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 Lucas Stone

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PostSubject: Lucas Stone   14/03/11, 12:44 pm


    Name// Lucas Stone

    Age// 28(appearance) (dead 635)

    Gender// Male

    Appearance// Lucas’ skin tone is very tanned, especially considering where he lived in what was known as England today. He has 3 scars covering his face from when he was young, they come across in a diagonal motion like he had been attacked, and unfortunately for the young stone at the time it was a hollow attack. He wears a very nonchalant attitude on his face, although he is always calculating his next move, and therefore people could also see him thinking deeply at time, like he is in a far off place. Lucas has silver white hair, which is stopped at eye length, worn in a very messy manner, and seems to be always slicked forward. Another thing important to mention is that Lucas is blind, therefore he wears a long piece of cloth over his eyes at all times, because he hates for anyone to be staring at him. Also the cloth is special made by Uruhara, giving Stone the ability to see like a bat, and use vibrations as a way to see things (daredevil lol).The blindness does not hinder his movements at all, as he has learned to overcome sight disability with his hearing, smell, touch, and reitsu senses all getting a boost as too tell when people or other entities are nearby. He has become very adept to moving very silently as well, as he is also an ex-member of the Soul Societies second division.

    Stone is a very relaxed individual, and likes to dress accordingly, as seen by every person he interacts with. The jacket he wears has a black leather body to it that wraps around to the hips of his body, and it can only be closed when a silver buckle that contains a red cross, connects to the other side of the jacket. The sleeves that hang down from the jacket are actually made of cloth leather material that hangs loosely around his wrist, and on these sleeves, you can find the same blood red cross that is on the buckle, on a band. Lucas will also wear a white wife-beater under the jacket, because it seems to make those around him more comfortable, otherwise he doesn’t really see a point for it. He also carries two nameless Zanpaktou daggers within the folds of the jacket; fore if he were ever to had to leave his sword he would need another pair of blades to help him in a pinch. These blades are only 2 feet in length, both without a guard, and neither have the ability to be released. These blades are far from being able to do anything against a fully released Zanpakutou, but with the right wielder, they can be used to survive in the most outrageous of circumstances.

    Lucas also wears black jeans, with a stretchy waist band that makes able to move around without a lot of compromise. The pants fit Lucas perfectly, as they were tailored by the very man that gave the original Vaizard their lives back, Uruhara made these clothes for Lucas. There is also a belt with the same bloody red cross that stretches around his waist. The jacket and pants both are made of arrancar hollow mask, given both the ability that when in contact with Shinigami reitsu, they become a second skin, and the hierro of the skins is activated. This of course is all purely cosmetic, but it is also true that while Lucas may still be cut, these clothes are harder to cut still. Damon also keeps his Zanpakutou on his back, with the hilt above his right shoulder, and a string connected to his the sheath that ends at his left hip.

    Personality: Lucas is known for his rough leadership, with the vaizards, and for disciplinarian measures that keep the group in line. He lets everyone usually do as they please, although if he has issued a mission, he expects it done, and has everyone keep their focus on the mission till it is done. Lucas learned his disciplinarian authority from when he was in the Soul Societies assignation corps and as its leader kept a very strict authority, becoming known as Captain ‘Cold’ Stone. But even though he has been known as the hard ass, Lucas has his soft side, and shares it with his friends and companions, showing that he does care, helping anyway possible. He believes in people needing to learn from their mistakes, so he won’t stick his neck out for those that to stupid things, such as picking meaningless fights, and then having the gall to ask for help later when they get their ass’ beaten into the ground. He does however fight for those that have reason, who put their lives on the line for things they believe, and most certainly will fight for those that help him in his own personal goals.

    Stone is also very stubborn, very set in his ways, and believes that his ways of thinking is the best way to things. He will not budge, unless for very good reason, and even then Stone will believe that he came up with the idea or the solution to whatever, someone else might’ve thought of. Stone is like this due feeling that he has to show that he is a strong leader, and can't give any lee way to his fellow Vaizard, less he shows lax, making it clear he isn't fit to lead these people He does give credit where credit is due in the form of respect, and giving them, positions within the organization that are of the highest tier. Lucas does not imagine the impossible, but instead dreams the probable, always giving thoughts to what he will need in the future to realize his goal. Stone aspires to build an army of Vaizard, keeping the ideals of the second division that he used to lead, and start his army with commanders to lead the troops that he may have to use some day against invaders from either faction. Unlike his ideals for the second division he will let those Vaizards do what they will until the missions come in. He is not a complete hardass that he believes he has to dictate the lives of his soldiers, but he does want some order to his squad.

    Loyalties: His loyalties belong to the Vaizard, and those that join his faction. He doesn’t really believe in sacrificing his troops for anything other than the advancement of their race, and will not do anything for anyone else, unless it directly benefits them. He has tended to form loose alliances for the survival of himself, and others, but will not form permanent alliance, that might put the rest of Vaizard in trouble in the future. Stone has never believed in Soul Societies ideals of saving the humans, or just destroying the hollows because they eat people. He believes that only the strong will survive and that the weak will be left to rot, and should not even be worth considering to save. The Soul Society that has made all Vaizard outcasts, and deemed them abomination, has been considered by Lucas, to be something that shouldn’t be worth saving. The Arrancar on the other hand, now that Aizen is now gone, is considered to be something that is worth pursuing, and maybe one day forming an allegiance but for now it’s not worth pursuing. He is more than willing to accept any humans into the army, although they do have to show that they can handle the missions that they will have to do when they become a Vaizard.

    Zanpakuto Spirit//
    ] Kootoo-nonoshiri (Verbal Abuse). She is a very loud and obnoxious individual, and if I forgot to mention, she’s a bleeding harpy. No she isn’t actually bleeding. Although she is 5 feet tall, and can usually be found sitting on a tree branch above the pool of Stone’s peace of mind. She has a wing spand of 6 feet as well, therefore yes her arms are very long, and at the end of each wing is her hand, which contains a normal human hand. Her feathers on her arms/wings are a brown color, and actually if you looked down her bare front, you would see that she has brown fur like that of a baby bird down her stomach. Her face is almost angelic, fore her eyes seem very sweet and modest, and give people the warm sensation of a mother looking over her babies. Her skin is very pale, contrary to her brown hair, feathers, and hair, although it is very nice, smooth, and seems to moisturizing at every touch. Her smile is that again of a mother, and although she can get quite angry at Lucas she still shows him a lot of affection. While her top half resembles that of a human her bottom half is actually quite bird-like, and is noted that she has talons on her feet. The feet are very large and yellow, also containing three toes on each foot, with three very large talons able to grapple many things and crush them. She wears very little clothing, and in fact she wears none to speak of, and when Lucas was younger he was very modest when had first met her. She feels that clothing is a waste of time and that it does nothing but hinders the body’s movements and cause a lot of resistance.

    Her personality is quite different than her appearance, for although she gives off the perception that she is a very nice woman capable of doing very kind things, on the contrary, she is a devil to be trifled with. She does consider Lucas like a son, and wishes to give him everything that he wishes for, but she feels like he must earn what he wants. She will not help him unless there is good reason, and constantly gets mad at the decisions he makes along the way. Although she is his partner and she feels the connection she still feels like she needs to keep some distance between him and her, and let him figure things out on his own. She realizes that Lucas must be in a lot of stress, still trying to fight his inner hollow, which she knows is tough, and still she can’t do anything except watch. Also another reason she feels like she must help is because of the constant weather that goes on inside Stone’s head, as he is constantly fighting emotions that are going through it. She also gets into fights with Lucas’ inner hollow over him being too tough on Lucas, although the man never listens , she feels like she has done something to help.

    Inner World// Lucas’ innerworld is covered by nothing by clouds and sky, with little floating islands littering the land scape, or sky scape. Should Lucas fall into the sky, chances are he would continue falling, until he hits another floating island, and unfortunately when he is in his inner world, it is impossible for him gather reishi under his feet. All of his Shinigami powers are restored once he touches land, and has land beneath his feet, so that he may climb once again in the sky to gain height. The sun is always shining in this world as well, and the sky reacts Stone’s emotions if they are hectic then a storm comes in, if he is sad then it rains, if he is angry then is snows, and ect. Stones inner world also has a fountain on each floating island although these fountains do not contain water, instead they contain his memories, and give off the sounds of important events that depicted his life. Some islands contain the memories that he forgot, and some contain the memories he wishes he could forget. These islands are at random and he is unable to master all of them or map them out for they float around at different levels in the sky that is his inner world.

    To go along with these different memories, the islands all look different and are surrounded by barriers of sound that drive people crazy. It is not a sound that you can hear, for it’s more of a white noise, and therefore it only irritates your ears, causing the individual to move if they are there too long. Only if Stone can master all the islands, then will he be able to harness his Zanpakutou too its full potential, and start on the quest to start his vaizard army. Also one island in particular houses his Zanpakutou spirit, and this island has no white noise, and can be considered his safe haven within his crazy mind. This particular island is about 4 football fields wide by 4 football fields long, and contains the best fountain out of all the islands. The fountain here is Stone’s peace of mind, where he sits and let’s goes of all his thoughts, he is still able to form new thought but the thought he has let go of are easier to think about. Also it is important to note that inside of his inner world, time is a standstill, and although he is only able to enter upon being unconscious or in a meditative state.

    Sealed Zanpakuto// Stone’s sealed zanpaktou takes the shape of a large Nodachi; the hilt is about a foot long, without anything covering it. Along the handle it is wrapped in a soft green/black fabric, diamond shaped cut outs are done from the top of the hilt, down to the bottom, but leaving a small rectangle at the bottom void of any material. On skin it feels soft but at the same time it feels very rough, as if it was put there to help toughen ones hands. Also at the end of the hilt is a small ring connected to the hilt, able to fit one finger in it. The guard extends out about one and half inches out of the hilt, and is noted to be a circle. The pattern on the guard itself though, has four small arrows coming from the base of the guard to the end, and in the arrows, engraved are little lightning bolts. The blade is not really all that interesting other than the oval hole that is at the end, and it’s important to note that this hole does not give any weakness to the blade. The blade also is three feet long, and is curved slightly up, also noting that it whistles while swinging this blade is seemed to have been heard.

    However its sheath is a bit more interesting, it’s just about as long as the Zanpakutou, and actually seems to give it a bit more length. It color is a very dark green color, almost to the point it is black, and seems that another arrow is painted down the side of the sheath. The difference between the arrows on his guard and the arrows on the sheath is that they hold musical notes of sorts down the length. In terms of carrying it, it has been placed in a position that it is now down the length of his back, starting at his shoulder, and to put it more accurately at his hip. The blade is held there by a strap that is about half an inch in width, and is again dark green, clasped at his shoulder by the same red cross that covers his body. The strap can be unclasped and readjusted around his waist should he choose too, but at the moment it is best to be where is lays at his shoulder. Also should Lucas pull out his blade, the sheath disappears, or should say disintegrates into the air, and reappears by placing his blade behind his back again.

    Shikai Appearance// Bleed their ears, Kootoo-nonoshiri(Verbal Abuse). With the uttering of the release phrase, Lucas spins his zanpakuto in one hand very quickly, then with his other hand he ‘claps’ the blade. When this happens you can physically see the sound waves coming from his hands into the zanpakuto. The sword glows a bright white light and grows to a massive size. Changing its weapon type from a sword to a boa staff, Stone wields this large weapon with ease and expertise. What is very interesting is the very top and bottom parts of the staff, which is the center for his zanpakuto’s ability. The staff is taller than him, standing at 6 foot 4 in total, but is well balanced thus not causing any major difficulties for Stone. The staff is a cylinder pole shape with a diameter of 2 and a half inches, perfect for his hands to grasp onto. The surface of the staff is very smooth, though it isn’t all flat, most of it is leveled blocks. This gives the staff an effect that is has been built by small blocks as some bits stick out more than others. However nothing goes past the 2.5 inch diameter, so it still keeps its shape. The reason for all these blocks in different positions, some higher than others, is so that Lucas may get a grip on the weapon anywhere he chooses to hold. Since it is so much larger than him, a fixed position would only cause her more trouble so practically any place on the weapon can give him a secure grip.

    The color of the weapon is a forest green for most part, making it look old and traditional. However even if it all looks like it was made from wood, each individual block is outlined in white, thus making it look like the ‘core’ of the Zanpakutou was shining. The very bottom of the staff has become a sharp point for the ability to stab and slash an enemy. The tip is 4 very small serrated blades each pushed together to make a pyramid at the bottom of the staff. Its diameter is also 2.5 inches so it’s not that big, and can only impale if it wants to do major damage to an enemy. They are all pure white with a small ring at the ‘bottom’ of the blades to separate them from the staff. The ring is a dark gold and the design is a cloud wisp. White enamel acts as the outline for the rolling cloud shape. The real important part of the Zanpakutou and its most defining feature is the top and bottom part of it. 2 feet into the Zanpakutou it splits into 2 side prongs, they go out horizontally for 6 inches and then up for the 24 inches left. At the top they are sharp and pointed, but 2 inches down from the top another cylindrical bar goes across to the other prong. The reason for this bar is because it holds up the main feature of the Zanpakutou, is that these prongs act a resonance for the sound emitted either by the reitsu made by Stone or the sound of other stuffs.

    Shikai Abilities//

    Vibrate (Passive): The prongs at the end of the staff start to vibrate on command, and will increase or decrease in accordance with the reitsu of the user. If Stone is not holding the staff, the staff will stop the blades from vibrating, in accordance with no power source from which to start the prongs to vibrate. The vibration is not affected by the reitsu of the opponent, and has no effect on abilities or attack made by Lucas.

    Wind’s Symphony (Passive): This ability makes it that every time the two blades collide that a unique explosion of sound pierces through the opponents ears, making them shudder where they stand, maybe distracting them. This is due to the vibration of the rods being so close to the opponent, and the vibration being out of sync due to the clashing of swords. This ability will of course feel differently upon different people depending on how well their hearing is and how weak their reitsu is compared to Lucas.

    White Noise: This is a passive ability that effects those around Lucas, and Lucas himself, although to a much lesser extent. The ability involves that during the release of the Shikai, all individuals suffer from a tiny sound that’s itching at them and draining their reitsu. Although it does involve draining, this reitsu does not get sent to Lucas in any way, shape, or form, allowing him extra reserves of reitsu. The ability is not as effective on higher ups, but they will have a slight ringing in their ears, and having a slight head ache. Lucas will lose his reitsu in twenty posts.

    3 tiers and lower this ability will rid your reitsu within ten of YOUR posts, also you lose consciousness.

    1-2 tiers lower this ability will rid your reitsu within twelve of YOUR posts, also you might become deaf.

    Same tier this ability will rid your reitsu within fifteen of YOUR posts, also containing the ringing within your ear till the end of the battle.

    1-2 tiers higher this ability will rid your reitsu within twenty or YOUR posts, also you have no side effect.

    3 tiers and higher this ability doesn’t do anything to you, and it seems like a fly might be buzzing around.

    Sound Garden: When activated all persons within a twenty meter radius are not able to talk, or make a sound what-so-ever. The idea for this technique is that it will now be impossible for those inside of the perimeter to release(shikai, Bankai, resurrection, ect.)and not be able to perform the necessary incantation that goes along with the kido.

    Enchanted Sonado: This ability by decreasing the reitsu within the prongs makes your opponent feel sleepy, or drowsy to the point that their swordsmanship is sloppy at best. The prongs do this by vibrating at certain frequency that registers with opponents brain, this also effect nearby allies, and the only reason it doesn’t affect Lucas, is because he wields Kootoo. Also while this ability is active he is not allowed to strike with his staff or the prongs, but is allowed to manipulate Kido.

    3 tiers and lower this ability will progressively make the person fall asleep within a matter of YOUR five uninterrupted posts.

    1-2 tiers lower this ability will progressively make the person on the verge of sleep within eight of YOUR uninterrupted posts.

    Same tier this ability will progressively make the person sloppier than usual within twelve of YOUR posts.

    1-2 tiers higher this ability will progressively make the person sluggish within fifteen of YOUR posts.

    3 tiers and higher this ability doesn’t do anything to you, besides maybe make you yawn a bit.

    Two Pair: Loki creates four copies of himself two using one technique and two using another (ex: Two use Shuffle, Two use Waterfall; Two use Waterfall, Two use Cut; etc)

    Sound Wave Stimulant: This ability makes it so that Lucas may access all the potential within his body for two posts. This means that he will gain stats of the next two tier for the next two post, but will then lose 2 tiers from his base tier for the next two tiers after those. This ability also works while using his Vaizard mask, letting him gain the next two tiers in that as well.

    Sound Wave distortion: This ability is when the four prongs at the end of the staff quicken due to reitsu speeding up the vibration. First the ability will enter the mind causing double vision, then causing blurred vision, and then causing the person to react opposite to what they would like to do. This ability can only be stopped after they realize that by building up their reitsu the illusion will disappear.

    3 tiers and lower this ability will make you lose consciousness within two of YOUR posts.

    1-2 tiers lower this ability will make you see the complete opposite of whatever is happening within four of your posts.

    Same tier this ability will make you see the complete opposite of what’s really happening within five of YOUR posts.

    1-2 tiers higher this ability will cause a little bit of doubled vision ten of YOUR posts,

    3 tiers and higher this ability doesn’t do anything to you, but your eyesight will be a little strained.

    Bass Cannon: This ability involves stealing all sound within a thirty meter radius, and building it into the two front prongs on the staff. The prongs hold the vibrations in place until Lucas is ready to release them, also noting that the prongs are now glowing the shade of Lucas’ reitsu, which is a deep green color. Should this be released all things within 100 miles go deaf(including those of higher rank) for only about thirty seconds, followed by a ring, and then a buzz. Also the ability lets go of a deadly round beam of sound, which if looked closely looks like a bunch of green rings with a hole in the middle. This ability is Lucas’ power house attack, and is usually only used when he is having a little bit of trouble.

    Bankai Appearance// What does your Bankai look like?

    Bankai Abilities// What abilities do you gain when you enter your final release?

    Inner Hollow// Nomad is really a spitting of Lucas when he was younger and he had eyes to speak of, and viewed the world as his play toy. The guy has pasty white skin resembling the color of a hollows mask, and about as hard as a mask would be if you touched one. His hair in liberty spikes all over his head, and most notably is that all the spikes are different colors, giving him a very distinguished hair do. Also where most people would have white in their eye, his contain nothing but a void of black, also the iris of the eye is a malevolent shining purple. He contains all the same clothing as Stone, although he does have his own differences, such as not needing the cloth around his due to the fact that he isn’t blind. Also the belt buckles where stone has a blood red cross, he contains a dirt black pentagram, although this pentagram means nothing just a difference in the two personalities. He also wears has a lot of tattoo covering his body, in a strange dead language, that can depict the dark thoughts and memories that plague Stones mind.

    Although Stone come off as cool, collective, and calculative, his counter ego does not share this personality, and dives into extreme madness. He is very abrasive, rude, and methodical, all always scheming, and trying to destroy what it is that Lucas has created. It is not to say that his creature hates that Lucas is doing, but more that he feels like Lucas needs to calm down and live a little. He is Stone’s power after all he just wishes that Stone, would take a break and smell the roses once in a while, and give living a chance. Unfortunately, his path to lead Stone in a life of relaxation, has lead Nomad to believe that he needs to take over Stones body, causing more havoc on Vaizard than he could possibly believe. When in control this Hollow destroys everything that stands in its way, trying to rid Stone of any annoyance that is nearby, and giving him a break from any harsh fight. When this happens, Stone is out of it for a little bit, but eventually he will gain control back fight once again against the one that needs fighting against.

    Mask Appearance// The mask of Nomad is very similar to other hollow and vaizard mask, in such they do have the white mask and strange marking markings all across. Of course like every mask these marking define the mask and giving it a persona that is unique in its own way. First off the mask starts at the back part on top of the head, while maintaining the same length on the sides, and noting that each part ends in ends in a curved jagged end, following the shape of Stone’s cranium. The mask then at the temporals shoots out two very large horns towards the back of the mask, and curving the horns at the end outwards. These horns are about a foot and a half in length, and at the base are 3 inches in diameter, slowly dwindling the diameter to the point. The mask then dips down into the chin, only covering the top and not the underside, and giving off two small spikes at the sides of the chins cut off. The spike only extend about an inch. The mask then goes on to expand around Stone’s jaw line, and following off the mandible is two more spikes that go off about an inch. The teeth on the mask are all very serrated, and give off the impression of a carnivorous predator, although these teeth really aren’t used for very much.

    The thing about the markings is that they are dark blue instead of red like most hollows, almost to point that they are black, and giving it a very interesting persona. The trail begins at the top of the mask with about an inch in width going from the back of the mask to down to the bottom of it, and making it abundantly clear that no part of it is on the teeth. The trail though that seems to end at the teeth expand into a little Hitler mustache as it expands a little bit, and continuing on is after the teeth on the chin, where the trail of blue end at the chin, while adding four downward spikes of blue that bend inwards also from the mouth, two on each side. Almost like they are eye brows, is where another part of where the trail breaks off, and giving two very mean looking blue streaks across the upper eyes. The start out indented at the beginnings and continue on across the upper part, until they reach the end jagging upwards, curving in towards the middle, but the tips curve outwards. Notably the markings do not stop as blue markings, that look like the blue tops of arrows pointing toward the center of the face, that are located at the backs of the mask, and looking like they are going to encroach on the user itself.
    Mask Abilities// If the mask were to come and help Lucas it would only give the front part of the mask, for it does have to horn on it and it wouldn’t be much of a mask protection if it skewered Stone in the process. The mask will always come if it thinks that Stone is in for a fatal blow, also it is important to say that if Stone is in trouble it will put its self on. Taking over stone’s body for a bit of a joy ride, at least until Stone is able to take the mask off, or gain control over it again. Also it is important to note that during this time he has his mask on he can see everything around him, in a somewhat 360 full technicolor type way as the horns act a resonator that give off vibrations allowing him to see, similar to sonar. (ie a bat or submarine). He’s also more graceful now, able to determine where any small object is, and is able to determine where enemies may be hiding through the use of his vibrations. This means that no one is able to hide from him, and it is quite pointless to try it.

    The main part of the mask ability is that it amplifies all of Stone’s sound abilities with its horns that can be used to carry sound waves, and replay them. It also deafens the white noise passive ability for Stone which comes in handy after a long while.

    Ringing Cero: This is Stone’s custom cero, which he charges within his horns and when ready picks it out to be placed within Kootoo. Then Kootoo will gather all sound in the area like for Bass Cannon, and fire the ability, obviously stronger, faster, and deadlier. This ability comes to bring about the change in a lot of Stone’s fights, and is a staple when fighting against strong opponents.

    Bala's symphony: This another of Stone's custom Cero, which he charges with his horns, but is picked up by kootoo while Lucas is spinning the staff. He then distributes the power of the cero into the staff, fully charging it with a cero, and in turn lets it out through the prongs. The difference now is that he now sends bala flying in every direction, and these bala produce a squealing sound while flying through the air. Also these bala are now flying at the speed of sound, although they do not get any more strength than a normal bala.


    Lucas was born into a highly respected family somewhere in the 1400’s in what is now known today as Camelot, and given pretty much anything he had desired. It was great to be Lucas Stone, and really, he not a care in the world fore why should he, it’s not like much happened to the son of a noble family. He was brought up in as a knight learning discipline from his father, and how to be courteous to the king Arthur and his royal family. He was taught that even though he was noble that he must serve the king, fore he was chosen by god, and this didn’t bother Stone, because he was unfortunately very foolish back then. He did everything and anything that the royal family asked, and in turn one day was promised that he would sit at the round table like all of the 7 knights that served Arthur. His life consisted of doing chores and working hard to become a knight, for about twelve glorious and naïve years, fore he was a child and children should take joy in what they do. It wasn’t until one day that Stone noticed something strange about the outside world that he knew his joy was about to be short lived.

    One day Stone was out doing his daily chores when he noticed something flying in the sky, it was strange fore he had never seen anything like it before. It was like a strange bird, although it seemed to be completely white, and too big to be a bird, also it seemed to have….Teeth? Lucas didn’t know what to make of this strange phenomenon, because as soon as he went down to his father, and asked him to look at the giant whatever-it-was, he father just looked at him like Lucas was an idiot. Though this didn’t discourage Lucas fore he was going to figure this out, because like anyone twelve year old boy, he was curious as hell. But soon Lucas would understand the mean the meaning of “curiosity killed the cat”, or at least understand it when the saying would come out. Lucas studied this weird beast all day long, taking in how it just circled above the castle like it was planning to attack it or something. This didn’t bother Stone for had seen weird animals before, but this guy took the cake fore strangest behavior of animal. It never ate, never slept, and only did this circling thing until it decided to go away into the woods for a bit, and would appear within about thirty minutes to continues its odd behavior.

    After about the third day of it circling, it was joined by another winged beast that seemed to look the same as its predecessor. It was completely white, and had some weird amount of teeth instead of a beak and began circling. Then another came, then another, then another, and then the sky had about twenty of these monstrosities blanketing the sky, and Lucas could definitely hear a roar that terrified him to the bones. Stone had no idea what to do; fore they were all circling, weaving in and out of each other’s way, like they were trying to get a better position. The only reasoned this bothered Stone, was the fact that he could tell that these creature, whatever they were, were steadily gaining closer to Camelot. Lucas now knew why he should’ve been afraid for this creature wasn’t circling, because it was bored, but because it was saying this was where it’s next meal was. He should’ve known better, fore he knew that birds circled whatever they were going to eat next, usually something dead, but then again with these huge creatures he knew this place had no time left. He thought about crying for his mum, but he knew it would be of no use, and then without warning the giant creatures descended.

    The first thing that happened was that one of the creature had shot some kind of gunk from its mouth staining, Stone’s eyes. It left him blind and scared at that point and he could feel something wet happening at the bottom of his pants. But he couldn’t worry about that right now, he knew he must get away so he crawled and crawled, until he fell in a hole. He thought he must’ve fell into the town’s waist hole that was several hundred yards deep, but due to the trash that had built up over the years, he only fell some fifty yards. When he had recovered himself from his fall, he heard the most disgrunteling sounds above, that of people screaming, and dying all around. The shops and houses being broken into, and destroyed it didn’t matter that these people had done nothing to the strange creatures, because he could hear all kinds of panic up there. He tried to scream for help, but he couldn’t find his voice, fore he was too scared that those awful creatures might hear him and come after him again. He heard his father at one point looking for him, yelling his name “Lucas!” over and over again, until finally he went quiet as well. It must’ve only taken 30 minutes but it felt like years to Lucas hearing everyone you had ever known killed and butchered, and he was stuck in the trash can.

    It was only when the battle had ended did Lucas find the will to stand, and made his way out of the trash, he couldn’t hear the flap of wings nor the sounds of people dying, so figured it must’ve been safe. Lucas had made it outside, when he heard a familiar voice “Lucas,…..” it was his father, and he seemed to be gravely injured. If Lucas could’ve seen his old man, he would’ve seen that his father had his legs cut off and only one still remaining, fore he was a gory site. Lucas made it over to his father, making his step very slowly trying to follow the sound of his dad’s breathing, and only when he had made it over did he find that his dad was actually dead. Instead what he found was that he had ran into the monster bird that he had believed to be gone, but actually had been waiting for Lucas to come out of the hiding hole. It had learned his father’s voice over the past couple of days and had a way with imitating voices, loving to deceive it’s pray. As soon as Lucas had come within 2 feet of the hollow, it used it’s monter like hands to scratch out at Lucas, giving him the three scars on the side of his face. This move also came about as the point at which he was killed, but not eaten, no the hollow wanted Lucas to become a hollow like him and then eat him like that.

    When Lucas had woken up apparently he was sitting next to his body, the only way he could tell was due to the fact that could still feel his body. Also he noted that a weird chain had formed, but it seemed to have been broken, and had been connected to his body it seemed. Although Stone had found this weird, it didn’t bother him for apparently he was dead, what else could he do. Lucas was just sat by his body for about a month before he noticed that this chain had actually eroded on itself to the point that he was now left with some metal plate and a little bit of chain left. It was at this point of feeling the chain did he realize that the chain had become alive and was eating itself, to the point that the plate was had just fallen from his body. Then the weirdest thing happened, he felt a strange presence come over him, and it was painful to say the least. He felt a weird substace come his mouth and now blind eyes, forming something on his face he tried fight it but it only seemed to take over faster. It was as this point that he heard someone behind him, and relieved by the voice that seemed to be bring sanctuary.

    “Don’t worry I’m here to help you”, she said, “I’m going to send you to a place of no pain.” Stone tried to form some kind of sentence, but the white substance covered his mouth and he was into much pain to say thank you. It was then that he felt a hilt of a sword pressed onto his forehead and noticed that he was beginning to be relieved of pain, as he was traveling through the dimension though he noticed that although the substance didn’t disappear but instead receded into his body. He figured that this must have been the way things worked, when this stuff happens, and wouldn’t know for years that he had just sealed his fate as an outcast from the society that he had called home. This of course wouldn’t bother him eventually fore he would find a new family within the Vaizard and learn to control his inner hollow gaining him the ability to live a carefree life. When he had finally exited the deminision he was brand new again although, the hole in his chest was gone, he was still blind, and could feel the scars left on his face. He began to wonder why he was left blind, but figured lady whoever it was must’ve only been able to make the substance go away instead of returning eye sight.

    Lucas found that for next some some odd years that his body only steadily grew, but with that time he trained himself in the ways of the knighthood. He had been taken in by some family in the Rukongai, although it didn’t matter much to him fore he didn’t really like the Rukongai that much anyway and his family had been destroyed some years before. He felt alone in this world, never feeling like he belonged, and only some years later did he venture out to make some new friends. While in this area he didn’t talk much at all, but learned a lot, such as what the Shinigami were, and what had attacked him and Camelot was actually a hollow. He didn’t hate the beast, because he felt that it had attacked for the same reason that other people attack things, fore the sake of survival. He learned many a thing the next fifteen years or so. He focused on honing his knightship, and keeping the core values that had belonged to his now dead kingdom. He picked fight for the honor of women, and became quite popular within his district, in the rukongai, although he still felt alone in this world.

    It was one fateful day when noticed that someone was coming up to him, but who was this mysterious person, by the smell it was a woman. Through the past years Stone had learned how sharpen his other senses, and play on them to get what he needed, as well as fight as well as he did. The woman stopped and kneeled down to him, “Hi my name is Miyazaki Hikkari, and I saved you from that hollow that day do you remember me?” Lucas could never forget this woman that had saved his life, and he felt totally indebted to her, and would find some way to pay her back. She told him that he needn’t worry himself about such things, but told him that whispers had reached her of a blind youth roaming the streets that showed promise for a Shinigami. So she offered to Stone right then and there for him to come with her to join the Gotei Thirteen, which he whole hearitdly accepted, and never looked back to say goodbye to the family that looked over him for so many years. The day he joined the academy was his happiest and felt like he was finally going to be able to do something with his life.

    Stone worked the five years in the academy working himself to death, and causing himself to go get muscle aches from over training. His goal was to join the second division, fore they seemed to be the best group around, not like the brainless eleventh division, and worked nonstop to perfect his shunpo, or flash step. He studied night and day with the academy, taking test, and doing anything he could to sharpen his mind and skills. It was one day that a representative from the second division had come to Stone requesting that once he finished with the academy that the captain would love to have him over. He felt over joyed to hear the news that his wish was going to be granted, that he was going to be able to join the second division. So for the next year of his graduation he trained hard to sharpen his sword play and conquer his zanpakutou, so that he may show up with his named Zanpakutou. It was only one day that while training for the umpteenth time that day did he discover that hollow had been lurking nearby. He figured that he was good enough to get into the second division that he could take on a small hollow, so he did just that.

    It was only when he found that his ass was getting handed to him that found that he was without a way of beating this hollow and he was going to die from this beast. It was when the hollow was about to strike did time stop, and he was instantly transported to his inner world. He started falling first, fore there was no ground, except for the floating islands that littered the sky, and it was only when he landed that he found could actually use his Shinigami powers. The island he had landed on, unhurt although that may have seemed improbable, was the largest in the sky capable of swallowing the other islands. Just then Stone noticed something in the corner of his eye, a winged creature of sort, or she was half human half bird. The thing that really got his attention was the fact that she was naked on the upper half which was human, and he immediately turned his eyesight away from the half-naked woman. She smiled at him, “Do you want my power?” It was at this point that Lucas realized that this bird woman was actually his Zanpakutou, and all he could do was stare at her and nod. “Then what you must do is say,….”

    “Bleed their ears, Kootoo-nonoshiri!” He screamed and the it instantly elongated with a vibration of color, giving the hollow reason to pause. Stone found himself awing in amazement for only a second until he found the will to stand go after this monster. He found it easy to destroy with his new Zanpakutou, and vowed from that day forward never to go into a fight unless he had a reason. This was his view on things for the longest while, and when he joined the second division he kept to this rule, never instigating a fight that was meaningless. The captain seated him immediately as her vice at the time, for her vice-captain had seemed to be dead on some mission that he had blundered. Without hesitating he accepted his position, and continued on with whatever missions she assigned to him and the rest of the division without fail. He continued on this track for some years, learning the ways of the assassination corps, and giving people a reason to fear “Cold Stone”. He didn’t care what the person had done ever, he just knew that his reason was right and that whatever the person he was going to kill had done was wrong.

    During the next set of years Stone had developed his name and took on the seat for the second division, and his place as captain of the second division and its many organizations. He developed his fight skills to the highest tiers, and developed his troops within the Second division into stone cold killers such as himself. He dealt with treason with the highest degree, but gave compassion to those that had earned it, unfortunately very people gained his compassion. He taught the division discipline, and how to never give up on a fight, he also taught them the art of the silent kill. Even though he was blind, he showed with perseverance anything can be obtained, and was very proud of his soldiers. Unfortunately he would find that what he had taught them would eventually come back to bite him in the ass.

    While Stone and some men were out on a mission fighting one day they came across a human shaped hollow that seemed be very powerful. He immediately ordered the men back to base, but by the time he had given the command he had found that this hollow had killed his entire team. The hollow stood in front of him, its hand stained with the blood from his men, and looked at Lucas like he knew that he was going to be able to kill him. The hollow attacked, and Stone released, their fight was very long and drawn out, but Stone knew that this hollow had more power than him. Unfortunately it came to point to where Stone to injured to move, couldn’t block a deadly strike, and passed out. When he had awoken he had realized that he had killed the hollow, but what bothered him what that he seemed to be wearing some sort of mask. And he knew automatically that this was bad, he couldn’t take it off so he set off to soul society to find someone that could. To Stones dismay he found that as soon as he had taken a foot within Soul Society they immediately branded him a hollow and chased him into the human world.

    The Black out:
    (Stone remembers none of the following)
    Stone stood out in the middle of the field with his mind blacked out, and head is cocked up, a white substance start to come out of his mouth. The hollow in front of him looks at him with a piqued interest allowing the process to unfold, and give way to this unique experience. The white substance starts to harden up, starts giving way to the formation of a mask, and you can see horns forming form the temporals on the side of the head. The mask almost completely swallows his head, and the eye holes go black and now all anyone can see is a glowing purple iris in the black void. The head is now moving again in a strange manner, and the hollow before Lucas can now hear a very low but audible laughter coming from the mask giving it a very chilled laughter. The head now jerks down looking at the hollow, "I'm FReEEEeeEeeee!" manically the man in the white mask speaks, starting to laugh again, and the hollow can feel a hollow like reitsu coming from the man. The hollow speaks for the first time "What are you? Are you a shinigami, or a hollow?" questioning the lucas-figure standing in front of him. "What i am, is of no importance to you. You may call me Nomad, but that won't matter here in a second, fore you will be dead." the inner hollow in hollow speaks out.

    Nomad tightens his grip on his staff, brings it down and starts vibrating the prongs on the side, giving off a violent reitsu from both the blade and it's wielder. For the first time in a long time the hollow can say that he is afraid of the being in front of him, and is feeling like he might not make it out here alive. Nomad on the other hand feels good, feels his power flaring and feels like he is king of the world, knowing that this pitiful being infront of him will die in a matter of seconds. He starts off with his sonido, feeling the reitsu flare through the legs of his host, and lands him self on the other side of the poor hollow that is going to die. He starts with a clean old fashion punch to the jaw of this particular hollow, breaking the mask a little bit sending and a crack down the middle of hollow mask. He then grabs the collar of the hollow, punching the face of the hollow again, again, again, until there really is nothing left of this mis fortunate hollows mask. He then with smirk starts pouring his reitsu into his horns, and forms the cero that he will use to incinerate the hollow in front of him. How good it feels to be killing for the first time, to be in control, and to be blocking out that weakling of host, and wishes that it could always be like this. He grabs the cero from his horns with the spinning Kootoo in his hand, and fires upon the hollow, not even giving the hollow, time to respond to the man. Nothing was left of the hollow, completely eradicated from the history of the world, and the man responsible felt nothing for it.

    Nomad was about to step off into the night and leave the destruction behind, fore he couldn't be found by Soul Society, at least not yet. "Get out..." Said someone very familiar to Nomad, although he was hating this person at the moment. "Kootoo you old braw, what are you doing out here?" Nomad asked the zanpakutou spirit, in a very cynical voice. "Get out right now, Nomad, you and i both know it is not yet time for him to be judged by you", came Kootoo's voice again although this time, she was a little less hostile. Nomad considered this for a little bit, accepted it and replied with,"Fine Kootoo, but next time he gets his ass handed to him this much i will take over." With that, Nomad started taking his consciousness from the masked man and reinstated the man known as Lucas. "Aren't you going to take the mask off him?" came kootoo again, but Nomad replied with,"Na, i'm going to let him figure out how it's done."

    When Lucas was able to get away from his Soul Society captors, he found that was able to hide with a group named Vaizard. The group took him in and gave him shelter, but without being able to take his mask off they feared he would turn hollow and they would have to kill him. They then put him in statis, froze him in time with a kido, causing him to not wake up until some two hundred years later. Now the world is in chaos, the Vaizard need him to take care of things, while they go an find the threat of the Vaizard that is now plaguing their lands. Unfortunately with the mask on him that had formed so long ago when actually being transfered to S.S. that one unfortunate day. Deciding to go with their new source of help, they used the Hogyaku on Lucas, forming the unstable bond between the inner hollow and Lucas, pitting them against each other for the years to come. They warn him that due to stacis and the mixture of the newly released hollow energies, and hogyaku energy that is his powers had been watered down. Although he was a little bit disenhearted by the recent event, he was relieved by the fact that we was going to lead a now almost carefree life. The Vaizards then seeing that Stone was fit for the job, handed him the Hogyaku, granting him the permission to use if some shinigami came asking for the transformation. He took up the responsibility with the upmost importance, and put the powerful cube within a number of sealing beariers that Hachi created before leaving. Lucas is now left in charge of the Vaizard looking out on the city, welcoming any that come to join him, and building his army for when they might need to be used. He lets his troops do what they will but reinforces that failure of missions will not be tolerated, and that results are all that matter to him.

    Quote :
    Roleplaying Sample// ] Damon peered on down below, trying to find his opponent within the smoky screen, and relying on his sense of reistu for the direction of his opponent. Damon knew that this guy wasn’t going to go down from the surprise attack, but he hoped it would at least weaken him. Usually he might try to converse with his opponents before the fight, but he was too worried that this guy might have come for his capture. In all these long years after the incident in Soul Society, they were still after him, and he had to fight for his freedom every day. He worried that one day he might be captured, but Damon knew that even if that happened, he would find some way to get away from those damn soul reapers. Damon smiled at this thought. Wait, what was that, Damon wondered looking horrified at his finger, did that ring just get larger? What would’ve caused this thing to grow, had it been growing in the past, and why now? Damon shook his head to clear his mind, but still the little silver steel band horrified him to the point of awe. Damon started feeling the hatred for hollow that had begun so many years before, and took another drag of the cigarette.

    "Bakudo No61: Rikujōkōrō."

    Damon’s body had suddenly become pinned in midair, by the six flashing yellow rods of annoyance, and could feel the paralyzing effect washing over his body. It shocked the blonde bartender so much, that he ended up dropping his cigarette into the green sea of trees below. “Damn it!” panted Damon, and tried to wiggle his limp body to do something, but to no avail. Damon had never felt this spell actually used on him before, but now that he had, it pissed him off to no end. Damon looked around in a rage, trying to find the man that would in all probability take him to Soul Society. Damon then spotted the bastard, standing there with all the smugness of the world, and appeared to have taken no damage from Damon’s kido. When Damon got out of this Kido, he would have a lot of fun pulverizing the living crap out of this guy. Damon again tried to struggle with his constraints, trying to pull on the bindings that held him in place, but then found that an idea began to form within his head. Damon then felt the soft and comforting touch of someone behind him, his friend.

    "What do we have here...I swear Clogs-sensei is gonna flip if he found out we'd provoked a Soul Reaper..."

    Damon couldn’t believe his eyes, his longtime friend and the guy who perpetually help him whenever he get into trouble, Yoko had arrived. “Yoko,” Damon sighed through his paralyzed mouth, and continued with, “You couldn’t have picked a worst time to come around man.” Damon then thought about his next move with all carefulness, and how to get him and Yoko out of there without the Shinigami knowing where they were going. Light bulb, Damon smiled, and began to feel proud of himself for the plan he now built up. “ Hey Yoko, when Kisuke comes after us later with a switch, we’ll just tell him it was all my fault and he’ll probably go easier, but for right now hold your breath.” Damon began with, and was interrupted by the Shinigami in front of him, “Since when does the air of the material world makes shinigami attack without a warning or ganging up on a fellow man?" Damon then looked at him, “Shut your mouth Shinigami, there’s no way that I am going back to Soul Society, and Yoko hear isn’t going to interrupt our fight so stop wetting yourself."

    Damon held out his right hand and smirked, “Bakudō # 21. Sekienton”, and then the whole area was covered in a red explosion of smoke. Yoko and Damon were both covered in the wall of red gas, hidden from the view of the annoying Shinigami. Damon then pointed his fingers up toward the 6 imprisioning rods of annoyance, and braced himself for the incoming pain, "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south! Hadō #31. Shakkahō”. Another flash of red came from the red smoke, and sent both him and Yoko flying from the crimson gas cloud. Both landed in the forest, Yoko not hurt at all, fore the rods took the front of the blast, and Damon took what was left. But the good part was that Damon was on the ground, and fortunately for him, that was Damon’s element. Damon looked at Yoko, he seemed to be fine, just a little shook up.

    Damon then took hold of his Zanpakutou and screamed, “Clear the path, Tetsu-Kobushi.” Damon’s sword took on green glow, lengthening the blade and hilt. There is also a hammer head at the top of the hilt, and a blade at the end of the hilt. Damon now held his blade pointed down, favoring the hammer at the top, with the giant spike protruding behind it. Damon was now ready for what was going to come at him, and was ready to fight to the death if he had too. Damon began thinking of how he was going to counter his opponent’s next attack, before his opponent thought of it. Damon took a stance, signaling his readiness, and bracing himself for the impending attack.

Last edited by Lucas on 21/03/11, 07:21 am; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : added for a way see small sentence in first paragraph in appearance.)
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So very close to approval. The only issue is with the way you attained your inner hollow. Typically, an inner hollow is born from your own soul. It is not a hybridal fusion. As soon as you fix this, I will approve you.
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but it was from his own soul, the only difference was that during the process by konso, the hollow didnt go away but instead receded back into the host.

oh if your refering to the fight betweent the vasto lorde and Lucas, he blacked out and the hollow took over i thought that might've been self explainatory due to the fact taht the hollow mask was on him once he woke up.

Anyway bro bro, made the changes in the last paragraph to help with the confusion, anyway my way of obtaining inner hollowship is by the white substance from when he was konsod in the beginning, and now it shows that the hogyaku has helped removed the mask but he will still have to fight his inner hollow.
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Approved for Gemini, Wind Symphony and Up approved for shikai.
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-Racial Abilities:4
-Personal Abilities:1
Physical Prowess:19
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Lucas Stone

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