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 Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)

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PostSubject: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   14/03/11, 03:10 pm



Ryan Smith-jones

Age: 259

Gender: Male

Appearance: Of Medium height (5' 10") and looks about 15 in real world age, Ryan is Very pale almost pure white, he has Short spikey white hair which is permanently messed up, and pure white eyes (Irises and pupils dont stand out so its hard to tell where he's looking) , he looks like a stereotypical ghost, and it has been said before now that he looks as ill as captain ukitake is .

Ryan Shuns the usual shinigami dress code for a white T shirt and jeans (Sensing a theme here?) He wears his Zanpaktou in a white casing with silver trim on his back. In the real world the Only real differences to his dress are the lack of zanpaktou and Dark coloured shades to hide his unusual eye colour.

Personality: Ryan is a very calm introspective person, who is seen as quite distant and cold by others because of this, he rarely speaks and even his release is said in a whisper, however do not let this fool you into thinking he is lazy, he is in fact the opposite, very dedicated and hard working.

In a fight Ryan leads by example rather than orders, taking the fight head on, he plans for every possible situation reading into the enemies movement and attacking accordingly, even in the thick of fighting he knows where each of the men is and what they are doing.

Squad: none

Position: none


Zanpakuto Spirit:
tebukuro - takes the form of an old man with a long white beard

Inner World: An everlasting field with scattered cherry blossom trees, in summer.

Sealed Zanpakuto: A Jet Black katana with a silver wire handle. about 3 and a half feet in blade length.

Shikai Appearance: A black Gauntlet on the Right hand

Shikai Abilities: Improves reiatsu by about half. Gives greater control over Kidou, allowing all spells to be used at full power with no incantation (as opposed to 80% normally for spells in the 80's/90's.)

Bankai Appearance// What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?

(Not reached bankai level)


Ryan was a 'wonder boy' at the academy mastering kidou and shunpo easily if struggling with swordfighting a little, Ryan developed his own unique fighting style based off that of yoruichi, using shunpo to increase the speed and power of his attacks as well as unpredictability in a style vaguely similar to drunken monkey kung fu, he also mastered non-verbal kidou achieving aroun 60% efficency even into the 90's. As such he was prematurely offered places in both the kidou corps and the 2nd squad however he refused both to continu his training.

After completing his training ryan joined the patrols - during which time he mastered shikai as well as being commended in over half of the long term patrols he participated in, and quickly rising to second in command of his unit. He was offered vice captain position's many times, but decided he was still too green to be given that sort of position.

Ryan Has only just applied to the 13 squads after being on patrol for 2 years, during which he had to step up to command, after his commander and half the squad was killed by an arrancar after only 6 months. In spite of this tragedy he had to carry on and managed to return with only 50% casualties. Ryan now feels more mature and experienced.

Quote :
Roleplaying Sample:
The Plan had gone wrong. The idea had been simple - to ambush the group of hollow with a pincer movement to stop any escaping, but one of them had heard the commanders unit and pounced killing many - ryans unit had then been out of position and although they rushed to help were to late, they found the commander dying - his zanpaktou shattered at his feet - an arrancar in his released state looming above him. Ryan howled in rage his shikai releasing automatically in response to his emotions, he raised his hand palm open at the arrancar and multiple balls of fire spewed at it blowing holes out of it before it could even realise what had happened it was fading away. Ryan rushed to his superior and attempted to heal him, he was already gone. Tears washed down his face he stood up and turned to his squad, voice steady.
"pack up - we're moving out in half an hour"
You had no time to grieve on patrol - it would wind up killing you.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   14/03/11, 03:27 pm

Power level - Leo

-Racial Abilities:14
-Personal Abilities:6
Physical Prowess:22
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   14/03/11, 03:29 pm

While this is a great start, it appears that you haven't quite reached the minimum requirements we expect here at Bleach: Everlasting Aeons. Please refer to the template for those requirements, particularly regarding the zanpakuto information. Also, the staff decides what power tier you start with when the application is approved, although I applaud your initiative.

Thanks for joining Bleach: Everlasting Aeons. I hope very soon that this small issue gets cleared up and you can begin rping!
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   15/03/11, 06:08 am

I have expanded on the zanpaktou information.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   15/03/11, 06:28 am

It still doesn't quite explain enough. Also, it still doesn't reach minimal standards. Please refer to the application template once more for these requirements.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   10/04/11, 06:11 pm

If this app isn't edited in a week, it will be moved. Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)   

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Ryan Smith-Jones (Shinigami)

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