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 Power Tier

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PostSubject: Power Tier   13/03/11, 07:01 pm

Power Tier

The power tier is a system we use here on Bleach: Everlasting Aeons to help determine your character's approximate power level. When you are assigned a rank (which is based on your application, so make it the best it possibly can), you will be able to rp against other players, train and request for a higher work, and just generally get the best out of the system that you can!

Cardinal Signs
The Highest Grade

Aries Level

An aries level application will yield the user 72 stars to place in their skills. In order to qualify for an aries level, your must be of the highest rank. This does not simply mean your character must be completely developed in every aspect, powers that have been maxxed in every way, and they're well balanced. Of course, all of these must be attained as well. What This means otherwise is that you yourself must be able to handle it by showing the proper level of skill in writing and maturity. An example of an Aries level character from the manga would be Ichigo in his final form, or Aizen in Hollow/Angel form. They have both ascended their race's abilities and entered new heights of power. Characters of this will be rare and almost non-existent.

Shinigami - Capable of using Bankai as if it were shikai. Kido up to all levels can be used without incanation.

Vizard - Mask time is infinite. Inner hollow is subdued to the point it is almost nonexistent. Resureccion is mastered.

Hollow - This is Vasto Lorde level for hollow. No more information is known at this point.

Arrancar - Segunda Etapa is mastered to the point it is as manipulated as easily as Resureccion.

Human - Crystallization has reached it's maximum potential. The world is your playground.

Quincy - Final form is now as easily accessibly as activating your bow. It no longer destroys all traces of ability, etc.


A cancer level application will yield the user 66 stars to place in their skills. By having achieved Cancer rank, you have become exactly that to your foes. You are an undefeatable menace that very nearly cannot be stopped. Bankai at this rank would be truly mastered, and Segunda Etapa would be able to be pulled on the fly. Energy drain and Fatigue? It can die in a fire. Vizard Resureccion is now nearly mastered. An example of this level would be Ichigo Kurosaki himself or Kisuke Urahara.

Shinigami - Bankai has been mastered. It now requires no effort to wield. Kido is damn near perfected as well, the highest ranks capable of being used, albeit the incantation is still needed for the higher ups.

Vizard - Mask time is almost limitless. Resureccion is becoming easier to use, and is on a moderate-high level of power.

Hollow - This is Vasto Lorde level for hollow. No more information is known at this point.

Arrancar - Segunda Etapa is mastered to the point of almost boredom at this level.

Human - Crystallization has reached the point of allowing you all of it's affects.

Quincy - Final form is now as easily accessibly as activating your bow. It no longer destroys all traces of ability, etc.


A libra level application will yield the user 60 stars to place in their skills. Faction leaders hold this position, which includes captain commander, espada leader, etc. The strongest of each species is normally found here. At this level, True Bankai, Segunda, Mask+Bankai, and Perfect Crystallization are all very-nearly mastered. Resureccion becomes available to Vizards here. An example of this would be Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto or Shinji Hirako.

Shinigami - Bankai has a high level of control at this point. Shikai is fully mastered. Moderately high to high level kido is able to be pulled off effortlessly.

Vizard - Vizards have squashed down their inner hollow to the point that a resureccion becomes available. Mask time is near limitless. Melding abilities (mask and bankai) is effortless.

Hollow - Adjuchas rank hollows of this rank are as fully powered as they are going to get.

Arrancar - Segunda Etapa is nearly mastered, and able to be controlled moderately well at this stage. Regular Resureccion is child's play.

Human - Perfect Crystallization is growing in power and strength, and is very close to being mastered. Needless to say, it is quite easy to perform.

Quincy - Final Form is capable of being accessed again, although it is no longer up to par with the first Final Form used. It is now a tad bit weaker, although it allows the user to keep their abilities and continue being a full quincy.


A capricorn level application will yield the user 54 stars to place in their skills. These are the higher captains of the world. Espada 0-4 go into this rank as well. Bankai has been achieved and is being used effectively. Segunda Etapa has become available, and Final Form has actually been re-achieved. Crystallization has now reached it's maximum potential. An example of this would be Toshiro Hitsugaya, or Ulquiorra Cifer.

Shinigami - Your bankai has just come a staple of your fighting style. You're using it comfortably, the abilities that you gain from it having gained a reputation in your mind as useful.

Vizard - Moderately well squashed, the inner hollow has been subdued until very emotional states or life threatening sitautions become apparent. Mask time is fairly decent, highly above average although nowhere near perfect.

Hollow - As an Adjuchas, you are roughly a third of the way between Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde rank. Your powers are strong enough to combat some pretty powerful captains.

Arrancar - Congratulations! You have just unlocked Segunda Etapa. How do you feel right now?

Human - All of the potential power that can be achieved from regular Crystallization has been achieved at this point.

Quincy - You are now capable of using final form once more, as a staple technique instead of "final form". All of your old abilities should be back to potential power.

Fixed Signs
Movin' On up~


A taurus level application will yield the user 48 stars to place in their skills. By achieving this rank, you are a regular captain or espada 5-9 level character. Bankai has achieved, Resureccion is mastered, and hollow mask is capable of being sustained for very long periods of time. Adjuchas level hollow also begin in this classification. An example of this would be Sajin Komamura or Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

Shinigami - Bankai is now capable of being used. Shikai has been nearly mastered.

Vizard - Your hollow mask time is somewhere between average - high average. Nonetheless, it's still quite impressive.

Hollow - Congratulations! Your gillian has evolved into Adjuchas. You are now free to do ... adjuchas things.

Arrancar - Resureccion is now mastered, and you can use it easily and effectively.

Human - Crystallization is getting easier to use, and is in fact, nearly perfected. Roughly 75-85% perfected.

Quincy - You may have lost your abilities due to using final form, but you are now strong enough to have not only regained them, but begin training to achieve final form again.


A leo level application will yield the user 42 stars to place in their skills. This rank is reserved for Lieutenant level characters, as well as Fraccion and other direct subordinate-related rankings, including privaron. Bankai has not quite yet been achieved (or just barely achieved), although shikai is mastered and possibly raised to near-bankai levels. Resureccion is being used moderately well, and as efficiently as possible. A human has reached maximum potential with their current abilities. Examples of this would be Renji Abarai and Yasutora "Chad" Sado.

Shinigami - You have either just learned bankai, or aren't quite there yet. Despite this, your shikai level is exceedingly powerful. Breathing? It requires more effort.

Vizard - Mask time is just below average. Nonetheless, it is still quite effective and devastating when used.

Hollow - As a gillian, you are slowly regaining pieces of intelligence. Transformation to adjuchas should be soon.

Arrancar - Resureccion is now being used to 75% maximum potential. It is being used moderately well, and quite efficient.

Human - Crystallization's current abilities have reached full potential. New techniques and abilities are able to branch off from your current ones in order to help achieve more versatility and power.

Quincy - If you have lost your abilities due to quincy final form, you are now capable of training for them again. Your body can handle it.


A scorpio level application will yield the user 36 stars to place in their skills. The seated officers of the gotei, most notably the third and fourth, belong here. Also belong here would be the numeros of the espada. Resureccion is slowly becoming more comfortable and shikai is being used moderately well. Vizards will first unlock the ability to use cero at this point, as well as sustain their mask for a fair amount of time. Quincies will now be free to use Final Form. Examples of this would be Aisslinger Wernarr and Uryu Ishida Pre-Quincy: Letzt Stil.

Shinigami - Shikai has reached quite high in potential and skill, and training for bankai wouldn't be out of the question at this point.

Vizard - Vizards can finally use their mask with enough control to consciously learn techniques such as Cero.

Hollow - As a Gillian, you're still a mindless beast. However, you're slowly beginning to understand logic and your fighting has improved because of it.

Arrancar - Resureccion has become 60% or so in terms of skill and comfort level of using it. Slowly, it is becoming a staple of your fighting style, and you can't see yourself fighting without it anymore.

Human - Your abilities are progressing quite nicely, and you are capable of performing with solid power.

Quincy - You are hereby capable of using Quincy: Letzt Stil.


An aquarius level application will yield the user 30 stars to place in their skills. Menos level hollow are usually classified in this ranking, along with unseated officers first learning to use their shikai and random arrancar not quite put into rankings yet. Vizards will only be able to don their mask for a short amount of time, and a quincy is most likely in the works of unlocking their ability's true potential via sanrei glove. An example of this would be Ichigo while invading Soul Society to reclaim Rukia.

Shinigami - Shikai has been unlocked and the abilities gained from it are slowly beginning to show in your fighting style. Control is something to be desired, but the pure versatility gained has given you quite an advantage.

Vizard - Able to don your mask now without fully losing control for at least a small amount of time, you should find pushing down your inner hollow is becoming slightly easier to do.

Hollow - Gillian status has been achieved. Although you are a reasonless monster, you are also a devastating opponent to those on your power level due to your high speed regeneration and powerful cero techniques.

Arrancar - Resureccion has become available to use, and you should be able to use the pre-res ability with a reasonable amount of skill.

Human - Crystallization has been unlocked, and training for the secondary ability is now available.

Quincy - You are now available to apply for a Sanrei glove and begin training for Quincy Letzt Stil.

Mutable Signs
Gettin' There!


A gemini level application will yield the user 24 stars to place in their skills. Having not quite unlocked their shikai (or only barely unlocked it), shinigami of this rank are working as hard as they can in order to grow, and are very close. Likewise, a Hollow at this point would be trying to consume as much as it can in order to achieve menos status. Humans are now beginning to learn how to unlock their true power, and a quincy is capable of forming his/her bow and fighting with it effectively. Vizards are in a constant battle for control at this point. Examples of this would Acidwire and Academy Level Shinigami.

Shinigami - Shikai is getting close to being unlocked or just barely unlocked. While you don't have any release abilities yet, your potential is staggering!

Vizard - While in a constant struggle for control over your body, your mask will continuously show up on your body to save your ass.

Hollow - Not quite a gillian yet, your regular hollow status has become respectable in a sense, and you are quite powerful for your race.

Arrancar - Resureccion isn't quite yet available, but your pre-res abilities and racial abilities are still quite an asset to you.

Human - Crystallization has been fully formed, and you are aware of your abilities.

Quincy - Your bow fighting has become stable, and you are quite deadly at long range.


A virgo level application will yield the user 18 stars to place in their skills. Capable of now seeing spirits and conversing with them, humans would achieve the title of "Medium" by television viewers across the nation. Possibly capable of using a small portion of their power, they wouldn't be that powerful. Rukongai souls with noticeable spiritual pressure would go here. A hollow beginning to regain some form of intelligence, as well as quincy whom are now capable of forming their bow, would also go here. Vizard status is not achievable at this rank, for the soul is not strong enough to handle another being. Examples of this would be Don Kanonji and Kūkaku Shiba.

Shinigami - Having not quite yet achieved your zanpakuto, fighting would be dangerous to you at this point.

Vizard - Not available at this rank.

Hollow - As a basic hollow, you're gaining power at a fair rate.

Arrancar - Pre-resureccion abilities are beginning to show themselves. Racial abilities would probably still be your weapons of choice.

Human - Fully spiritually aware, the otherworld is now completely visible for you. You are also showing signs of one or two basic abilities.

Quincy - Able to form your bow and fight with it now, you're becoming quite formidable.


A sagittarius level application will yield the user 12 stars to place in their skills. A spirit at this level would be hardly different then regular spirits, although they may have brief instances of high reiatsu and supernatural strength. Humans are capable of killing hollow, although it would be very difficult. A quincy is learning to form his/her bow at this point, and a hollow is a mindless beast. Vizard status is not achievable at this rank, for the soul is not strong enough to handle another being. Examples of this would be Karin Kurosaki and Rukongai Members.

Shinigami - As a member of the shinigami academy, you are clearly on your way to becoming something great!

Vizard - Not available at this rank.

Hollow - A mindless basic hollow, you have probably just returned to earth from Hueco Mundo.

Arrancar - Having not yet unlocked your pre-resureccion abilities, your fighting style would be dependent on your racial abilities.

Human - Crystallization has manifested itself to a slight degree, and you are capable of combatting hollows. This is still quite dangerous, however. Be careful.

Quincy - You are now capable of forming your bows and arrows, although stability is something to be desired.


A pisces level application will yield the user 6 stars to place in their skills. This is the lowest rank for members of the site. Humans will only be able to see spirits and possibly converse with them at this level. Hollows are still in the 'demi-hollow' stage at this point. Vizard status is not achievable at this rank, for the soul is not strong enough to handle another being. Quincy are not capable of fully forming their bow nor arrows. An example of this level would be Yuzu Kurosaki.

Shinigami - You have just been noticed from Rukongai. Your spiritual pressure has been confirmed as potentially great, and you have been enrolled in the shinigami academy.

Vizard - Not available at this rank.

Hollow - You are currently at Demi-Hollow status.

Arrancar - The only thing available to you here are racial abilities.

Human - Slowly starting to see spirits, you're beginning to be "welcomed" into the world of ghosts and magic.

Quincy - You are not yet capable of forming your bow or arrows yet, but you are spiritually aware.



If you write a truly spectacular post or training thread, etc, you may be eligible to receive Half-Stars. Half-Stars is a number of stars you can gain based on your current rank and the one higher then you. You may have noticed a 6 star gap between each power level. If you obtain Half-Stars, you are, in essence, gaining some of these stars back. For instance, if you gain 4 Half-Stars at a pisces level, you will actually have 8 stars instead of six. One method of achieving a higher rank is simply by gaining 12 Half-Stars.


Skill Sheet

Please split your stars into the six categories below in a reply to your character application. Please note the bold and italicized sections are for the total number of stars you are putting in that category, and what's directly beneath it is to come from that total. An example will be posted below using the Gemini level of stars. Aries level are only applicable to receive 6 Half-Stars, capping all star gain at 75. There are no exceptions to this.



  • Reiatsu: 11
    -Speed: 7
    -Strength: 8
    -Defense: 6


Attaining a higher Rank

Upon attaining a higher rank, you will be allowed to recustomize your skill sheet with the new points provided. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to go lower in one section then you had previously allotted. You do not forget how to do things.*

*Special circumstances may apply.

Code for Skill Sheet


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Power Tier

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