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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   13/03/11, 07:24 pm

As of Now, character restriction limits will be put into place.

    General Limits

  • No: Perfect Illusion, Instant Status Afflicting, Space/Time, Matter Manipulation, Plasma, Gravity, and All Reishi/Reiatsu affecting abilities. This means that you are not allowed to directly manipulate reishi/reiatsu that does not belong to you.

    Shinigami Limits

  • No starting with Bankai. Bankai is rare and must be attained through training.

    Hollow Limits

  • No starting as Vasto Lorde

    Arrancar Limits

  • No starting with Segunda Etapa

    Quincy Limits

  • No starting with Quincy Final Form

  • Maximum arrow firing rate is 500 per shot.

    Vizard Limits

  • No starting with full mask control

  • No starting with Bankai

  • Only rank achievable through character approval is Gemini

    Human Limits

  • Don't be Jesus. You're Human. Be very careful.

    Angel Limits

  • No starting with Arch Angel Transformation

    Demon Limits

  • No starting with Greater Demon Transformation
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Character Rules

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