. he had fought a lot of foreign warriors and taken from each of them something worth the while, either after the fight or while fighting, with force. All except the seemingly cybernetic arm are exactly the same. What he wears now is a rarely the same. he has a large clothing collection so no one recognizes him among the living for over a hundred years. But he prefers casual clothing like a leather jacket or a windbreaker and some casual pants.

Personality: A man who, despite his unappealing way of conversation and dreadful look, still cares a lot for the opposite gender. Not if he is attacked by a representative of it, he has no problems fighting a woman, may it even be an infant, though he will surely hold back against one if not completely challenged. He has a habit trying to seduce women at the weirdest times, even in the midst of battle, even an opponent. he knows what he likes and he likes it much. He is a real smooth-talker with pick-up lines and compliments from a thousand years ago, ones that have brought queens and princesses with entire kingdoms to the male gender. Even a goddess would blush if Bryan really tried to seduce her. He does not show any other emotion than affection to a girl of his choice, if she really favors him. He will not back from a challenge, a feisty girl that is.

He shows not fear around anyone. He stays reasonable and calm acting with someone greater in power than him. He gives not away his weaknesses easily and does not approve of battles that serve no purpose. He shows not excitement easily as well, together with pleasure. He is one to hide that he is interested in something so that no one knows his real motives for sure. And he will not grieve for anything, even someone lost to the fangs of time or to an opponents blade. He will not sulk about anything and will not let use his affections against him. He will not rage off by simply being deceived with foul words and empty threats. He will rarely answer with the same and rarely raise his voice to the threatening and uncomfortable tone, may the situation appear grim or almost impossible to get out of.

He never backs down from a worthy challenge and participates in fair battles. He finds it boring to draw his blade all the time, and he also fears from attacking wit it as his hollow side may get the better of him and cause more damage and paint than needed for one lifetime. he rather prefers hand to hand combat and after that sword battles. He has not forgotten the power of kido as well, but attacking with spells is quite boring. He has achieved a state where he can read his opponent and see right through them. He is sometimes able to predict their movements and plan several steps ahead.

He hates what he hates and likes what he likes, there is no need for him to change and there never will. Sure, he acts a little and tells what the ladies want to hear when smooth talking, but that is about it. He enjoys good comedy as well as some beautiful art or a superb theater play. But he has also experienced many music ways with almost a millennium behind him and he not been as found to one as he is to rock and metal. His mind may be poisoned by the pop songs a little, so he might hum one once in a while, but don't expect him to know every newest track.

Loyalties: his loyalties mostly lie in the Vizard ranks and in his allies. Though, he is not overly trusting to anyone yet as its better to keep your wits about you at all times. You should never believe in everything someone says and you should never tell anyone the full story so they keep you as a friend and don't decide to get rid of you, but that's just the lesson Siegfried lives by. He is somewhat loyal to the god of rock as well, though that being a little more of a personal opinion than a loyalty as he does not want to blend in with the usual crowd of lower lifeforms.



Zanpakuto Spirit:
A man wrapped in a blue coat and with a gaze than can at the same time freeze your every body cell and expect the unexpected. A loud mouthed and cocky exemplar of eternal beings. But do not be fooled: with great confidence there always comes great skill, well if not mostly than in this case. Another ladies man. He is always straight with his opinion and does not go out of his way to be polite. He enjoys cutting people down to the point where they make a fuss even about the smallest thing that is not somewhat correct. Even if he can't be heard mostly he does not back down from saying his mind and expressing his feelings, whatever they may be. He does not enjoy any company at all, at least not male company anyway. Gekidoku is often tired and sleeps on his throne. He is also a feminist and hates when Siegfried is facing off against a woman, he often denies it and sometimes even does not allow for his wielder to enter the Shikai or Bankai form.

Gekidoku enjoys complete silence and balance he also prefers everything to be symmetrical and correct. He is not rarely seen appear in the world of living even if Siegfried can only see and hear him, he likes to rather be outside and get the view of the world of the living. He never shows any other emotion than carelessness. He has a cocky tone and a annoying attitude when talking with anyone. He hates being disturbed and hates to see his wielder being defeated or beaten in any way, as he sees that as humiliation and disgrace to his power.

Inner World: A large throne room made completely out of glass. There is a throne in one side of the room with Gekidoku sitting in it while there are eight pillars in total going around the room. the room itself is sealed by glass that can not be broken. There isn't much room really for it is only one room. The two doors that are placed at each side of the throne are always closed. And they are probably the only thing not from rock or glass. The throne seems to have been made in a Gothic manner as there are many skulls and bones in the design as well as a large cross as the back side of the chair he sits in. The eyes and other things are ornamented with red and blue jewels. The throne is made out of bones but is placed on a rock podium with torches at each angle and inscriptions on each side of the podium. The cross mentioned earlier is also full with inscriptions. Behind the throne there is a mosaic representing a warrior standing in front of a large beast. The others that are located around the room covering each one wall tell of the great deeds as well. They look like the ones you normally find in a church. One tells of him learning powerful spells and shooting off flames, the other of him holding a blade in the hand and the last one shows a fiend or a dark monster that shows itself emerging from behind the warrior seen in the other mosaics.

Sealed Zanpakuto: The simplest of the murder class weapons. A sheath and a blade. The blade itself is smooth and a real work of art as it has not only the astonishing ability to reap someone of its life but the beauty of the blade can be compared to it with no real problems. Along the blade there are Japanese characters engraved that stand for "Poison - Plague". They are only one millimeter deep and that already thins the blade by a lot. A scorpion is at the beginning of the blade which is only visible on the right side from the point of the wilder and its tail wraps around the blade two times before the stinger ends little before touching the guard. Speaking of which the guard is in a hexagon shape with a golden edge and a bronze base. There are even more engravings in the guard. From small lines on the edge to sakura blossom shaped ones on the base going around the blade. Besides that there are no real marks that would make it easier to find this blade among the million of other katanas. The handle is the same as every other bronze or brown colored handles. The bottom is gold while the cloth bronze colored, that's a fancy way of saying brown. Last but not least the bronze sheath that slightly resembles a snakes skin has a golden scorpion crawling on a sakura tree as it blossoms.

Shikai Appearance: Plague the lands, Gekidoku (Soeki za riku, Gekidoku)

A large hammer, could be even called a sledgehammer that looks like made from ice or crystals. The middle is thin and out of a golden metal while the both ends are made out of a beautiful crystal. Its light blue while it gets crystal white at some areas. it is again covered in engravings in the middle and on both ends while there are several small holes that are used to release the poison. It is said that the crystal the hammer is crafted from a rock that is stolen from god itself. At the same time the handle is from steel with a sharp end that can be used to piece through someone as well. The steel handle has a silver tone together with various protrusions like horns.


Shikai Abilities: While in Shikai Siegfried can emit many poisons from the hammer while it itself has the ability to deflect most of the reiatsu based attacks that are sent his way. Though the poisons are where the real ability appears. In his arsenal Siegfried carries many poisons which can kill people almost instantly while others can serve for a slow and agonizing death by suffocating or dieing of veins and arteries being blocked by reiatsu or others. The poisons do not have any affect on Siegfried as he is blessed by Gekidoku with the resistance to all of his poisons.

Name: Tsuchi doki
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Need to be in the possession of the weapon
Description: A poison that makes even the hardest earth into quicksand that swallows people in a five meter radius. Rock is also transformed as it is a form of earth. Can travel between floors of buildings if made out of rock.

Name: Seirei doki
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Need to be in the possession of the weapon
Description: A poison that makes it impossible to collect the reishi around the area it is spread. The poison as well negates any reiatsu based attacks and makes it harder to see the surrounding area (5x5 meters).

Name: Rangu shikkan
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Need to be in the possession of the weapon
Description: A poison that is lethal to the one who breathes it in, it serves for a slow and painful death. The poison travels through the lungs and rots them making it unable to breathe. the poison needs ten posts to take full effect, but it gets harder to breathe and concentrate after every post.

Name: Shinkei shikkan
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Need to be in the possession of the weapon
Description: A poison that when breathed in causes an instant death of nerve cells making the opponent's ability to feel, perceive disabled and gets their senses dizzy and uncontrollable.

Name: Jikoku shikkan
State: Shikai
Terms of Usage: Need to be in the possession of the weapon
Description: Makes the opponents ability to perceive almost zero and slows his inner clock down. He will take it hard to follow Siegfried movements and will move at an extremely slow rate making him an easy target. His senses are also heightened to any kind of pain or movement. so if the ground rumbles they will most-likely fall and if Siegfried cuts them the hit will feel like an eternity.

Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?

Bankai Abilities: What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?

Inner Hollow


Inner Hollow:
A beast with horns that surpass the head in length and a skull for a helmet covering the head. The mask stays the same. The being sacrifices its legs, but not its speed. The insides, the intensities, the bones, everything is visible. The hands stretch almost to the ground as the body levitates above it. The finger stretched out to be three times the normal length and turned into claws said to be poisonous, the very touch could kill. Horns and claws protruding from its shoulders, elbows and head. From behind cheeks - fangs come out and the skin is nowhere to be seen. The middle of the body seems to be is broken in half and the spine is seen coming out.

Mask Appearance: The base is almost the same as the famous Ichigo Kurosaki's. Its mostly white expect for the red fangs that protrude at the sides. The only part black is around the horn coming out of the forehead. They are surrounded by black circles and a single stripe goes down resembling a drop of blood. Also there are tribal marks in the nose and eye areas which are symmetrical to each other.


Mask Abilities: The ability to use several Hollow abilities - Cero's and with time other more powerful techniques. His physical abilities are as well enhanced and serve for great aid in battle. High speed regeneration at its peak is not an option. Average to low regeneration. Regular physical attacks and reiatsu attacks enhanced as well. And a special cero - one that rivals the gran rey cero in power, but does not have a form. It fires off as a regular cero and explodes as a gran rey while it has the poisonous when it blows up and even when it touches you. In fact, that is the ability of all the ceros.


It all began in the twelfth century with the birth of a child, a boy to be exact. A boy who was given a royal name despite his families grim looking financial status and the fact his bloodline was as royal as fish that could talk. He was forced to walk the first years through the dark forests and through various villages where everyone was a poor and sick of life as him. His parents were traders and traveling salesmen. Though you couldn't get any big money from what you found in the woods so they were forced to go to dangerous castles, ruins, caves and the likes to find something valuable that would save them from starving and would keep them alive for another day or two. They often faced bandits and thief's that wanted whatever they were carrying around, no matter what it was, they didn't even care to ask if the bags had been filled with anything to begin with so his father mostly protected them while Siegfried hid behind his mother.

That's basically the way his childhood flied away with soaring wings and as fast as a bandit ran away from the law. But he was forced to fight for his own life from one day forward. The day both his parents were murdered by scum.

They were returning from a dark cave which had been searched through and the only thing they had found were some mushrooms and fire wood for another night camping outside. They made half the way to a nearby town when the night fell above their heads. They decide to not continue but simply rest for the day, thinking that with two men it would be enough to survive the night. Siegfried was sent to the forest for more firewood as the one he had already collected had burned to ashes by the flames that made their camp fire. He had no trouble seeing what he was picking up as the darkness was cleared by the puny flames of the fire and some fireflies that surrounded him.

As he bent to pick up another piece of wood he heard a loud scream and then a laugh. He grabbed the wood tight and ran to the faint signs of humans, probably the only ones in the whole forest and as soon as he got to the camp he saw his parent lying on the ground dead with blood spilled on the ground and the forest wildlife, as well as a large puddle below his parents. Everything was read and he snapped immediately. He dropped the firewood and picked up his fathers blade. He charged at the ones he claimed as his enemies and slashed at them with all his might. Bringing them to their knees to roll down in agony after that he finished them off one by one carefully remembering each aspect he could hear in their screams: agony, pain, fear, anger. All these emotions were followed by death. He sat down on the bags he had carried and thought about taking his own life for a split second, before he heard the yell and heavy breathing of what seemed to be an animal. Siegfried rose his blade and blocked the incoming one. It was two or three times larger, the blade and the one who carried it, each each than than their counterparts. The one who blocked was thrown down to the ground with a shattered blade in his hands and his chest torn open. He took a few deep breaths and eyed his opponent before standing up. The half-dead child did not seem as a worthy opponent. It was rather surprising he could stand right now. Siegfried regained his senses and grabbed his broken sword tightly. He charged at the man who resembled an ox in size and overall appearance. Covered in leather he was spit in the face by Siegfried. that was no saliva, not only anyway, it was mixed with blood. While the beast was distracted a blade ran through his throat and silenced the last screams that were heard that night. His life and blade was taken and dragged away.

Siegfried worries did not end with the mans death. He was hunted by the killed mans higher-ups. It turned out that he was a part from an gang of bandits and he was one of the top ranked dogs. So Siegfried could only escape those weakling by joining up a gang himself. Said - done. He joined one called "Soul Stealer's". Being young and wild, nothing like what he is now, he started to kill and murder everyone he was told to, even civilians. some where even from the gang that was hunting him. Some seemingly small-matter killings later the two gangs went to war with each other. Both sending all of their men and women to fight the opposite forces. Siegfried was at the top of his game. He killed each and every new face he saw, not thinking twice. as almost an hour had passed he was still not tired of killing. But his life was taken by an archer of the enemies ranks. The first arrow piercing his backside and bringing his lips to let out a growl. He turned around to face the bastard and curse him for several lifetimes before his heart was pierced by another arrow.

As the war had ended and a few ghostly images were standing in the middle each bound with a chain to his or her human remains. the bodies covered in blood and scars were violently crippled and payed no respect to. Each death came in a different way, each more painful, humiliating and agonizing than the previous. The spirits continued to fight and argue even in these forms. They weren't as shocked of their death as angry that they died and had to possibly meet his or her murderer again in afterlife. the silence that was hear at the beginning lasted only a few seconds before everyone started to spout nonsense and yell at each other. Only Siegfried was completely silent. He just watched his dead remains lye on the ground with several arrows protruding from it. "So weak..." He sighed and closed his eyes as he was surrounded by fools and idiots who did not care even about their own deaths. "You idiots..." He sighed again. He could not bare the fact that he was one of them. He had been deceived by the thrill and excitement of killing and brought into a fight, no a war, that he could have easily avoided. His life spared and his heart not pierced, not just by an arrow, but by foolishness. "You let your emotions control yourself while placing your life on the line to play against the devil... and you lost... your very life." He despised himself. It seemed as if he was a completely different person from before. He was much more mature and was now focused to attain a state of spiritual calmness, that would also be his key to victory from this day on forth.

A large crash and a cloud of smoke in the middle of the battlefield calmed the ones arguing for a very long time now. They were surprised and stupefied by the appearance of a monster clawing its way out of the cloud throwing bodies and dirt all around the area. A large demon-like figure looked over them with an eye ready to kill and to eat launch. With a simple swing about ten meters of land were gone, they simply disappeared. The monster rose its arm above its head and opened his claw to drop the collected spirits together with a large amount of dirt and mud into his mouth. Some rocks and mud fell past it and buried the bodies below it. It then started to walk towards more victims leaving bodies crushed into the ground left in his footprints.People running scared away, though not getting anywhere since their souls were still attached to their bodies. Even Siegfried, who promised himself he would keep his emotions under control had to open his eyes wide at this sight. The enormous beast coming his way looking even more hungry. As soon as Siegfried regained his sense he looked at his chain and tried to rip it out of his chest. He tried several times but it had no use. The beast continued its way at the buffet. Siegfried couldn't take it. The boy grabbed his chain with his right hand and wrapped it around his leg. He then jumped in the air and performed a front-flip and stretching out his leg. As he came down the heel of his leg hit the chain and broke it in half, leaving good two meters for him to carry around. He didn't leave it on purpose, he just couldn't get even more off of him and perhaps it was a blessing he couldn't. He started to run at the forest thinking he could get some sanctuary there. Though the beast was not satisfied with the other souls, or he just couldn't bare for someone to survive his attacks, either way he came after the boy in hopes of finding and killing him.

He ran at least a mile before stopping and hiding behind a rather large tree, not larger than the vile beast but it was better than nothing. He could hear the beast growling and screaming together with trees being ripped out of the ground with the very roots and torn over crashing before going to ground. As the beast came closer he took a deep breath and waited for it to pass him. The only thing he heard was a yell, high as it came from the top of its lungs. He quickly crouched and avoided a painful and quick death. The claws cut through the tree leaving only a stump behind. "Where is the blood?" It asked after licking its claws. "Argh!" Could be heard from it as it struck again by ramming its claws into the ground behind the stump. "Where is the splurt? Why wont you die?!" The monster yelled repeatedly ramming its claws into the ground. After ten or more hits it stopped and took a closer look. As its head was as close as possible the boy appeared from behind the stump and threw the end of his chain at the beats mask. It cracked a little but the beast showed no pain. it grabbed Siegfried and picked him up with two claws. "In you go!" it said dropping the kid into is mouth. but it was not his time to die. The boy was carried away by a black blur. the next moment all Siegfried knew was that he was a live, but the beast was not.

The boy picked himself up from the ground to look at his savior. it was a girl with beautiful, smooth, silky hair and with a face and body to die for. She just stood there with a mocking smile on her face starring at the boy. "Who are you..." His lips whispered. And then he snapped. "What exactly was that?!" He again lost his calm side. It was a lot harder to keep the calm and compulsive look on your face than he thought. And try to do that when you narrowly escaped death. "Calm down." He said as she giggled and threw her hair back. what was this woman? Wash she the devil? Why was she playing with Siegfried? He couldn't seem to find an answer to any of these questions by simply looking at the girl so he went for it again. He calmed himself and tried to ask again. "Wha-" He asked, but was rudely interrupted by the girl. "I'll answer everything! Just keep your mouth shut!" She again laughed at Siegfried. "I am a Shinigami - a death god. I take care of all the Hollows - the monsters like the one you just encountered. I also take care of you weaklings. Yes, you humans." She was clearly making fun of him. Though. he tried to keep his cool and listen to everything she said. "You lemons crybabies can't stay alive by yourselves so we are sent to take care of you. Example - I was sent here to save those who were killed. Yes - I was here the whole time and could have intervened at any time. but I have no need for any of you who can't keep yourselves alive for more than three seconds after a big scary beast comes and tries to kill you!" She said it with flapping her arms around in a child-like manner until she went out of breath and had to take a deep one. "Do your higher-ups know of your actions?" Siegfried asked in all seriousness. "Higher-ups? A captain can do what he wants." She replied. And since a captain was a high rank he did not ask anything anymore. "Is a child like this really a Captain?" He wondered but did not bring himself to say it in front of her. "Get that look off of your face!" She yelled. "Or I might reconsider!" She added to her furious speech. "Reconsider what?" He asked. He did not quite get anything now. "To weather den or not you to Rukongai. Don't even ask! Its a place where everyone goes if not killed by one of those. A place where every spirit can live on as they wish." She said bluntly. She was basically reading all of Siegfried's thoughts. He did not know how she did that, but he needed to find out. "What if I don't even want to go?" He asked turning around before being struck by surprise by a tremendous pain in his stomach area. As he looked down he saw the chain links eating themselves. He couldn't even think straight with his body being engulfed in pain. He looked up at the girl. "From what I see it..." She got closer to his face. "You have no choice... Want me to ease the pain?" She whispered in his ear with their faces almost touching. He did not reply, he only clenched his teeth together. She unsheathed her sword and rose the hilt above the boys head. "What... what do you go by?" He asked obviously asking for her name. She just smiled and pressed the hilt against his forehead. "You can call me master."

After disappearing from the world of the living he woke up in a village that seemed mostly abandoned. Some curious heads were shown in the windows looking at the only person on the street. He stood up and cleaned his behind. He had not his regular clothes on him. He now could easily blend in with the whole village. He only needed to take a look at the large building surrounded by tall gates and walls and he knew he had to go there to find that girl. He did not know her name nor anything else except that her smile was enough to melt his heart and her she was the sole reason he came to this wretched place. He started to walk without thinking about how to get in or how things would turn out. As he got to the gate a large ape-like figure appeared. He jumped down destroying the area around him. The ground crumbled as the gorilla asked. "I am the guardian of this gate. You shall not pass!" He yelled out as he showed an axe from behind his back. "You better let me pass." Siegfried didn't want to get held off by a baboon. "Or what?" The man asked as he swung down one axe. As the axe had reached midway to the boys head he was a gain saved by a blur. The axe stopped several inches from his head. He was saved by the same girl who had brought him to this accursed village. "You're really making me regret my actions." She sighed before pushing the gorilla back. "Let's go." She took him by his hand and suddenly disappeared from the view of the citizens. The soon reappeared in the middle of what she explained to be Soul Society. Otherwise known as headquarters for all of her kind. She continued along and explained several more things that she thought Siegfried needed to know. And then she said that the boy had to go to the academy for his own sake to strengthen his abilities in combat that he had never experienced before. She told of swords that could talk of palms shooting off energy enough to destroy villages. And so it happened, Siegfried was called into the Shinigami academy.

The first year passed by making no friends what-so-ever. He dedicated his whole time and every part of his body to get everything and surpass his classmates and ear at least the lowest possible amount of respect he could gain from the girl of his dreams. He sometimes sat in his room remembering one time when he had asked her is she would become his love. She gave him a soft smile and said the words he had engraved in his heart and soul "If you beat me, sure!" The beautiful giggle her lips sealed was enough to make even Siegfried blush. It was his new goal at life - to surpass everyone at Soul Society, though he was not lectured about Hollows and Quincies that time, so he was a unknowing of the outside world as every other student in his class. And that said it - he had to get to know everything and all about what there was to know to beat someone at her level.

Siegfried claimed his Zanpackuto on a field with tall grass that covered the lower half of everyone's bodies. He was the last in his squad that had graduated the academy simultaneously. He had survived though battles and though opponents but he had never had the need to reach into his inner world and he had no use for more power in his case. He had no use for even more power. But he decided to have a inner experience of sorts so he would go to a plain. He sat down and closed his eyes going into a state of calmness. He then after several hours of waiting got to a weird place. It was a room where everything was made out of glass and there was a throne in the back. a man hiding his face behind his hood asked Siegfried. "Why do you need power? You are capable of beating everyone with your current strength, and yet you desire something that seems completely senseless. Why is that?" He asked. "I'm here to tighten our bound. How can someone kill if his weapon does not give him strength and does not place his trust in him?" The boy explained. "You think that by simply knowing my name... and being able to use my power... will be the peak of our cooperation?" Even more questions were asked. "Why of course. That is why I'm here after all - to give bloom to "our" power." he said letting only a small grin escape. "So be it. Then call out my name..." Siegfried was again in the real world. He opened his eyes quick and said it - Gekidoku. As soon as these words had been said out the thin blade turned into a large hammer made out of what seemed to me crystal and its hilt was wrapped in cloth. The boy swung with it a few times before ramming it into the ground withe excitement filling his veins.

After graduating the academy he joined the division of the woman, not that he had a real choice. That was the second one. The stealth one with many assassinations and killings that were so silent that even death itself didn't expect it. He was sent on his first mission soon after wards. It was the usual kind that requested to watch over a town or village. He was sent to Shanghai. It was rather large so he was given a help of three division members to help him. Nothing much, though, the captain said that that was one of the smallest hollow activity points. they were just sent to investigate the recent deaths. He was not really at the top of his game. He was really quite angered at that time as he had heard her love talking with some man who turned out to be more favored than he himself in her list. He despised her from this moment on out. But he went to earth non the less. they arrived soon and each one went about his or her way so that they wouldn't seem like a target together. They would basically be a pinpoint of where a tasty meal was to be found. After each had made his/her investigations they had decided to rendezvous in the city's center. But when he arrived he only saw the dead remains and blood spilled everywhere. "The others didn't survive, maybe this one will..." He heard faint voices behind his back before his body dropped down on the ground. His vision soon went to black and the only thing he remembers is that when he woke up he had a terrible itch behind his face which followed by complete pain all over his body and then he lost his senses again. His Captain had come to earth to see what they were up to so long and as she saw the bodies and Siegfried in pain she lost her guard. She had forgotten everything and she ran at the boy yelling out his name. The boy disappeared on the spot and when he had turned back his blade was driven his his Captains body. "You have forgotten the first lesson..." He said in a much darker voice which overlapped with another one. His face was starting to cover itself with a white mask. Nearly half the face was behind a mask. "Never let your guard down..." He drove the blade even deeper. "...never..." He drew his sword out and sheathed it. That is what remains of the legend called Siegfried in soul society. Though He himself does not remember such a thing.

He remembers being sent to his inner world and faced by himself. He did not quite understand at that time, but now he knows. He knows that that was his inner hollow, though he is still wondering how it happened and who did it to him, but the battle he face can not be forgotten. They swung their blades at each other for several hours. Until Siegfried lost. Or so the hollow thought. He had pierced the sharp end of the hammer through the young boys body as blood ran down the pole and dripped down when it reached the crystals on which even the blood looked beautiful. "It seems you lost... I'm gonna have fun with your body, though. So Don't worry." He said with a grin. "Don't... ever... look... down... on me!" He said after each word taking a deep breath. He packed his hollow by the head and thew him down while packing his shikai with both hands he rammed the hammer down on the face of the fiend. "See you when your ready to beat me." He whispered while picking the hammer black up. He swung back bending his spine almost inhumanly like and then bashed the bastards head in with it.

Quote :
Roleplaying Sample: In the morning only the faint sound of a pair of AT's dashing down the road at full speed, giving no one time to get out of the way and simply running them over or pushing them aside, throwing them in various kind's of objects like fruit carts and the likes.

Making the people think that they already have a bad day, speeding through the streets was Brayan. The overdose of coffee had resulted in a rather large amount of adrenalin in his blood, so he couldn't sleep but spent the night dashing across the rooftops of the homes that were in his neighborhood. After him only trails of broken roofs and windows lighting up in about 3 A.M. remained. With him disappearing in the mist only silent screams and yells remained there. he was too far to hear anything they cursed clearly and he didn't bother to listen. He was free as a bird even though he went down the road that asked him to sacrifice his wings for fangs. But fangs were pretty good for reaching high places to.

Bryan was still dashing through the streets and alleys being followed by curses and waved fists, which he grinned back to. The only real target he could have in this part of the town was some fancy-pants school where the "smart" people went to study. Brayan thought he would simply entertain them today with a few exciting games. You could only wonder: exciting at which end? He was already sure that he wasn't nor expected nor wanted there, but if that would stop him every time then he could have saved a lot more scars this way.

He sped off of the road onto the pavement then, picked up speed and jumped on the walls surrounding the targeted estate. He continued to the corner and turned to the left where the wall was leading. He was riding full speed until the gates. Brayan then jumped off of the wall grabbing into the gate and using the speed, his weight and the epic momentum closed the gates and launched himself at one of the personnel, without touching the ground. as he rammed into the man who seemed like the gardener, bottom half first he spent a few other seconds in the air dragging the man with him. "Wooh!" only could be heard from the vandal. After the air-time he landed on the gardener sliding across the ground leaving deep dents and a large trail behind them. He ended his entrance and presented himself with arms stretched out and a large grin on his face. "Dear, not so bright student's of Tokyo U... I am glad to be entertaining you punks for the next two and a half hours, hopefully bringing in some colors in your pathetic and boring, not to forget shitty lives!" He bowed and got off of the half-dead man. "Let the games begin, bitches!" He yelled out.
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First poison in Shikai available.

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Siegfried Enders

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Reiatsu: 6
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-Strength: 7
-Defense: 4
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Siegfried Enders Done

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